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Eric Schmidt

What is the quote from Google's Eric Schmidt about being nice? AhBook

I remember reading a quote once from Eric Schmidt, Google's CEO, and it was about being a nice person. Does anyone know the quote?

The quote is, "While it is nice to be important, it is always important to be nice."

What is Eric Schmidt's (Google CEO's) email address? Tony A

Can someone tell me what the personal email address is of the Google CEO Eric Schmidt? I have been having major problems with Google Adwords and finally time has come to complain to the man at the top?

You need to call Google and ask them.

Why will the rest of the world regard Eric Schmidt’s words as ironic? vampyrchief

About google offering help to yahoo.

Because Schmidt, the CEO of Google, Inc., said Microsoft's takeover of Yahoo! would limit the free-flow of information on the Internet. Yet, in 2006, Google cooperated with the Chinese government to help it restrict the free-flow of information to and from China. However, this may be a facile argument because, after all, China was restricting information anyway. Google helped it restrict information in a more efficient and accurate way which was less error prone, thus giving Chinese citizens access to MORE information than they had previously. Also, Google blocks information in a way that is obvious, so Chinese users at least know when their government is restricting access. On the other hand, the Microsoft takeover of Yahoo! might very well result in LESS information being available to people all over the world. So, it's easy to criticize Schmidt. But in doing so, you may be doing a disservice to those who value freedom of information.

how much money did eric schmidt initially invest in google? Tim F

I thought I read it was $1M or so. That the google founders made him invest to get stock.

something like that...but they did not invest much....they grant from someone read the 'google story' book...its the best book i have ever read

Where did eric schmidt spend his honeymoon? Jared

I think its in cali, i am going to the google complex, and it would be pretty cool to know, or check out where he had his honeymoon. If its close by. haha

Must be in his office chamber. I dont think he has time to go out for a week or so.

How old is Google chief executive Eric Schmidt? johnnysmooth


What is Eric Schmidt's philosophy? NICHOLAS

I am working on a project about Google CEO Eric Schmidt, I am trying to find Eric Schmidt's philosophy. Anyone can help? Thanks !!!!

"Don't be evil" and "World domination."

If Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, is appointed a position in the Obama administration,? TiedtoaRainbow

will anti-Obama blogs/articles on Google be censored?

Oh yeah.. in fact, if he is appointed, it's just payback for "services rendered"... for the naysayers, it happened to me, on my own blog, and the little "Ooops, we thought it was spam" crap was blatant, as it only happened to anti-obama blogs. Also look up the amount of campaign funds from google, and high level employees, to obama... sure, no bias, not even a little....

how tall is eric schmidt? H F SLO

Google CEO towered over Cramer this week. How tall is Schmidt?

he's like 6'3" cramer is short

Why would rich powerful men like Eric Schmidt set their salaries at $1 ? Katia T

So, could it be that since most of their earnings come from stock, they would rather use their salary for that ? And in some smart loophole way avoid as heavy an income tax ? Or what is the general trick ? Well it is true that compared to their earnings in stock, that is a small quantity..however men in that position can always benefit from the purchase of political favors and power-parry which is a considerably expensive anything counts.... Another idea could be re-investing it in their business, thus deducing it somehow from their adjusted gross income for the tax income but regaining it perhaps through stock or company growth...

No tricks. I don't know why his salary is set at $1 though. The lowest paid CEO/CFO before this that I've ever heard of was @$60,000 I wish I could remember the guys name. When someone reaches upper management they are usually offered stock options. So he gets stocks in his company for dirt cheap and if the company is doing well he can obviously sell those stocks at a profit. Don't over think this too much google is selling at $543.91 a share.

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