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Minority report

What exactly is the minority report in the movie The Minority Report? Alexa

What exactly is the minority report in the movie The Minority Report? What does it mean? Thank you!!!

The minority report is just that, the event of one of the precogs disagreeing with the other two as to what will actually occur. The idea is that fate is not fixed, that there is some element of randomness or choice in life. Spielberg doesn't necessarily buy this though. Anderton (Tom Cruise's character) spends a good deal of the movie in an obsessive search for his minority report, something equated both literally (to keep himself out of prison) and metaphysically with his freedom, only to find that in fact he doesn't have one.

How is the Movie Minority Report related to math? Ganesh Vanvani

How is the Hollywood Movie Minority Report related to math?? I already know that the software collates a range of variables then uses an algorithm to work out who is at the highest chance of offending, but I need something more detailed or another relation to math Its for 11th Grade IB Math Studies

Accountants use math to figure out how much money the film made. The plot might be considered to involve game theory. The plot might be considered to involve logic problems, especially paradoxes and tautologies. There may be issues related to godel's theorem, that self referencing statements can be constructed that are true but unprovable within a system of mathematics.

What would one of the following philosophers say about the movie, Minority Report? Aloha Hilo Hattie

What would either, John Locke, John Stuart Mill, Socrates, Aristotle, Immanuel Kant, Martin Luther King Jr, or Rene Descartes have said about the themes in the movie Minority Report? This IS for my homework if you're wondering, I am having a hard time conceptualizing this one. I do know that the main themes have to do with the rights of the government as well as determinism and if we are all guided by fate or choice. Thanks for the help!

What the hell kind of a teacher would ask such a foolish question!? Im sure they would all think that the special effects were cool! Minority Report isn't exactly a philosophical movie.

What happened to Sean in the movie Minority Report? Katrina

Are we just suppose to think he died? And was Agatha talking about Sean's minority report (ya know if he hadn't been taken) when she's in the house with Tom Cruise and Kathryn Morris?

He is stolen from his father (Tom Cruise) at a public pool. We don't know anything else after that what actually happened. The founder of pre-crime old man later sets up for (Tom Cruise) to meet with a desperate man who pretends to be his son's abductor for money but that's false information because they don't actually know what happened.

What conclusions can you draw the in tht movie Minority Report, as a member of a community, as an IT person? jay

What conclusions can you draw the in tht movie Minority Report, as a member of a community and as an IT person?

Since you've asked more than one question about a movie, any reasonable person would conclude that you don't have a whole lot going on in your life.

What was the plot summary in the Tom Cruise film Minority Report? rockets in the sky

What was the plot summary in the Tom Cruise film Minority Report? I didn't really understand the film is all. Thank you:)

Love that movie! Lemme go get it for you... *edit* You can use this site to find all of the information you want about the film. Also, you can go through the message boards and see if someone has similar questions to the ones you are wanting to ask. There are usually detailed answers. I do this all the time. :)

What conclusions as a member of a community,as an IT person,as an individual in the film of minority report? jay

What conclusions as a member of a community,as an IT person,as an individual in the film of minority report?

Huh? What are you asking? o_O

minority report...? *steelers*

if the system were real would you think it was good why or why not???

No. The whole point of the movie was that you can't predict if someone is going to commit a crime or if they'll change their mind. I wouldn't want to be imprisoned for every time I THOUGHT about strangling someone.

Minority Report? Cortney <3 Cards

I don't understand a couple parts of the movie. First is that since Crow isn't the one who really took Sean, who did? Also, were the pre-cogs regular people with brain damage? THANKS!

Your first question has confused me, too. It was left an open case, I guess. As for the second part of your total question, the elderly woman named Iris Hindeman, who was one of the pioneers of pre-crime revealed that the pre-cogs were an accidental discovery. They were the three surviving children of drug addicted women in a treatment program, whose violent dreams were found to be echoes of murders which had yet to occur, and they had super powerful psychic abilities (in general). I wouldn't call them "brain damaged". I'd call them "gifted".

what movie should i watch minority report or the other guys? Pound4Lb#1

friday night, bored alone and a little buzzed, just wondering what movie should i watch Minority Report or The other guys??? THX

Agreed, Minority Report is a far superior film. But it depends on what you're in the mood for. If you're in the mood for intense sci-fi action, then definitely Minority Report. But if you would rather see a goofy comedy, you're not going to get much of that out of MR, and should probably go with The Other Guys.

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