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Bonnie raitt

Bonnie Raitt? akakipaki

How do you pronounce her last name? Is it Raitt (Rate) or Raitt (ray) with the T's silent? Please let me know.

Raitt (Rate)

Where can I find piano sheet music for Women Be Wise by Bonnie Raitt?

From The Bonnie Raitt Collection it has really cool bluesy piano. I found a place that sells sheet music for the whole album for around $30 but I just want that one song really. Free is better but I would be willing to buy it online for around $5. Might not be the specific ones you are looking for but... You can find plenty of sheet music for download there. They have over 1000+ of them. Good luck!

What song recorded by Tanya Tucker was written by John Prine and also recorded by Bonnie Raitt? kathleen

Which asks “how the hell can a person go to work in the morning and come home in the evening having nothing to say”?

"Angel from Montgomery " . I have song where John and Bonnie sing together.

What is the song that Bonnie Raitt sings in a commercial? sweetnessof1979

Its been on tv the last 2-3 months for sure. I cant for the life of me remember what it is. But my 4 yr old and I sing it when it is on. Its a song most have heard, so it must be older. Part of it is where you would have for ex me saying a phrase, and then someone saying it again to copy like a backup person. Please, I have looked on line, now I give up and need someone to tell me if they know!! Stop this before I drive myself silly lol

try something to talk about i think I've heard that in a commercial

Does Bonnie Raitt have a repuation for being nice? robinlovesfunderburk

She's absolutely my fave and I was just wondering if anyone had heard anything about her personally.

There is a pretty good write up about her on wikipedia - definitely a political activist.

has bonnie raitt ever recorded a song with soul group called the persuaders?

Did this soul group Persuaders do background vocals on a Bonnie Raitt song

I've searched and I can't find a legitimate reference for it.

Which female acoustic guitar player do you prefer - Melissa Etheridge or Bonnie Raitt? Mike H Music Man in New Orleans

I'm The Only One - Melissa Etheridge Love Me Like a Man - Bonnie Raitt Which one do you prefer as a performer including voice and the songs they sing?

Mike you are a mean mean man to make me choose here! These are my two fave female 'rockers'. Its a really close call. But Raitt doing 'Love me Like a Man' is awesome. Thats a great song too. So today I'll give her my vote.

Can anyone tell me where I can find chords for the song "The Glow" by Bonnie Raitt? starchaser

It is off of the 70's album with the same title - The Glow. Thanks for the help!

Go to the music store and I am sure they will be able to order the sheet music for you

Does a double Bonnie Raitt CD sound like a good way to end ones day? Rock

Indeed it does.

Poll>The Complete Collected works of Bonnie Raitt or Tina Turner? Hollywood

Bonnie Raitt

What Bonnie Raitt song has partial lyrics, "chewin' on it all day long"? kl682001

I looked through all the B. R songs, and couldn't find those exact lyrics, are you sure those are the correct lyrics?

Poll>The Complete Collected works of Bonnie Raitt or Roberta Flack? Hollywood

Roberta Flack

What is so great about Bonnie Raitt? deadhead (Who Dat Nation)

The stuff I've heard from "Nick of Time" and "Luck of The Draw" do nothing for me as doesn't anything like blues/rock. IMO it sounds like lite rock.

Someone said that Raitt is country, but she's definitely not country. I mean, she has country influences but is usually playing blues or rock. Anyway, one thing that's great about her is that she plays some good slide guitar!

Where can I get piano sheet music for "I Can't Make You Love Me" by Bonnie Raitt? Bman

I enjoyed the song very much, and the piano accompaniment really pulled the whole thing together for me. Thanks in advance.

Can any one give me the chords to play "darlin' by: Bonnie Raitt" on the guitar? czechmix

i would love to lear how ot play it and i can not find it anywhere on the internet. already tried ult. guitar and what not....

Is there anyplace I can hear it so I can try to figure out the chords?

Bonnie raitt karaoke? Carly H

Would bonnie raitt's "give them something to talk about" be good to sing at karaoke?

Yes, but keep in mind that Bonnie Raitt is a very talented singer, and she makes singing this song seem very easy; so, make sure that you practice a little before, unless you are as naturally talented as she is.

Who's higher on your list of the worst musicians evar born... Richard Marx or Bonnie Raitt? dingelbury

Richard Marx sucks out loud. This one wasn't even a challenge. I expect better from you!

Does Bonnie Raitt tune her guitar to open "E"? tex123

I want to learn to play the slide guitar and i need to know some basics

Folks like her use several different tunings. E B E G# B E. or, you can drop it to D instead... D A D F# D# D or you can go with D G D G B D.

Bonnie Raitt Chords/Sheet music? mandoliniloiv

I'm looking for sheet music or chords for the song "Thank You" off of her 1971 live album "Bonnie Raitt." I can't seem to find them anywhere online in compilations or chord/tab sites. Any help would be appreciated. The song is "Thank You."

Yeah - that is weird, the only one I could find only had the lyrics... It's probably not that hard to figure out, try playing along with it. Good luck!

an r&b song that sampled Bonnie Raitt's "i can't make you love me"?

i heard a song a while back and I now know for sure that the artist that sampled Bonnie Raitt's song. I just need some help figuring out the name of the r&b song the song I'm reffering to was sung by a male r&b group and i can't remember the lyrics exactally, but the lyrics had the words "guardian angel" in them.

Is it by Nina? Here's a link w/ the song It's not sampled but an actual cover so maybe not. Hope this helps:)

Where can I find "hot summer night" from Bonnie Raitt and / or Walter Egan ? axl_nyc

Hi, I would love to download "hot summer night" from Bonnie Raitt and / or Walter Egan, I have been looking everywhere for almost 20 years without any luck !!! Thanks Axel

Yahoo Music

Nancy Wilson or Bonnie Raitt? Heather S

Someone said that "I Can't Make You Love Me" is by Nancy Wilson, but isn't it Bonnie Raitt?

bonnie did the original...but nancy wilson did a terrific version (as did george michael)...

Janis Joplin or Bonnie Raitt? Been There

Which one do you like more? Janis Joplin Me and Bobby Mc Gee OR Bonnie Raitt - Nick Of Time With Joplin, who would have thought sounding gritty is good! Which Bonnie Raitt song? - bet I'll like it

Me and Bobby McGee.

What's Bonnie Raitt Doing These Days? MitsoukoRose

I'm a fan and have many of Bonnie's albums/cds, but what is she up to nowadays?

She was playing some shows with Taj Mahal last summer, that's the last I've heard.

need the name of an unknown Bonnie Raitt song?

In either 1998 or 1999 I heard a Bonnie Raitt song that I really like but I dont recall the name of it and need help identifying it. For starters I can tell you that its not "Lets give them something to talk about" or "Gnawing on it". ..The song I heard has a slow tropical beat to it, and I think somewhere in the lyrics it talks about storms or the weather or something like that. I know she has been making music since the 70s, so Im not sure if this song is on one of her early albums or something in the 80s or 90s. If youre a die-hard Raitt fan, then you may know the answer to this question right off the bat. please help.

That could be "Thief Into Paradise" from her 1986 album Nine Lives.

Need the name of an unknown Bonnie Raitt song?

In either 1998 or 1999 I heard a Bonnie Raitt song that I really like but I dont recall the name of it and need help identifying it. For starters I can tell you that its not "Lets give them something to talk about" or "Gnawing on it" or "Thief into Paradise". ..The song I heard has a slow tropical beat to it, and I think somewhere in the lyrics it talks about storms or the weather or something like that..In fact, the lyrics may be the best way to identify it, cause I do vaguely recall the song mentioning something about either storms, hurricanes, rain..something along those lines.. I know she has been making music since the 70s, so Im not sure if this song is on one of her early albums or something in the 80s or 90s. If youre a die-hard Raitt fan, then you may know the answer to this question right off the bat. please help.

storm warning?

Does anyone know the name of the actor who appeared in the Bonnie Raitt music video "Thing called love" Bonnieraitt4ever

Actor in Bonnie Raitt "Thing called love" video

Haven't seen it in a while, but wasn't it Dennis Quaid?

Who is your favorite whiskey voiced woman? Stevie Nicks, Kim Karnes (Sp) or Bonnie Raitt? Joe S

Or another gravely voice

My favorite has always been Stevie Nicks, ever since she was in Fleetwood Mac

During the credits of which movie does the Bonnie Raitt song "Have a Heart" play? Karen G

I know that Have a Heart plays during the credits to some movie, but I could never remember which movie. Please end my suffering.

Looked it up on and it is in the Johnny Depp movie Nick of Time. Not sure if it plays during the credits. Haven't seen it in awhile.

Who was Bonnie Raitt's Nobody's Girl written about?

This person sounds just like me. Just lost another great guy. Need to meet this person.

it was about a human.

Remember, in the bible, when Snow White's evil stepmom turns into Bonnie Raitt and gives her an apple with...?

Ambien on it, and she passes out and the 7 dwarves set her body in the middle of the woods but instead of dying from exposure and getting eaten by squirrels she stays alive and still looks hot, and then she wakes up while she's getting date-raped by a passing necrophiliac on a white horse? That was awesome. I LOVE reading the bible

fail- the stepmom turns into Madonna. Also, not nearly crazy enough to have come from the bible.

How tall is Bonnie Raitt? yoga guy

5' 4"

Do you have a favorite song by Bonnie Raitt?

Something to talk about is the only one I know but I do like that song

Where is Bonnie Raitt's discography* on your list of reasons you wish you’d never been born? dingelbury

particularly Let's Give Them Something to Talk About

I never got the whole KISS thing myself. Bonnie Raitt is a whore.* * I don't actually know that. I was just lashing out. I haven't been with a web cam girl in a week and I'm stressed.

On what 1970's Bonnie Raitt album does Blender Blues appear? taubdave

Appears to be a bootleg album from a 1972 live performance in Philly.

which actor did bonnie raitt marry in 1991?

i know it starts wit machael but i dont know his last name n its not raitt cause thtas her name be4 she got married.... thanks for helping me out please try n answer b4 may trhe 1st!!!!!!!! tank u i apprecaite it alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it was Michael O'Keefe.

"I Can't Make You Love Me" - Bonnie Raitt/Bon Iver - Meaning? Abnana

I was just listening to the song "I can't make you love me" - I know there are a number of versions of it, and whilst I realise that it's about unrequited love - the title is pretty much self explanatory - the last lines left me wondering. They say "I found love darling, love in the knick of time". Does this mean that the singer found the love they were searching for from that person, just before it was too late? Or does it have another meaning..?

This is an amazing song, but unfortunately I could not find the lyrics you quoted in the song, well Bonnie Rait's version anyway, she wrote it. I just checked and it is not in the lyrics of the Bon Iver version either. If the version that you are listening to is by someone else or they've added the lyrics afterwards then then might explain why they don't seem to fit with the rest of the song It is a really sad song She knows the person doesn't love her and she says she'll be ready in the morning to do the right thing and leave. The sad part is that the other person isn't interested but is interested enough to spend the night. The thing that strikes me about the song is that perhaps she really does believe that she can make the person love her, and that's why she spends the night

Which do you prefer Melissa Etheridge or Bonnie Raitt? Mike H Music Man in New Orleans

BQ - what are your favorite songs by each Love Child (Live) - Melissa Etheridge Runaway (Live) - Bonnoe Raitt

Bonnie over Melissa anyday,but to me they are totally different styles of music. My fav Bonnie song is :Somethin To Talk About My fav Melissa song is Come To My Window I love both ladies though.

What do you think Bonnie Raitt's Reaction was to Sanjaya's performance on Idol tonight? grandpasshithole

I think she was throwing up in the toilet.

Horrified and kicking herself for selling the rights to her songs for American Idol

what is the name of of the song willie nelson and bonnie raitt sing in the movie world traveler? jennfitz76

bonus points to who can tell what cd to find it on

"Getting Over You" from Across the Boderline CD.

Poll>All Time Favorite Bonnie Raitt Song? Hollywood

I Can't Make You Love Me if You Don't.... ma

Grammy winner Bonnie Raitt has been around a long time - Do You have any favorites by her? Mike H Music Man in New Orleans

Good Man Good Woman

Something to Talk About I Can't Make You Love Me

Who sang i cant make you love me? bonnie raitt or tank?

Bonnie raitt

Anyone like Bonnie Raitt? What's your favorite song of hers? Pirate Girls Kick Butt!

Mine would have to be Angel from Montgomery but the whloe Streetlights album is absolutely fab. And I like Something to Talk About but that is actually a John Hiatt song. Thanks guys I didn't know it was John Prine, no wonder it's so good!

Yeah, I love Bonnie Raitt, too. Favorite song.... will have to ponder this a bit... Angel from Montgomery is so great ~ Runaway, Women be wise ~ so many great songs! I've seen her twice at Red Rocks, once with Freebo and her old back-up band and once with what looked like a pick-up band. The pick-up band got totally off the beat on one of her songs that kind of has a syncopated beat - and this was so cool - she had to turn her back on the audience and get them back on the beat. A consummate professional and a KILLER slide guitar player. Sexy, too. Love that white streak in her red hair :-)

Care to share your favorite Bonnie Raitt song(s)? Abby O'Normal

As usual, just list any favorites along with any comments about Bonnie you would like to share. Again, as always, thanks!

I thnk it's called "Have a Heart" or something like that; starts out "Hey, shut up, don't lie to me..." Raitt ROCKS!

Who did Bonnie Raitt announce plans to divorce on 9 November 1999? jen m

Maybe her husband...Michael O' Keefe....or it could be in your imagination.....I thought they were still married, but it is not really an issue.

What are your thoughts on Bonnie Raitt's music? Mr. T-Burg

Cool! Far out! She's a great singer and her music is really great.

Bonnie Raitt is the sister of Steven Raitt and what other brother? rsdalbritton

Graphic designer David Raitt.

Did Bonnie Raitt sing a version of "Mary's Boy Child"? shellybooboo

I remember hearing the song and it sounded like her, but can't find anything on the Web. Any help?

I looked through all her CD's and she doesn't even have a Christmas one out period. You must've heard someone else.

Do you remember when Bonnie Raitt was a hottie? Cowboy Neal ♫

She was still doing pretty good for herself in that department back in the early 90s when I became familiar with her through the Nick Of Time album.

Grammy's 2012 - Bonnie Raitt and Alicia Keys ALICIA KEYS, BONNIE RAITT GRAMMY REHEARAL FOR ETTA JAMES TRIBUTE Bonnie Raitt - I Can't Make You Love Me bonnie raitt - something to talk about Bonnie Raitt 'Pride And Joy' Bonnie Raitt - Angel from Montgomery (live) Bonnie Raitt - Runaway (Live 1977) Bonnie Raitt - Love Me Like a Man (live) Bonnie Raitt - 'Love Has No Pride' Bonnie Raitt - Too Long at the Fair John Lee Hooker and Bonnie Raitt play 'I'm In The Mood' Bonnie Raitt w. Crosby, Stills and Nash - Love Has No Pride - Madison Square Garden - 2009/10/29&30 Bonnie Raitt & Norah Jones~Tennessee Waltz Bonnie Raitt 'Dimming of the Day' by Richard Thompson Bonnie Raitt - Not The Only One Bonnie Raitt - Burning Down The House Bonnie Raitt - Thing Called Love BONNIE RAITT - Love Me Like A Man (1976 OGWT UK TV Appearance) ~ HIGH QUALITY HQ ~ Bonnie Raitt - Sugar Mama - Midnight Special 1977 HQ Bonnie Raitt - Storm Warning Little Feat,Bonnie Raitt- Dixie Chicken Bonnie Raitt - I Will Not Be Broken (live) Bonnie Raitt - Something To Talk About Bonnie Raitt - Walkin' Blues (1972) Ruth Brown and Bonnie Raitt Perform at the 1993 Hall of Fame Inductions Bonnie Raitt: Guilty. from the album, Taking My Time (1973) Bonnie Raitt - Everybody's Cryin' Mercy.wmv Bonnie Raitt 12 - Can't Find My Way Home (orig. by Steve Winwood) Crepuscula Solidao -- Cesaria Evora avec Bonnie Raitt Can't Find My Way Home - Bonnie Raitt & Lowell George & John Hammond Jr & Freebo Martina McBride/Bonnie Raitt Mashup (Request Tuesday - Meghan Tonjes) bonnie raitt live historical video - love has no pride, written by Eric Kaz & Libby Titus Angel From Montgomery - Bonnie Raitt w/ John Prine Bonnie Raitt & Bruce Hornsby - Thing Called Love (live) Al Green Bonnie Raitt Joss Stone Michael McDonald Hall Oates Live! Bonnie Raitt - LIVE!(55 min) with Guests Roy Rogers,Oliver Mtukudzi & John Prine For What It's Worth - CSN with Bonnie Raitt & Jackson Browne at the Shoreline - 08/07/11 Bonnie Raitt - Feels Like Home - Faust - Rosie O'Donnell Show Do I Ever Cross Your Mind by Ray Charles & Bonnie Raitt. Bonnie Raitt, Nick of Time, Paramount Oakland 09-1-16 Merry Christmas Baby Bonnie Raitt & Charles Brown Bonnie Raitt 14 - Blender Blues Bonnie Raitt - Have a Heart - 1990 Bonnie Raitt 'Come to Me' live in concert 1994 from Santa Barbara Wonderland 1977 Chapter6 BONNIE RAITT RANDY NEWMAN FEELS LIKE HOME. Bonnie Raitt - Nick of Time - 1990 Daryl Hall, Billy Joel & Bonnie Raitt - Everytime You Go Away (Live at Farm Aid 1985) Feels like home by Bonnie Raitt Bonnie Raitt- Hear Me Lord (Written and originally done by Oliver Mtukudzi)

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