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Blue Lobster

Blue lobster? jedibill11

I added a Blue Lobster to my aquarium does any one know how large it will grow when it reaches adulthood? Also what is the lifespan?

they can live up to 5 years and get 5-7 inches.

Can I house a blue lobster with a red oscar? Benjamin Sow

Okay, I'm getting my new 55gallon tank soon. I was wondering can a 10cm long blue lobster be put in with a 15cm red oscar? And can I have two of those lobsters in my tank? What kind of plants and how do they look like can I put in my tank as a hiding place and food for lobsters, but not destroyed by a red oscar? Can my blue lobsters live in a treated tank?

By the name Blue lobster I assume that you mean Cherax quadricarinatus. These can top a good 20cm/8" or so and they can literally demolish fish much larger than themselves. You could try mixing them however I would advise caution. Also I'm not sure what you mean by a 'treated tank' however if the aquarium contains copper or any copper-based medications (such as those used for treating whitespot) then I would not add the lobster as copper is highly toxic to invertebrates.

Would a Blue Lobster get along with my Iridescent Shark? matt f

I have an iridescent shark and I was wondering if he would get along with a blue lobster. I wanted to buy it, but I wasn't sure if it would be a threat to either of them. My shark is still about 2 inches long and the lobster is 3 or 4.

they arent going to be compatible in the future. The irridencent shark will reach about 40 inches and at this size, you will need at least 300 gallons, and at this size, he will eat on crayfish. so now, they will be fine, you really have to worry about the crayfish nipping at the irridencent shark. But again they are nt going to be compatible in the future.

Will an Electric Blue Lobster eat his tankmates? bigmac85987

I have 3 Otocinclus catfish, 4 Harlequin Rasboras, and a female Betta Splendens. I want to get an Electric Blue Lobster, but I am unsure if he will attack my fish or not. Does anyone have a similar setup with the lobster? I am mostly concerned for the catfish, since they are not that fast and are bottom dwellers. Thanks!

i have a blue lobster as well and i tends to be more scared of the other fish and usually hides. However once when i dropped in feeder fish it caught one and feasted on it.. i as well have a few algae eaters and a blue botia that it lives peacefully with, You shouldnt have to worry to much.

Blue lobster care and where can i buy it? Kaeli

I have a 20 gallon tank. I want to get a blue lobster (blue crayfish) for my freshwater tank. What is a reliable place i could get one? Can they live through shipping? What fish can live with it? Should i get a male or female? Thanks for any help and tips. Yes they can live through aquaria does a great job, ive used them multiple times now...i was very very very skeptical at first...but they rock.. Under the info for the lobster it tells you that as long as the fish arent tiny...and they arent slow...then they should....SHOULD be fine...don't hate me if one turns up dead...ive never housed lobsters/crayfish before...though i have wanted to try it... : / Male/Female--How can you tell the difference? and why would you care lol....

Why is my blue lobster or crayfish keep going upside down? Dark Knight

My blue lobster keeps on flipping himself upside down, and lately he's not eating anything, and when i touch him, he feels hard and rigid. But its not dead, its still breathing. I put this lobster away from the fish tank and into some fresher water. How do i save this poor crayfish??????????????????????

Hate 2 break it 2 ya chap but- he's gone:( he's got (dun dunDUUUUNNNN!) LOBCANCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(lobster cancer)

Can I have a blue lobster in my tank with parrot cichlids? Stacy B

I have 3 parrot cichlids and a school of dither-zebra danios. I'd like to get a blue lobster....would it be ok in my tank? My water is "perfect" but I wanted to get a critter that would bottom feed or algae eater that's not an ugly pleco. Could I get the lobster or will he bother my parrots or visa versa?

Parrots don't have the ability to close their mouth, part of a cross-breeding deformity. The crayfish may attempt to eat the Danios because they like to eat fish. It's a pretty ideal stocking list as long as the tank is 55g with good filtration. Good luck

Is the blue lobster compatible with my other fish? Brandon

I have: 4 Gourami (gold,blue, opaline, neon) 3 silver dollars 3 parrots 1 Colombian shark Tank size is no problem but i just need to know if a blue lobster i am considering buying will pose a threat to these possible tankmates, i don't want either to end up dead. Can anyone help me out?

I really wouldn't suggest it! My mom has a 60 gallon tank and she promised my little bro he could pick something to go in there, he selected a blue lobster. She has parrot cichlids, gourami's, cat fish (smaller ones, definitely not as big as yours!) and silver dollars as well. However, he never laid a...claw on them. Instead they slowly picked and picked at hm, ripping off a leg here, a few days later another leg, then another until they eventually picked him to death. Your fish could also be in danger from the lobster as well. But either way, someones likely to get hurt. They are omnivores, and if they catch a fish, they'll definitely eat them. At the very least he may pinch one, leaving them open to infection. Best of Luck!

can i put my blue lobster in the same tank as 9 chiclids? : )

I have a blue lobster whos about 8 months old and approx 5 inches long. he has pretty large pinchers and occasionally catches fish in his tank and eats them (small minnows or other feeder fish). i have a 50 gallon tank with 9 decent sized chiclids in it. Is it okay to put the lobster in the same tank with the chiclids or will the fish hurt the lobster, or the lobster hurt the fish? thanks!

Gotta agree with the answer above. Too crowded. And the lobster will eat your fish if they are smaller. If not, he can hurt them with his/her claws. Or the fish may pick out his eyes. I have had that happen to a smaller lobster buy guppies!

Does anyone know where I can find a Blue Lobster? amanda J

I'm interested in finding a blue lobster for a pet and I cant seem to find one.

Well almost any site online will have one. is a trusted site with a 14 day grantee on their shipments. They get to be around 12 inchs long and are the last thing you want in a community tank. A 55 gallon is a good size for just one.

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