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Olympic Flame

Olympic flame.....? cathan74

How do they keep Olympic flame lit on airplanes from one country to another ?

As a safety precaution, they are not allowed to have the full torch burning on board an airplane. However, to keep in line with the spirit of the games, the flame needs to stay alight. To do this, they use enclosed lanterns - like miners' lanterns - which have been approved by the chartered airline before flying. These lanterns do not create any gas emissions and the flame is able to keep burning because of the type of fuel they use. In fact, there are 4 of these lanterns which constantly follow the main torch and act as a back up in case the main flame somehow goes out. Lots of trouble just to keep one flame alight!

What happens to the the olympic flame after every successful olympic game? Nathaniel P

i know that the olympic flame goes back to Greece after the closing of every olympic game, but wheres the place it goes back to?. Or does the flame just go out like in athens?

It is handed back to the flame keeper, an anonymous entity!

How do they start the Olympic flame? Smurf Catcher

How do they get the Olympic flame started? I know it is carried from torch to torch to the Olympic games, but how is the flame first started? Do they have some sort of be flame starting ceremony and interesting way of lighting the first torch? Or, is it just that some guy pulls a match out of is pocket, lights the torch and starts running?

Magnifying glass and large concave mirror are used to start the flame.The torch is then touched to the flame,the first runner turns rises the torch as a salute,and starts the relay to site the of the Game. This lighting of the torch is done on Mt. Olympus, in Greece.

olympic flame.? Belly Smutt

So the cost of getting the flame to china,travel,security.Cost more than the actual games or what? By who proud st??the U.S,The U.K or both.??

Well the idea is to pay individuals to hold flags, then the media films it as an event to show on tv,, that way the tv get a sky news cnn .lol.

Which olympic games closing ceremony had the olympic flame "extinguished" and then carried by a jet? phishbowl351

I distinctly remember watchin an olympic event (cant remember if it was summer or winter) where the olympic flame was "extinguished" as a jet flew past the cauldron and then turned on its afterburners, as if to symbolize that it was carrying the flame to the next location.

That was Sydney 2000

How will Vancouver handle the lighting of the Olympic Flame in 2010 at the Winter Olympics? David M

The opening ceremony will be inside, in an arena, for the first time ever. The Olympic flame is always outdoors, where people all over the city can see it. But the people at the opening ceremony would want to see the lighting live, not just on some video screen. So, how will they get around this problem?

i don't know. I wish did.

How do you light the olympic flame in ancient Greece? Pradadevil

How did they light the olympic flame in ancient Greece?

For the ancient Greeks, fire had divine connotations—it was thought to have been stolen from the gods by Prometheus. Therefore, fire was also present at many of the sanctuaries in Olympia, Greece. A fire permanently burned on the altar of Hestia in Olympia, Greece. During the Olympic Games, which honored Zeus, additional fires were lit at his temple and that of his wife, Hera. The modern Olympic flame is ignited at the site where the temple of Hera used to stand.

Why does the Lighting of the Olympic Flame in Olympia, Greece done by actress? Sofia Saracen

I saw the rehearsal yesterday, they hired actresses to lit the Olympic flame in front of the Hera Temple in Olympia, Greece Why not invite the real priestesses who still practice the Greek ancient religion to lit the Olympic flame? It would look more 'alive'. I hear the people who adhere to the Greek faith still exist today.

As you had observed, the Lighting of the Olympic Flame is a big ceremony set up by the IOC. I am sure that the actresses used to light the flame are more telegenic than the actual high priestesses that you are referring to. In this symbolic ceremony that will be seen worldwide, the IOC is using style over substance in this instance.

How is the Olympic flame related to Random Acts of Kindness? blahblah

The olympic flame keeps burning

The ideal of the Olympics is an inspiration to a lot of people. Maybe that is what you are talking about.

is the olympic flame always meant to be kept burning? Alarafan2

is it true that the olympic flame always meant to be kept burning between the different olympics? If so since when has the flame been maintained? If so how does it go on a plane (like when it went ON A PLANE from london to san-francesco) It seems like it is NOT kept burning all the time as far as I can see.

the flame is extinguished at the end of each Olympics and is reignited prior to the Olympic torch relay, also when the flame is on a plane the flame is kept alight usually in an enclosed lantern, the flame is fueled by butane gas, and wen the flame is on the relay they keep a spare flame nearby,

What happens to the Olympic flame between Olympics? lilttlemissmonster

Does it get put out? Or do they keep it burning for the four years? If so where do they keep it?

lol did u not watch the closing ceremony of the beijing olympics? they put it out at the end cuz if it was burning 4 the whole 4 years how would the next torch be lit?

How did the Olympic flame stay light when they were taking it to Beijing? Devin

Was it a different flame or the same one? What would happen if it did go out?

i think in the middle of taking the flame went off and also they do use gas

What time in GMT is the Olympic Flame going to start running in Buenos aires?

GMT time I need to know. Please I need to know today in GMT time. I also need to know it in BST time.

The relay starts (scheduled) at 18:15 BST, (14:15 local time, 17:15 GMT)

How is the Olympic flame carried in airplanes? dvatwork

When it is being run to the host city, what do they do with it at night? Do they have a back-up in caase it goes out?

Yes, natty little method this. They split it up and only send a tiny piece of the Olympic flame in a special container which is then flown to whether it needs to go

What is the significance of the Olympic flame? 6-Gun Annie

Why can't it go out? Why did it have to be so protected on its way to China? Does it symbolize peace or working together to achieve something? How about other eternal flames, like the one on President Kennedy's grave in Arlington National Cemetery? IS there a connection?

the passion in every athlete who competes in the games

How do they get the Olympic Flame from Greece to Vancouver?

Does it keep on burning in an airplane?

They put the flame in a lantern and brought it on a plane

Am I the only person that thinks all these Olympic Flame protesters are Idiots ? Papillion

Why punish atheletes for the idiocy , inadequacy and weakness of politics to communicate the needs of humanity ? Why give dignity to the kind of bullshit the world experienced at the 11th Olympiad in Berlin ? The Olympics is a celebration of the human spirit meant to invite all humanity to rise above the petty and low sub characteristics of human nature The Olympics is a celebration on earth for the flight of the human soul to fly I need the Olympics in China. China needs the Olympics in China. You need the Olympics in China. The Protestors need the Olympics in China !

No, you are NOT alone. Thousands of Supporters showed up today in SF. They showed the world that Olympic will not be held Hostage. There were far more supporters than protesters. I was there and I felt sorry that they didn't have the closing ceremony. Media of course didn't cover the whole thing with the right view.

what myth does the olympic flame represent? when did the torch relay start and whose idea was it? susandana

when is the torch lit? when is it extinguished?

The Olympic Flame or Olympic Torch is a symbol of the Olympic Games.[1] Commemorating the theft of fire from the Greek god Zeus by Prometheus, its origins lie in ancient Greece, when a fire was kept burning throughout the celebration of the ancient Olympics. The fire was reintroduced at the 1928 Summer Olympics in Amsterdam, and it has been part of the modern Olympic Games ever since. The torch relay of modern times which transports the flame from Greece to the various designated sites of the games had no ancient precedent and was introduced by Carl Diem, with the support of Joseph Goebbels, at the controversial Berlin Olympics as a means to promote Nazi ideology.[2]

How are they able to keep the same Olympic flame?

I heard tehy do it by laser, but how does it work? Also, how does it keep burning all teh time, even when it's raining, windy, and snowy!

There is a new flame for each Olympics. The flame is powered by gas, each small torch used in the relay has a limited supply which is why the runners will change torches, it is not the same one for the entire run. At the Olympics the large flame is also burning gas, and it will usually stay lit during rain or snow, but occasionally the flame does go out which is why they also have the flame burning in a reserve torch so it can be re lit from the same flame.

The OLYMPIC FLAME! has it really been burning since ancient times? Jožo

I hear the olympic flame has been burning since the olympics first started. Is this true? Where is the flame kept during the off-season?

No, they light it using mirrors before the Games.

Why are people protesting the Olympic flame? ☆BTriX☆

Do you agree with the protesting? The news likes to report only on the fact that there ARE people protesting...not the reason why.

China took over Tibet and then moved a bunch of Chinese people into the country so that Tibet would eventually loose its cultural identity. The world pretty much ignored it when it happened, other than some complaining in the U.N. China actually has a Tibet exhibit near the Olympic park. It's really pathetic and they advertise it as something like "extinct cultures of China". I would like the Olympics to be outside the political arena, but China is very much using these Olympics for a political agenda and those working for the freedom of Tibet are using it in the same way. You should read some about it. The Chinese occupation (rape) of Tibet is definitely on the list of most messed up things that happened in the modern era.

Where does the Olympic flame always start it's route from and why?

its starts from greece bcaus thats whr it all began

What happens to the olympic flame on a plane? GREG17

What happens to the olympic flame

It is still lit in a special "external flame" box with special fuel. The plane is specially chartered.

Did Catriona Le May Doan lit the Olympic flame in the Closing Ceremony? Ephram Saracen

I missed the closing ceremony but I saw the picture in yahoo news. If it's true then I think she was the luckiest Olympian to have held the Olympic torch in three occasions, arrival, opening and closing, wasn't she?

ye she did shedidnt get t light it in the opening it was her cauldron that didnt work so they gave her the chance this time

Now that the officials in Paris have extinguished the Olympic torch twice, is it still the Olympic flame? domangelo

Maybe they lit a cigarette and then relit the torch with the butt?

Actually, there is a backup flame carried with the entourage that accompanies the Olympic flame as it is being run. Paris isn't the first time the flame has gone out. The last time was in Montreal in 1976 when the flame was extinguished by a rain storm. It was relit using a cigarette lighter, was extinguished, and was eventually relit using fire from the backup flame. So yes, if it's from the backup flame, then it is still the Olympic flame.

Transporting the Olympic flame by Air? Dilly G

I wanted to put the question out there: What kind of special considerations are there for transporting the Olympic flame on-board an Aircraft? Is it generally transported on a Commercial, scheduled flight or a private jet? Secondly, has anyone ever seen the flame, in transit? (People like me wanna know!!!)

Well, the flame is actually put out and the whole shebang is diassembeled when they have to transport it via plane. TSA made sure that one didn't fly (pun totally intended). When it does travel by plane, usually they will put it on a 757 that is completely empty except for the pilots, one flight attendent, and one guy who watches over the torch pipe. The torch pipe is given the royal treatment and seated in first class with all the luxuries. Usually, the torch pipe will be permitted to smoke on board and drink as much single-serving booze as it wants. All the while watching smash-hit movies on demand or playing one of their awesome in flight video games. Should the torch pipe grow tired, the seats will recline into a full stretch and the ceiling will dim with stars lit up on it to simulate the appearance of a starry night for sleep assistance purposes for the torch pipe. So thats pretty much it, talk about a smooth ride for the torch pipe right? Right. It deserves it though right? I mean come one, it's the symbol of the global community coming together to run in circles and jump over stuff. Nothing beats that. Oh yeah, and the one guy on board, he has to sit in the last row of coach next to the bathroom and only gets one free drink and one movie of the flight crew's choice.

who lit the olympic flame at the opening ceremonies? littlerainbows♥ .

(not the flame the cauldron)

Actually, the cauldron lit inside the stadium was lit by Nancy Greene (1968 Gold medal in skiing), Rick Nash, and Wayne Gretzky. Because of technical difficulties Catrina LeMay Doane (speed skating gold medallist) was also supposed to light the cauldron, but was unable to. Gretzky then traveled through the streets of Vancouver to light the outside cauldron, which was the one that remained lit throughout the Games. If you saw the closing ceremony, they poked a little fun at themselves by pretending to FIX the inside cauldron, and LeMay Doane lit it. Neil Young sang while the cauldron was extinguished....

How do they keep the olympic flame lit on an aircraft? mookistar

without all burning to death or suffocating?

It's flame is contained in a lantern of sorts.

what is the olympic flame use?

I have a school reportand my question is how is the olympic flame used today

It's symbol that represents the Olympic ideals while simultaneously providing a tie to Greece, home of the original Olympic games thousands of years ago.

If a country is so Unpopular it has to hide the olympic flame to get it their safely isn't it tiem to change? scorch_22

The venue of the oympics?

The Olympic committee is trying to change the venue. The best thing is to get the China government to loosen its' grip on Tibet.

What is olympic flame symbolises,Where to Find information about ancient greek olympics? Ralph B one stop shop to know all about olympics and watch it live here...cheers:)

If a terrorist switched off the Olympic flame would it be considered as a crime against humanity? Siblyn

Don't be silly ! of course not....It doesn't matter who douses the flame....or what their motive is....the only charge would be destruction of property, or something along those lines, unless your in Singapore or china....then they may hang or shoot you.

Should I go watch the Olympic Flame or not? OwnYourFaceNoob

Ok so it's coming through my town but to watch it I would have to stand in the Freezing cold for over an hour... And I don't want to do that sooooo should I or not go see it????????

You certainly should. I saw it a few days ago when it came across to Toronto. I was so excited that I ran alongside it for 8km. Later on, the party at Nathan Phillips Square was quite the experience. It's much better than stay at home. Trust me, you won't regret it.

In what year was the Olympic flame lit by an archer? f00fle

I'm interested in archery and just want to know. Thanks =)

At the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992 paralympic archer Antonio Rebollo lit the Olympic Flame by firing a burning arrow towards the cauldron. The arrow passed over the cauldron, which was emanating gas at that moment. The gas ignited and the flame appeared in the cauldron. You can see him preparing to light the flame here -

Which is worse; constantly extinguishing the Olympic torch flame en route to Beijing? wiseguy

(to the point that it becomes a joke), or a Chinese government official not sitting down with the Dalai Lama to seriously talk about Tibettan autonomy? No doubt, you see the irony, tq0189.

The Olympics are just games. The issues with Tibet are about life and death. You figure it out.

Does the Olympic flame continue to burn even when the games are not in session? Emawema

If so, where?

The Olympic torch in Beijing is extinguished at the closing ceremonies. But the flame in Olympia, Greece always burns no matter what. A good history of the flame in the Olympic Games can be found here

Olympic Torch: The flame is carried from Greece to where the games begin....?

...Has the torch ever gone out en route? It's almost a sacred ritual to carry the Olympic flame across the country and the world. I just wonder if the inevitable has ever happened by an accident or whatever.

When the flame went out The only time that the Olympic flame has gone out during the Games was at Montreal, Canada, on July 27, 1976. It was doused by a cloudburst during a rest day when the only people in the stadium were workmen. It was rekindled a minute or two later by a plumber named Pierre Bouchard with a cigarette lighter and a rolled up newspaper.

how and where is the olympic torch lighted before it travels to light the olympic flame at the 2008 olympics? catdogeby

Olympic Torch is lit by solar reflector at the ruins of Ancient Olympia in Greece, where the first Olympics were held in 776 BC. Flame for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is lit - 2008-03-24 . Lit by the sun's rays on a concave steel mirror at the ruins of the Temple of Hera in Olympia. The Greek actress Maria Nafpliotou, playing the role of the High Priestess, lit the first torch. It was carried the first mile by Alexandros Nikolaidis, a Greek athlete who won a silver medal in taekwondo at the 2004 Olympics in Greek capital Athens. Luo Xuejuan, China's Olympic swimming gold medalist was the second bearer, taking the flame from Nikolaidis. The torch will begin a 130-day, 137,000km journey starting Monday. That will take it from the site of Olympia to Beijing, where the Summer Games is scheduled for August. The First Olympic Torch - The idea of the Olympic torch or Olympic Flame was first inaugurated in the 1928 Olympic Games in Amsterdam. There was no torch relay in the ancient Olympic Games. There were known, however, torch relays in other ancient Greek athletic festivals including those held at Athens. The modern Olympic torch relay was first instituted at the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin.

What is being used to fuel the OLYMPIC FLAME?


Not gas too expensive Maybe Soy Sauce

The Olympic Flame was extinguished in Paris today....? Brad

(i) do you think there is any point carrying on with the torch's journey to Beijing now that it was put out (it was subsequently re-lit)? (ii) do you think the officials were right to board the bus and extinguish the Olympic flame?

Cancel the whole darn thing being held in China...there will be a lot more trouble than putting a flame out when the event starts...:-(

In what year did the Olympic flame return to the modern Olympics? rebecky139

There was no Olympic flame in the ancient Olympic games

has the olympic flame always been burning? or do they just light a new flame for each olympics? xoxo

like has it been burning since the first one?

They light a new flame for each Olympics. The Olympic Torch today is ignited several months before the opening celebration of the Olympic Games at the site of the ancient Olympics in Olympia, Greece. Eleven women, representing the Vestal Virgins, perform a ceremony in which the torch is kindled by the light of the Sun, its rays concentrated by a parabolic mirror. The Olympic Torch Relay ends on the day of the opening ceremony in the central stadium of the Games. This tradition began for the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

Does the olympic flame comes from the sun's rays? Ducaraibe

or do they just use some kind of a special fire. have they been keeping that fire since the beginning of the 1900's. have they never extinguished it. do they use the same fire in the inter olympics too winter olympics not inter

I actually was going to give a smart alec answer until I fortunately thought about it. The answer is yes it does. There's a ceremony that takes place months before on Mount Olympus in which the flame is started from the sun.

If Chicago gets the Olympics, who should light the Olympic flame and why? Salty American

ACORN! They need the work now that the government dole is getting cut off. Should be able to find a bunch of 'em in Obamaland, too. . .

how much smog and greenhouse gas will the huge olympic flame produce? Gruntled Employee

when saddam hussein burned the oil fields in iraq in 2003,he distroided 1km^3 of oil,7billion barils,1000billion dollars.

How do they transport the Olympic flame on other words, how do they carry it?? dvatwork

Is it carried in the cargo area? Do they have back-ups in case it goes out? Who is the official transporter?

It's carried in a heavily guarded lantern. Believe it or not, it has it's own first-class seat on the plane.

Why Olympic Flame Greeted by Jubilant Argentines in Mostly Trouble-Free Path ? think

Is this a proof of US and UK orchestrated Image War against China and against Beijing Olympic Games ? Why there is NO uproar against the Australian 2000 Olympics, given the Aussie records on treating Native aboriginals are ruthless and genocidal ? But there was a dead silence maintained by the US and UK media ? And none of the European Leaders then talked about boycotting Aussies' opening ceremony ?

Argentines respect the Olympic spirit and separate the issue of Tibet as a political concern.

When did the Olympic flame first appear before the games? Randy A

1928 - worked for radio trivia. Tg

Who lights the Olympic Flame tonight?Hockey? Joe B- Most Interesting Man in World

I know this is hockey and there's a separate section for this but wondering what you guys think? Hockey bonus-If you had a guess, who will be the Olympian who will shock everyone by their play?Who will "step up" in your opinion?

Apparently a luge competitor has died in practice. ..........I still say #99 Pretty disturbing photos.

When was the original olympic flame lit? Dr. Independent

Well if you mean modern day olympics, it would be 1896 But the greek ancient olympics has been going on for hundreds of years, so you can't really get an accurate date.

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