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Outlook?????? Isaac S.

How do I set up microsoft outlook to allow me to send and recieve messages from my aol mail email address?

Download Microsoft Outlook Connector - it's free - from the Microsoft website. It's excellent - it handles all my email addresses.

outlook??? ashleen c

How can not being the centre of attention change your outlook on life?

That's an interesting ques - maybe when you aren't the center of attention, you see things from other people's point of vue, you gain new perspectives of what is going on around you, maybe you discover there is a lot more to life than just you, there are other people out there that are probably a lot more interesting than you erm yeah hope that helped - by the way outlook if defined as "mentality: a habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations expectation: belief about (or mental picture of) the future" or even better go look it up in the dictionary (this definition was from an online one

How do I transfer MS Outlook files from desktop pc to laptop? jf3

What are the steps necessary to move the MS Outlook data files from a desktop computer (using Outlook 2003) to a laptop computer (using Outlook 2007)? As part of this process, please include the steps necessary to removing (deleting) the current MS Outlook files on the laptop. The files are for two different users, and I don’t want the data files to overlap on the laptop. Thanks very much for your help.

Outlook can save all data to a .PST file, which you transfer to another computer. The other version of Outlook can import the PST to access its accounts, stored email, and whatever else. For different users, just use different filenames.

How can I get Outlook to open everytime I start up my laptop? Rob

I've got a bad habit of forgetting to open Outlook every morning; is there a way to set up Outlook to open every time I start up windows? In other words, as soon as I turn on my computer, Outlook will open. Thanks in advance.

Put the shortcut to outlook in your startup folder. It is located on the programs menu. All shortcuts put there will be started when you start your computer.

How do I keep Outlook from taking my emails completely out of Yahoo? OzStar

It's nice to have my emails go from Yahoo and into Outlook. However, I'd prefer Outlook to copy the emails rather than completely remove the emails. Problem: after Outlook sucks the email from Yahoo, the email exists only on my computer. Big hassle if I need to look at an email but my computer isn't nearby. Solution?

Go to the account options in Outlook for the Yahoo account. There will be an option to leave email on the server. ₪ ɦəlʞɹɐq ₪

How do I make outlook receive all my messages from an email account? yoyoma

So I have an email account registered with outlook and it draws about the past two weeks worth of email messages. But I want outlook to receive my entire collection of email messages on the account back for the past ~2 years. How do I do this? I have outlook 2007. It's a pop3 account, and no if I press f9 I don't get more messages

I'm not sure about outlook but I just switched to Mozilla Thunderbird and it pulls every email from every online folder (I use Gmail) and syncs them all automatically upon install. I switched from Outlook and never looked back. The only downside to Thunderbird is that it's not password protected. You can, however, get add ons that will provide security and they're mostly free.

How to configure Outlook to send but not receive emails? Stable Mabel

I am in a club that uses an special club pop email address. I would like all of the club to be able to send emails to various people using our email address, but want only one person to receive them - or anarchy would result! Is there an easy way of configuring the email program without causing error messages or any other interuptions or requiring special procedures? Members have outlook, outlook express or windows mail. Cheers for any advice out there.

If you delete or otherwise block the inbound email server on each client (everyone in the club who is not the one receiving email), that would work. It would also probably generate error messages. If everyone cooperates, then they can each use their own email, but set the alias to look like it all came from one address. follow the Illinois link below for step-by-step, remember to use your personal email settings and not the settings. However - on most mail servers, the inbound email and outbound email are very closely related. Nothing can truly stop the curious or determeined user from copying the settings to turn on "receive". If you control the email server, just create a rule that forwards all incoming mail to the shared account immediately to a second account, and deletes/purges the old mail. The group inbox will be empty all the time, and you can pick the destination that all email goes to. Just keep checking on it - if there is a problem in forwarding, you could create a server loop (problem!) or your messages will just get lost - with no notice and no feedback to the original sender.

How can I use two Outlook accounts for my desktop and laptop to check emails? ♣Mǝfiǝ Girl♣

I want to use Outlook in my desktop and laptop. But both must reflect the same information and the emails that are saved in either of them. I first configured the desktop outlook and now when I configured the emails on my laptop it does not show all the current emails which are saved on my outlook on the desktop. How can I view both at the same time which reflect the same information? Thanks.

check out your pop settings for each an acount and go iton your Imapo email withbrownse to check about fileting scam settinfs

What is the difference between outlook email service and hotmail? Jay

What is Outlook/Outlook Express used for? Do they give you a new email account or do you use a pre-existing one? What is the difference between Outlook and things like hotmail, gmail ect.

"Do they give you a new email account or do you use a pre-existing one?" You use a pre-existing one. Essentially, Outlook, Thunderbird, etc, are just applications you can use to manage your e-mails from your computer without having to log in to the server manually every time. All this presumes an existing e-mail account. When configuring the application, you will have to provide it with the necessary information for it to retrieve and send e-mails using the server hosting your account( information such as your e-mail adress, password, and the server's retrieval (POP3) and transmission (SMTP) protocols in the form of simple web adresses).

How to i forward my outlook mail back to their original mail servers? Mike P

I have been using Outlook for my AOL Mail accounts but now i no longer want to use outlook. I want to forward or send the mail from Outlook back to the AOL Server. Is this possible?

No. When you set up Outlook, you should have selected the option to "Leave a copy of messages on the server". Then you could discontinue using Outlook at any time and you would still have had your original emails on AOL's server. Once they're deleted from the server, there's no way to put them back there.

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