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Kevin youkilis

Kevin Youkilis? pgriffey91

If Youkilis is able to be traded for should I go after him if it means losing Mark Teixiera?

Absolutely not. Teixeira's numbers will FAR surpass Youkilis. If he'd been on any other team than Boston, he'd get very little fantasy attention. The Sox are the only reason he's even a formidable option in some fantasy leagues. The people around him in the BOS lineup are what give him his value. Keep Teixeira. He's always started out slow, but always gets on track by the end of May. He's already beginning to bring his numbers up. In fact, his AVG has gone up by more than 20 pts in the past 10 games... Teixeira's a solid bet for 30 HRs. Youkilis will be lucky to get past 20. Be patient, and try to keep your sanity. I can see the guy above me has already lost his. Best of luck.

How many times has Joba Chamberlain thrown at Kevin Youkilis ? Matt G

I need to know how many times Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlain has thrown at Red Sox first/third baseman Kevin Youkilis. I don't need opinions on the matter, just a statistic. Thanks!

They don't keep stats on things like that. If you're trying to be funny, you failed.

What is the song played at Fenway Park before Kevin Youkilis bats? dvid22

Could you tell me what songs are played at Fenway Park before Kevin Youkilis, Dustin Pedroia, and Jacoby Ellsbury come to bat?

Jacoby Ellsbury – “Let It Rock”, Kevin Rudolf (f. Lil’ Wayne) Dustin Pedroia – “Dre Day”, Dr. Dre Kevin Youkilis – “Crank That (Soulja Boy)”, Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em

Do you think kevin youkilis lost the fight yesturday in the baseball game to the pitcher? Zack

Idk I thought it was crazy how a little guy like that pitcher can throw down a huge guy like kevin youkilis

Yea it was crazy. Youi\klis got tossed the kid used his momentum, against him spun him around and tossed him to the ground dispite what some red soxs fans believe they saw other than that everyone else can admit youklis got tossed. It was veryy funny looking him on the ground getting his face pushed into the ground. And now worst part for the red soxs is that they will lose him for sometime now when they need him

Does anyone know where I can Find A Boston Red Sox Kevin Youkilis Shirt? Rob W

That is dark blue and and has "Red Sox" on the front in red, outlined in white. And on the back it Has the players name and number in the same style. I can't seem to find one that has Kevin Youkilis on the back.

Try any garbage dumpster. You'll be the only one wearing one!

Does anyone have any pictures of Kevin Youkilis doing the running man dance? nomar1918

I'm looking for some pictures of Kevin Youkilis dancing (running man dance) after the Red Sox clinched the AL East. I'm looking for some pictures of Kevin Youkilis dancing (running man dance) after the Red Sox clinched the AL East HELLO!!! I NEED PICTURES NOT VIDEOS!!!!!

you tube has a video, this one has the underwear dance and the youklis dance Calm down!

Should I Trade Kevin Youkilis for Elvis Andrus?

I want to trade Kevin Youkilis for Elvis Andrus, the guy who has Elvis Andrus definitely has a need at 3B. He is currently starting Danny Valencia and has Pedro Alvarez on the bench. At SS I am starting Jeter who is way past his prime and benching Maicer Izturis. If I trade youkilis I can start Alex Gordon at 3B and I also have David Wright for when he returns. Is this a fair trade and will I benefit from this?

I think that your logic and approach is the right one. I agree with offering Gordon first. Wright is due back on Friday. I would make him the second offer and try to keep Youk. Good luck.

Do you think kevin youkilis should have gotten the start? Kizzy

I though. Kevin deserved it more than mark.

Hell yes! Youk is ten times better than Teixeira.

Indians announcer Tom Hamilton said the following about Kevin Youkilis being ejected?

"The Boston Red Sox, much like the New York Yankees, are one of those teams that feels like they never do anything wrong. They feel they should never have a called 3rd strike on them..." "Kevin Youkilis feels that he did nothing wrong...the replay clearly shows he did not check his swing." Thoughts on this? Is Tom Hamilton right? Personally, I think he is 110% right, and I loved hearing him say it If Hamilton is bitter and biased, why is he regarded as one of the best radio announcers? Also, why did Youkilis get ejected?

I didn't see this, but I'm sure Hamilton is right. I'm a Yankees fan, and I've seen a lot of Red Sox games. Nobody (as far as I can tell) argues and whines about called strikes or being striked out more than Youkilis. That's probably why people hit him so often, because he is always complaining, which in return makes everyone dislike him. Rightfully so too.

when did kevin youkilis start using that irritating batting stance? o11o

In 2004, when he was on 3rd base, he did not stand at the plate like a jackass. wtf happened. there's no wonder why he's a tempting target for chin music.

Jacka*s or not, if it helps him I don't mind it. Would you have issues with it if he played on your team?

How many games do you think Kevin Youkilis will be suspended? mjr2013 --- Wings in 2012!!

He threw his helmet at Rick Porcello! I think he will be suspended for 5 games, then idiotically appeal, it will be heard in late September (right when the Sox are making their final playoff push) and when the Rangers or Angels win the wildcard and the Sox don't make the playoffs, Sox fans will turn on him.

Probably 3-6 games i think he should be suspended 10 games why throw the helmet what a punk. Plus porcello did not ment to throw it at him and was backing away when youk was after him. Porcello better not get suspended he was defending himself after not wanting to hit youk.

How many questions do you think have been asked about Kevin Youkilis and Rick Porcello in the past day? luigi

BQ1: Who was the last guy on your team to get suspended? BQ2: Which of your team's players are on the DL? Suggested category: Entertainment & Music > Celebrities For the DL question it doesn't have to be every single guy, by the way.

Way too many!. It was a brawl for god's sake. Coco Crisp against James Shields was a hell of a lot better because punches were actually thrown compared to this one though i do think Youkillis getting tackeld was pretty funny. But still. BQ1: I think it was when the brawl between Boston and Tampa Bay happened last year. Where Aki, James, Carl, and Jonny Gomes were suspended for a couple of games. BQ2: The only ones i can think of are Aki and Jason Igrahursen or something like that.

Does anybody know the story about why Kevin Youkilis bats the way he does? Your best friend?

I mean, as long as it works why not? But, is there a story behind it?

I don't know if there's a story behind it but I think he does it to keep loose and because he's antsy. Batters stiffen up if they wait too long for the pitch which is why you see so many of them call for time in the batter's box if the pitcher's messing with them by stalling.

How much would you pay for a Kevin Youkilis signed ball.? Red Sox 07 & Celtics 08 Champs

Just trying to see what you think. Please don't say anything dumb.


what injuries did Kevin Youkilis have this year?

@DC could you please post a link to the site you got that from? I'd really appreciate it!

4/21/2011 (Left game - left shin) Day to day. 5/3/2011 (Illness) Day to day. 6/17/2011 (Left game - stomach illness) Day to day. 7/4/2011 (Left game - sore back) Day to day. 7/22/2011 (Left game - hand injury) Day to day. 7/26/2011 (Right hamstring strain) Day to day. 8/18/2011 (Back stiffness) off 15-day DL 9/9/2011 (Sore left hip) Day to day. 9/28/2011 (Sports hernia/left hip bursitis) off 60-day DL

Why would the Red Sox put Kevin Youkilis on the trading block?

I'm not sure if they said trading block. But All I know is I read rumors on ESPN that they might trade him. How could they think about doing suck a thing as good as he is and an excellent POWER Hitter.

Just listening to offers to see what they can get for Youk. Dude is injury prone and had dismal year.

Do you enjoy watching players like ryan theriot and kevin youkilis? Ian B

Both theriot and youkilis had to work their behinds off to even have an opportunity to play in the majors. And ever since they earned their respective starting jobs they have been extremely productive to the cubs and red sox. It's players like those 2 that make me enjoy watching baseball. o my bad i forgot about eckstein. but hes playing for the jays and they aren't very good so that made me forget about him.

What about the biggest heart and courage in the game.....? Little David Eckstien....the guy looks like he could be bagging groceries at the local store instead of MLB shortstop.

Will Kevin Youkilis get back to earlier season form? Hopeful girl

I am way under on innings pitched so I need to pick up a good pitcher or two and that means someone else has to go. I have Kevin Youkilis and Chris Duncan to play at first. Should I let Kevin Yourkilis go to make room for a pitcher? I know he's kind of banged up so maybe that's why he's not been hitting well. Is his potential to come back though enough to hang in there with him for awhile yet or is Chris Duncan good enough to let Youkilis go? Thanks!

get rid of him. Youklis' early season was a fluke. The guy has never batted that good ever. He just got hot for a while. Trade him away while there are still takers.

Why does everyone hate Kevin Youkilis from the Boston Red Sox?

i was at a boston red sox game a a month ago when i went on vacation and i noticed that all the red sox fans were hating on kevin youkilis (i'm not from the U.S so i dont really know anything about baseball beside the rules

They weren't hating on him at all- just the opposite, in fact. What you thought sounded like boos were them chanting "Yoooooouuuuukkkkkk"

jimmy rollins and matt kemp for kevin youkilis and rafael furcal? MANNY SUCKS! GO RED SOX!

this is a keeper league. who wins the trade: rollins and kemp or youkilis and furcal?

Absolutely Rollins and Kemp. When Torre figures things out, Kemp will be a cog in the OF for a long time in LA. And Rollins is heads above Furcal as a SS. Youkilis is good, but Kemp adds steals with maybe 2/3 the power of Youk. Whoever gets the Rollins/Kemp duo wins, hands down.

How many times has Red Sox 1st baseman, Kevin Youkilis been hit by a pitch? Jaid Stuart

Secondly, how many did Youk take for the team at Yankee Stadium?

Youk has been hit 11 times this for at Yankee Stadium I haven't a clue...maybe 2 or 3 times this year...and Cyril are you serious when you say: "Don't be dissing the Yankees and Joba Chamberlain. He hit Youkillis by accident." I would believe it was accidental if it happened once or twice but every time Joba pitches against the Sox he throws at Youk...and I don't buy the excuse that Joba wouldn't throw at him in a one run game...he throws at him any game, any score...if you think its an accident every time Joba throws at Youk you are either an extreme Yankee homer or you are a complete idiot.

If the season ended today would Kevin Youkilis be the AL MVP? Wilde33

I'm not a Red Sox fan so I only watch the team on occasion but based on the numbers I thought he deserved the award last year. I can't see anyone else who deserves it over him this year, especially with Ortiz slumping and Pedroia hitting with no power. Jason Bay is an OF hitting only .267 so he shouldn't win and the Sox are in first place so that eliminates Teixeira.

I'm saying Miguel Cabrera gets it because he has 16 homers also he's batting .331

How did Kevin Youkilis get hurt wiping his foot across the dirt?

you mean this? it was a nagging injury, he hurt it before he did that.

Would I be justified in saying Kevin Youkilis is a great champion?

There are rules to this game son, I'm justified.

Oh, yes you would!!! Go BRUINS!!!

So is this Animosity or dislike still going on with Joba Chamberlain and Kevin Youkilis? Janet ♥(YFFL)

Or are the Fans making it bigger.... What do you think or is there an Animosity and dislike between these two guys LOL Nba_gsw What i mean by Fans them talking about it all the time when the Yankees and Red Sox Face and Joba is pitching that is what i mean by Fans.....

They probably are sharing a beer right now and watching Juno.

What do you think of this Nickname for "KEVIN YOUKILIS" of the Boston Red Sox? SECRET DESTROYER

Nickname being: "THE HASIDIC HAMMER". His last name is a Hasidic Jewish name. Kevin Youkilis is one of my favorite Red Sox and he hammers the ball. I think "THE HASIDIC HAMMER" has a great sound as a nickname for Mr.Youkilis

That IS a cool name. Youk, Greek God of Walks, now Hasidic Hammer. Someone get to the word to him about his new nickname!

Can you please write in Kevin Youkilis on the All Star Ballot? Red Sawx ®

he is batting .355 with a high on base % and deserves to be an All Star.

I will. Just give me the link to vote.

Should Kevin Youkilis have been benched or Lowell or Ortiz? J.D.L.

Unfortunately Youkilis will sit for game three. I thought Ortiz should sit since Youk plays first, and is hitting. It is a problem I would like to have.

Its a tough decision for Francona. Since Pitching and defense wins baseball games, I'd play Lowell and Youkilis and sit Ortiz. Ortiz is accustomed to playing DH and coming off the bench to hit. Youkilis isn't. Youkilis is a better 1B than Ortiz. Playing Youkilis at 3B and sitting Lowell would be a huge mistake because it would force Youkilis to make long throws from 3B that he ha't made regularly since played for Pawtucket. It sit Ortiz but make certain to get his bat into every game either as a pinch hitter vs a right hand pitcher and maybe double switch him for Youkilis if Ortiz hits for the pitcher.

How Many Games will Kevin Youkilis be suspended for?

If you don't know what i'm talking about, there was a brawl at the redsox game tonight(8/11/09).

At least six games. Sexson did a similar thing in Seattle last year and received a six game suspension that was appealed and dropped to five. So the standard has been set, hopefully he doesn't get off light because he plays for Boston. He's a hot head idiot that needs to learn his lesson.

How much is a Kevin Youkilis card? Chris b

I have one so i'm not sure.

Check Becketts or take it to a baseball card shop and they will let you know what it is worth.

If Kevin Youkilis is the Greek God of Walks, who is Barry Bonds?

Was he a walkaholic?

Is Kevin Youkilis the most genuine baseball player in the MLB? NO SHITE SHERLOCK

I'm a Met fan, and I don't necessarily hate the Red Sox but I don't care for them. I got to say though after watching Wednesday nights game and seeing him talked about his family and becoming and uncle for the first time really made me like the guy. He is just an ordinary guy like everybody else who plays baseball for a living. What other players can you think of that genuinely seem like they have a level head on their shoulders?

I don't think so. My vote would be for Shane Victorino...great, genuine guy. Told Furcal to "Keep his head up" when he errored 3 times in one inning. Meanwhile, LA was booing him unmercifully. Great guy.

Why does Kevin Youkilis always end up getting hit?

and he has only fought once this season and has been hit over 15 times. He starts to cry when Joba throws at his head even if it doesnt hit him. What do you think about him charging at rick porcello.

His giant head is such a big target.

Will Kevin Youkilis break 30 homers this year? Jay™

At the plate, I think Youkilis is having a great year so far. Do you think he can club at least 30 homers before the year ends? I know that we usually don't think of Youk when we're talking power hitters, but this guy's hitting pretty well right now.

I think he may have a shot at it. He's the type of player I wish we had on the Yankees. Guys that actually get upset when they make an out, and hustle down the line.

On the Boston Red Sox who is faster Kevin Youkilis or Julio Lugo? Gail V

Is it even close?

I would say lugo.. but not even close.. Ellsbury has way more speed than both. Lugo sucks tho.. and youk is better at everything else he does.

Kasey Kotchman or Kevin Youkilis for Gold Glove? NatNat

I think Kotchman. ive seen the plays youkilis makes but those are nowhere near the ones kotchman makes. Kasey saves at least one run away with his amazing plays and his only error was not his fault, the pitcher just didn't cover the base.


Does Kevin Youkilis have the worst batting stance in baseball? World Class Athlete

not the worst ever... you miss chuck knoblach? that just looked funny. but it made it difficult to hit his strike zone, which i guess is good..

Fantasy baseball trade: Kevin Youkilis and Ryan Braun for David Wright, Jacoby Ellsbury, and Cole Hammels? Richie

I am in a 6x6 league that counts OPS. I get: Kevin Youkilis and Ryan Braun I Give: David Wright, Jacoby Ellsbury, and Cole Hammels Who wins?

college world series are on

Fantasy baseball trade: Kevin Youkilis and Ryan Braun for David Wright, Jacoby Ellsbury, and Cole Hamels? Richie

I am in a 6x6 league that counts OPS. Team A gets: Kevin Youkilis and Ryan Braun Team B gets: David Wright, Jacoby Ellsbury, and Cole Hammels Who wins?

Team B wins by a landslide. Wright is easily better than Youkilis. Braun is probably better than Ellsbury, but Ellsbury gets SBs like a machine and usually SBs are harder to come by than any other offensive category. I think team B might even come out ahead if Hammels wasn't in on the mix.

Who would win in a fight? Manny Ramirez or Kevin Youkilis? Josh

You've got Manny, the latin big bat with the attitude that wins the hearts of many. Then you have the rugged Greek god of walks that looks like he can cut a tree down with his teeth. Given the situation the other night, who do you think would win?

Youkalis would win any day of the week. Manny is not a tough guy, Youlalis is. Youkalis has size and weight on him. Manny just walks away. Youkalis would win the physical fight but Manny would win the better man fight

Besides Kevin Youkilis, who has the ugliest batting stance in MLB? D.J.

Can't really claim Craig Counsell anymore, his stance has gotten less ridiculous over the years.

Youk is definitely #1, but Jason Kendall looks pretty ridiculous........I always hated Jeff Bagwell's stance, he looked like he was trying to poop.

Do you think Kevin Youkilis & Pedroia should have been co-mvp's? Captain Crunch

Pedroia was not anymore important to the red sox then youkilis & kevin had some better numbers so do you think they should have been named co-mvp's?

YES very good question i really feel Youkillis derserved one too.

Who is faster Julio Lugo or Kevin Youkilis? Gail V

Is it even close?

no lugo is 100x faster he could beat Kevins fat ass with one leg

Why did Manny and Kevin Youkilis get in a fight last night? jsonvaritek

This is from the Red Sox blog "Extra Bases:" "According to three sources, Manny had raised objections to Youkilis throwing equipment around in the dugout after flying deep to center in the fourth inning, and advised him to "cut that (expletive) out." Youkilis apparently didn't take kindly to the remark, said something, and Manny swiped at him."

Why do people think Kevin Youkilis is overrated? Craig

hitting .304, 47 RBI's, 13 HR, 19 doubles, 2 triples, scored 47 times, 80 hits in 263 AB, OBP .376, lets not foget a gold glove too, and just ended a streak of well over 2,000 chances at first without an error. For those who don't know, thats a MLB alltime record. Also has one of the lower contracts on the team at $3mil a year. So whats overrated about that?

Drastik, If youk was so unpopular, Then why do the fans say YOUUUUKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK when hes up at home plate.. Yea thats what i thought.. To answer your question, He is not overrated, plus he doesnt have any injuries except getting hit with a ground ball in his right eye in last nights game. I do know yes that is an mlb alltime record. If he didnt hit homeruns at all or get on base at all.. I say his obp and his batting avg would be low and that would make him overrated.. So no he isnt. For what hes doing tho i think he deserves a little more money. Edit: But i do say Lugo is overrated. He only has 1 hr, 14 errors, his SLG avg is .343, batting is .272 and his obp is .343. His rbi's are 18. Lugo is overrated tho.

How many games will Kevin Youkilis's hit streak reach? Also, did he have a multi-hit game last night? Joe

Yes he did have a dble hit game last nignt, 5/30/07. A single off the wall and a home run. Who knows how it can last. It could end this wknd when they meet the Yankees.

Do you think Jaba Chamberlain intentionally throw at kevin youkilis? Dennis C

I think he did

Yes. Both pitches were 98-99 M.P.H. aimed at Youkilises head. Remember, earlier in the game Youkilise ran out of the baseline and argued for quite some time and Torre, Posada, and Chamberlain probably got mad and wanted to hit him. Besides, it was 5-0 in the Top Of The 9th, a walk could not possibly hurt them. Joba got caught, fined, and suspended. I believe that was the right thing to do and I'm a YANKEES fan. Besides, when you throw at someones head you are putting someones career and life on the line. I forgot the persons name, but he was hit in the eye with a fast ball and was blinded with one eye and went on to hit 30 homers in the next season. When asked how he hit those 30+ home runs in that season he said 'I only hit the balls up. I could not see the balls down.' He retired two years later due to the fact he could not hit balls down. He was also one of the nations top prospect and could have hit over 500 home runs. He was the quickest ever to 100 home runs.

Should I trade David Wright for Kevin Youkilis?

I have Chris Davis to play first currently and Mark Reynolds to play 3rd.

No way, Wright is a better fantasy third baseman then Youkilis. The only upside Youkilis has is he can play 1B/3B but you don't need that, Reynolds has 1B/3B eligibility as well so just move him to 1B and Wright to 3B.

Who would win a fight, Kevin Youkilis or Johan Santana? bostonglo12

After the little verbal dispute after Johan hit Youk in the elbow, my friend and I got into a heated argument on who would win the fight. I'm a Red Sox fan, and he's a Mets fan, so his ignorance on thinking that Johan would obviously win was pissing me off. By the Way, Johan is 6'0" 210 lbs. Youkilis is 6'1" 220 lbs.

youkilis,thats the answerer above pitching uses your whole body to throw a pitch,and johan cant touch 99.rafeal furcal probably throws faster than him.

how does Kevin Youkilis hit so many home runs with a level swing ? Ben

with a level swing if he hits the bottom half of the ball, the ball has backspin and it carries out. if he swung up, then he would put topspin on the ball and he would hit as many homers. supposedly, a level swing is the best thing a hitter can do to hit for more power. level swing=line drives+home runs

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