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Is there any way to keep a mulberry tree from fruiting? KIT KAT

Our neighbor has a huge mulberry tree that hangs over our fence and drops mulberries in our yard. I like the tree b/c it provides shade for our yard and alot of birds are attracted to it, but the mess in our yard is unreal! We are constantly tracking in mulberry squeezings on our feet and in the house! If we had a way to keep it from fruiting, I'd be in heaven. Any suggestions?

If I come to take care of the tree and it's well being it will quit bearing fruit but it might end up dieing.

Why does my mulberry tree have 2 different leaves? Schuyler

My mulberry tree has 2 kinds of leaves, being white mulberry leaves and red mulberry leaves. Why is this? And is there any special cross breeding?

White Mulberries are known for having variation in leaf shape. Some are simple ovals while others ar slightly lobed giving them a 'mitten' shape and others are deeply lobed so they are 'three toed' like a bird's foot. Trees have plasticity in growth patterns so they can respond to conditions. Leaves with deeper lobes are less likely to tear in wind storms so will usually be on the more exposed positions. Plants often have outer canopy leaves with deep lobes while inner leaves have smaller lobes to increase their ability to intercept sunlight & where they are protected from full strength winds.

Will a mulberry tree give fruit even though it is not on ground but a large container? Claudia G

I would love to have a mulberry tree; trouble is I don't have a garden but a big enough terrace. Will it give fruit if I pot it in a large container? An aunt has one in her yard (no container that is) that already gives fruit and I was planning on getting a cutting during spring. I am asking this question again because I would like to know more opinions on the matter.

Trees won't give fruit unless panted in the good earth unless this was a dwarf citrus or something citrus that's more evergreen shrubby. There are fruiting vines and shrubs such as boysenberries that will give fruit with a smaller space. You could try a search for a dwarf sort of mulberry. I think that potted this dwarf version would still get some fruit. Someone might sell one somewhere since there ares always some sort of enthusiast on the internet for something somewhere.

What Can Stop a Mulberry Tree from Bearing Fruit and Making a Mess? winterpasture

I have a huge 3-story mulberry tree in the front yard. I never even think of it until spring. But when it begins to bear fruit it makes a mess over the grass and driveway and we end up bringing the crushed berries in our house from our shes. Is there anything to prevent the tree from bearing fruit? It is just beginning to get its spring leaves.

If you find one, let me know. I have one in the neighbor's back yard, but the bulk of it overhangs my fence and drops all the berries in my yard. It gets dangerous slipping and sliding on all the down berries. That, and I hate mulberries with every fiber of my being. I have cut as much off as I can reach, but it just won't die. It is also destroying our fence. Mulberry trees have their place, out in a field not near houses; to feed birds, etc... If you have three of them, I would cut them down and plant something more pleasing and practical. They are also soft wood, so they break easily and can drop branches all over.

Can i feed mulberry leaves fed silkworms to my bearded dragon? Jiminy jim jim

I recently heard that I can feed my dragon silkworms, but Im worried about the mulberry leaves they eat? Are the mulberry leaves fed silkworms going to be toxic to my dragon?

Yes - mulberry leaves aren't toxic to beardies and if you wanted to you could feed them directly to your beardie. Remember that when gutloading you want to give your feeders whatever you want your dragon to eat. The only reason you should be weary of mulberry leaves is if they are obtained from an area outside where there could potentially be pesticides.

How do I stop a mulberry tree from fruiting? thefoxlives

I want to stop my mulberry tree's fruit groth. It's leaving annoying berries all over the yard.

Bikertrash is right. You have to cut it down. You will also need to dig up the roots, or else "sucker" plants will start coming up and growing.

What does a mulberry tree look like? Tori T

We think we have a Mulberry tree in our back yard! I ask mum if i could try one and she said no they might be poison is! Plus what can u make with them?? And what do tthey look like them they are ready to eat?? The tree looks like a HUGE umbrella tree and the branches touch the ground! Our dogs eat them all they time and they don't get sick.

It's not a good idea to try any berry if you can't positively identify it. Take a branch to your loacl garden center or nursery, and they can tell you. Or post a picture of the whole tree, plus a close up of a leaf, and we could tell you. Or see if these look like it: They're ready to eat when they fall off the tree. I collect them by laying a tarp under the tree, and shaking the branches. The ones that fall are ready. I put them on cereal, and also make mulberry pies.

How to prevent birds from eating from my mulberry tree without using pesticides? Layla

I have a great mulberry tree that blossoms beautifully during spring, but the only problem is that I could never enjoy them because the second they are ripe and ready to eat, the birds will take them away. Any ways on not attracting birds without any harmful pesticides? Also have other fruit trees, so any way to "shoo" the squirrels away would be great too. Thanks a ton!

Growers use nets that cover the plants. The nets are tied down around the plants trunk so the birds cant go under the net and get to the fruit. killing song birds is not lawful in many areas.

What medical properties do mulberry trees have and can I use their leaves to make tea? Live Alive

I have soooo many mulberry trees by my house (I think black and white mulberry trees, im not sure though) and I was wondering if I could make tea from its leaves. Also if there is anything else I can use the mulberry tree for please share :) Thanks :) Love Light and Peace :)

Medicinal uses for Morus nigra ( black mulberry tree ): Anthelmintic; Astringent; Homeopathy; Hypoglycaemic; Laxative; Odontalgic; Purgative. Edible Parts: Fruit Photos ( to find out your species ): Medicinal uses for Morus alba ( white mulberry tree ): Analgesic; Anthelmintic; Antiasthmatic; Antibacterial; Antirheumatic; Antitussive; Astringent; Diaphoretic; Diuretic; Emollient; Expectorant; Hypoglycaemic; Hypotensive; Odontalgic; Ophthalmic; Pectoral; Purgative; Sedative; Tonic. Edible Parts: Fruit; Inner bark; Leaves; Manna. Edible Uses: Tea. Photos:

How do i keep a mulberry tree from producing mulberries? Scott

I have a Mulberry Tree that drops mulberries on my porch every yaer and makes a big mess, especily when tracked in on floor. i want to keep the tree, but want to get rid of the mulberries it produces every year.

I think netting them or picking them is your best bet. I'd bet you have a neighbor nearby who'd love to take all those berries every few days or so. It may stop them from falling to the ground.

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