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Air force one


If you saw Harrison Ford's AIR FORCE ONE, you'd have noticed that in the movie AFO had an escape capsule similar to the one used for manned rockets. President Clinton saw the movie and insisted afterwards that AFO had no Escape Pod. Now here's my problem. Considering how many drills and war games focus around getting the President out of danger, securing the nuclear football and getting the senior staff to safety in the case of a suprise attack, I find it difficult (if not impossible) to believe AFO has no Escape Pod. I would consider it poor planning by the government in fact to not have a way of getting the President off of a jumbo jet in the event of a surface-to-air assault or jet fighters attacking from a rogue nation. Furthermore, if I was President of the USA and I had the ability to make EXECUTIVE DECISIONS there is no way in hell I would fly in a plane without an escape pod. I'd simply force Lockheed to build one.

VC-25A is a Highly Modified Boeing 747. The decsion to change to a 747 from the Older 707 of previous Adminastrations was made by the United States Air Force, the White House only Advised. The Air Force had decided that due to that age and high levels of required maintance on the 707's that a new aircraft was Requied both as a Presidental Transport and the Airbourne Emergency Command Post. The Boeing 747 was choosen due to it's Size, Long Range, Safety Record, Ease of Maintance, the number of Fields it could use, and Flight Record. Both Aircraft were Assembled at the Boeing Plant in Renton Washington, then flown to the Boeing Modifaction Center in Wichita KS for the required Mods. Both VC-25A's and the E-4's know as "Nightwatch" has since returned to Wichita mutiple times for futher Modification to upgrade the Aircraft as Technology advances. Lockheed has had nothing to do with the Airframe other then some of the electronics on board. In case of a SAM attack the A/C is equipped with the top of the line, State of the art, and even EXPERIMENTAL Electronic Counter Measures, as well as Flare and Chaff Systems. The Aircraft is Covered by USAF Fighters, whose Rules of Engagement are rather Clear. ANY Aircraft that Approaches AF-1 without Clearance, and will NOT change course, is to be shot down. PERIOD, DOT, END OF SENTENCE Most of what you saw in the Movie Air Force One, well we who worked the Aircraft LAUGH at. As we do MOST movies that invole Aircraft. There is no Escape Pod. The is no Rear Cargo Door. Don't believe everything you see in the Movies, TV or Video Games.

How does one gain rank in the Air Force? keylogga13

How does one gain rank in the Air Force? I'm planning on going enlisted. So how does one go from E-1 to an E-2, etc? Also does everybody start out the same rank? If i only go enlisted for 4 years, what is the highest rank I could be? Any info greatly appreciated, Thanks!

Slowly, very slowly. The Air Farce is the slowest promoting of the services, because it seems to be the only branch where an E5 can stay until retirement. Do yourself a favor, if money means more to you than slightly more comfortable living quarters, join another branch, any branch. You will find yourself receiving promotions much more quickly than you ever will in the USAF. PS: IN a 4 year USAF enlistment, you MIGHT make E4, in the other branches it is not beyond the realms of possibility to make E5.

How many decoys does Air Force One have when carrying the President? Bob P

I read somewhere that there was 2, one on the left side and one the right side of Air Force One. If I'm please correct me and explain why the president has decoys.

Uh...tell you honestly think that anyone here would disclose that information even if they knew the answer? Of course, the minute Jane's found out, they'd publish it. LOL (...and if you don't know what I mean by Jane's, just ignore it.) You do realize that there is an identical twin of Air Force One, don't you? It is often used for purposes of deception.

Can u wash white/white air force one low tops in the washing machine? theshiishkebab

Can u wash white/white air force one low tops in the washing machine?

yea, i think. idk otherwise :)

How do i know if the nike air force one im buying is real? uH oH HoT DoG

How do i know if the nike air force one im buying is real? Because there is a vendor authorized by my school who is sell selling forces and Jordans. I don't think he is from foot looker or anything but he seems to have a lot in stocks. Hes selling white low for 50 bucks. Should I buy it? And are there any way i can tell if its authentic? This is my first time buying an expensive shoe. >< Many thanks oh..i saw a jordon for 65 bucks but iono much about them. It looks nice tho >.<

Check the initials and colors, that you can definitely tell if its fake or legit. Since there were these fake coach bags on the news from China. They spelled the Coach wrong unlike the real Coach makers. That made it fake. If the color of the jordan or forces is different or has a different look of the initial from the foot locker brand. Most likely its a fake or as we say here in the US bootleg.

How many people know some one in the Air Force, who is away or has been away overseas without their family? jenni4tommy

My spouse is considering joining the Air Force as a mental health assistant. I am worried about being seprerated for long periods of time. So, I just wanted to see how people know some one in the Air Force who is overseas. Or if some one knows a mental health assistant currently in the Air Force, if so are they away from their families?

I was stationed in Germany for 2 years, of course I was single. But had married freinds that had their wives with them. at most I was gone 4-6 months on Tours of duty throughout the year.

What do you call Air Force One when the president's wife is onboard? Dan S

What do you call Air Force One when the president's wife is on-board? (Michele Obama is flying without Barack) And would it have an Air Force escort? The same question for Air Force Two and the VP's wife. Thanks.

When a member of the President's family is aboard any aircraft, if the U.S. Secret Service or the White House Staff determines it is necessary, state the words "Executive One Foxtrot." When a member of the Vice President's family is aboard any aircraft, if the U.S. Secret Service or the White House Staff determines it is necessary, state the words "Executive Two Foxtrot." When no one special is on board, AF1 is called SAM (Special Air Mission) 28000 or 29000 (There are two of them). AF1 usually does not have a fighter escort in the US.

What do you have to do to become the pilot for Air Force One? ITS ME!!!

i wanna be a pilot and an agent so i figured that you get both the thrills as the pilot for air force one. yes i know that flying the plane is not classified as an agent....but how do you become one?

You start by becoming a damn good pilot with lots of multiengine flying hours. And yes, it'll take at least 15 years of Air Force flying; they don't give Air Force One to 2nd Looies.

How could the pilot of Air Force One be tied to diplomacy? anonymous

I am doing a project that requires something about the topics debate or diplomacy. I decided I want to do it on the pilot of Air Force One and on diplomacy. The topic is broad and I needed ideas on how to tie the pilot in to diplomacy especially LBJ's pilot. Any ideas on how to tie it in? I need to tie the pilot in to diplomacy in history, something that has happened already. Well LBJ's pilot had an office in the White House and wrote the condolence letters used to send to families of soldiers killed in Vietnam.

The Air Force officer piloting Air Force One is a pilot, not a diplomat. He flies that plane where he's told to fly it.

How can you get the schedule of Air Force One? Airbus_A340_luvr

I wanna get to see Air Force One at my local airport the next time it flies there. How would I find that out?

You can view the president's weekly schedule at (you'll have to update the link for whichever week you want to see). You can also check with your local television station to see if they are aware of any pending presidential visits.

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