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Princess diaries 2

How far into the movie the Princess Diaries 2 is the song Because you live by Jesse McCartney played?

How far into the movie the Princess Diaries 2 is the song Because you live by Jesse McCartney played?

its at the very end. like, during the credits.

Why has a whole month been skipped between Volumes 2 and 3 of the Princess Diaries? John K

I'm reading the Princess Diaries and have just started reading volume 3. Volume 2 ended on November 1st and Volume 3 begins in December. My question is: Why has a whole month been skipped between these two volumes?

It is probably because November was really boring. :]

From which website can I download Princess diaries 2 movie for free? Fedex

From which website can I download [not stream] the movie Princess diaries 2 without having to pay for it?

is there a free princess diaries 2 script i can print from my computer? usagi

i'm trying to find a script called princess diaries 2 of the closet scene with lilly. i can't find it anywhere on google! i need to find one to print it out any recommendations?

Where can I find good images of Anne Hathaway's hairstyles from Princess Diaries 2? teacherjen2004

I was watching Princess Diaries 2 last night and thought it would be great if I could get good images of her hairstyles, especially the two up-dos she wears for the first ball scene (when she wears the red gown) and the coronation scene at the end. Both would be awesome wedding styles. Any suggestions? I've tried several image searches already but everything I come up with is either a movie poster or is from the red carpet at the movie premiere.

I looked everywhere but couldn't find any pics from those scenes. But then I suddenly remembered about There are heaps of pics of her hair. I'm glad to help :)

Where to download Princess diaries 2 full movie? Fedex

From which website can i download the full princess diaries 2 movie without having to pay for it.[Want to download not watch]

what was that song called in Princess Diaries 2? lalagirl8496

In Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, the song Clarisse was in the Ballroom by her self, she turned on this BEAUTIFUL piano song, and then Joe showed up and started dancing with her spontaneously. What was that song called? Or do you have a link to it! PLease helppp!!!

miracles happen??? but if not here are the songs >>>

Do you know a book that has the same sort of romance from the princess diaries 2 movie? Owl Eyes

I like the kind of romance between Nicholas and Mia from the princess diaries two movie, where the "bad guy" who's trying to sabotage the main character in the beginning starts to fall in love with her. Anyone know of a book like that? 10 points. :]

Well I don't know any books about a bad guy sabotaging the main character and then falling in love but I just read this great book about a girl who hates how her mom is urging her to get married with someone form the balls she has to attend. (its set in the 1800s) She has a family friend who is like a brother to her and eventually they fall in love even though he tries to resist because the main character's family trusts him to protect her and he thinks it will be a betrayal of their trust. So the book is called The Season by Sarah MacLean. I recommend it.

What happened to Micheal Moscovitz and Mia Thermopholis's relationship on the Princess Diaries 2 in the movie? Kaye

It's just because they were too sweet on the book series, but at the movie, it was like Micheal disappeared at the part 2 and Mia forgot about him. For me he's cuter than Chris Pine.

It says at the beginning of part 2 that he went off to play with his band somewhere.

where can i find the wedding dress in "princess diaries 2" to buy? lulu

where can i find the wedding dress in "princess diaries 2" to buy or something very similar

Gary Jones designed Mia's wedding gown Here are the pictuers I could find: Check out Dreams by Renee They have some absolutely gorgeous dresses PLUS they can make custom dresses based on drawings and/or pictures at reasonable prices! Just to let you know, the prices listed on their site is suggested retail and since I am an authorized rep, I can offer discounts on all of their dresses. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help. Good luck!

Is the Princess Diaries 2 royal engagment based on a book?

I know the movies are based on the books by meg Cabot, but what book/ books are based on the 2nd film?

no. the 2nd movie is a COMPLETELY different story than anything that happens in any of the books

How old was Abigail Breslin in the Princess Diaries 2? Sofaloaf

Also, they say her brother, Spencer Breslin, acted in that movie also, but I don't remember him in it. What part does he play? I know he plays as Prince Jacques Dubé but at what part in the movie?

Abigail Breslin was in that movie? Hmm never knew that. Try (international movie database; not spam)

What wedding dress is Anne Hathaway wearing in Princess Diaries 2? SE

I absolutely love the wedding dress she has on. I just don't know who the designer is or anything. Anybody know?

apparently the dress was custom designed for the movie by Gary Jones

Where can I watch Princess Diaries 2 online for free? TheFearOfLiving

Every website I click on only has parts of the movie or won't work. I can't find it anywhere. Please help! Ps - happy new year!

You can watch P.D 2 on Youtube. It'll be on partsbut atleast the quality is good. I think those free movie websites IS Um- Why do you want to watch it online? You can get it cheap. It's old.

In Princess Diaries 2 who is the white guy singing Chinese? Caperusitadark

I was watching this movie and in the middle of it there was some white guy singing in Chinese. It shocked me so I really want to know who it is. Can anyone help?

I think he was Johnny Chong or something like that. John Chung? Chang? Johnny? Not sure, but I heard it in the movie, when they introduced him. That might lead you somewhere, sorry I could help out more. :)

Where can I find a picture of the Princess Diaries 2 Birthday Ball Dress? Mindy A

It was the red dress she wore on her 21st birthday. I have a prom dress that looks exsactly like it. I CANT find a pic of it ANYWHERE! please help?!!

I found the video clip that shows the dress a couple times:

About Mia in the princess diaries series book 2? ❤Alyssa❤

I have a project due tomorrow and one question is what are 3 characteristics that made the character mia believable. Please hep me!

I read it so long ago. I can't remember anything specific. You should ask on Meg Cabot's message boards.

What's a movie like the Princess Diaries 1 and 2? Dark Angel Wings

Or one like Ella Enchanted. Either, or.

Maybe The Prince and Me (I haven't seen that one but I'm assuming it's like The King and I)? What a Girl Wants Cinderella Story Another Cinderella Story The Princess Bride isn't like a teen movie, but it's always fun to watch.

Where can I buy a re-creation of the dresses Mia wears in Princess Diaries 1 & 2? Megan L

Her ballgown that she wears at the end of the first movie, and any of the dresses she wears in the second movie, especially the wedding dress.

Here it is Good Luck!

Is "The Princess Diaries 2" just as good a film as the first one? Please don't STAR this question - I'm a guy? Samian's Sixth Account

I just wanted to know if the second movie was just as good as the first one (I really liked the first Princess Diaries movie - it was so cute!)

I enjoyed it but I didn't think it was quite as good. I really enjoyed her transformation in the first movie, but in the second one she's already a princess. The whole premise of the movie is that she has to get married because she can't rule by herself, so she's trying to find a guy to marry. Meanwhile some guy who's sort of in line for the crown is trying to scheme to get it and they end up fighting all the time but falling in love. The movie was cheesier than the first but it was still fun.

Is The Princess Diaries 2- based on a meg cabot book or just made up by directors from the first book? art questions 2007

i know the 1st movie is a from a combo of books but did meg cabot ever write about mia having to get married and become queen?

The writers at Disney made up the sequel. There are many inaccuracies in the film, the main one being that the fictional country of Genovia is a Principality, and as such the ruler is known as the Crown Prince/ Crown Princess not Kings and Queens, which are used for Kingdoms. In both the films Mia would already be the Crown Princess as her Grandmother had only married the Crown Prince and so was not entitled to rule herself, the title would go to Mia's father (who is still alive in the books) unpon the death of his father and to Mia on the death of hers, so according to the first movie, when Mia tells Lilly that her father is dead she should have already been Crown Princess, and her grandmother known as the Doweger Princess. Another big difference is the character of the grandmother, in the movies she is loving and understanding and nice. In the books the character of Grandmere may love Mia and her father but she has a totally different way of showing it. In fact Mia isa constantly saying how difficult it is to get along with her Grandmere.

What song is playing in the movie Princess Diaries 2 during the proposal? serendipity

It was during the song montage when Mia was hanging out with the man who proposed to her.

wth... Elton John never made songs for the movie, LOL. anyway, i'm not really sure but it can be "Miracles Happen". it's on the soundtrack and you can find it on Amazon(dotcom) and hear samples of each song.

At the end of Princess diaries 2? FLGirl

Are the girls at the end of Princess diaries 2 when they are cutting the ribbon at the children's shelter. Are those two girls Mia's kids, the one is the girl from the parade, Did she adopt her? and what about the other one, is that her kid?

no its not her kid, she just made a new home for the girls at the shelter and made better quality of life, i guess the girl form the parade was liek her favourite --x--

What website can i find princess diaries 2 on? smartie<3 :)

princess or teenage movies about a girl like 13 going 30 and princess diaries 1,2 plz plz plz answer plz plz? miley259

i want to watch movie like about a teenage girl or about a princess and sweet i dont want 1.enchanted 2.princess diaries 1,2 3.amimated movie of princes of disney 4.mean girls but please tell i want some to watch

I know the word princess means royalty, but this section deal with royalty,not videos. Perhaps you should repost in entertainment ?

How can I find a replica of the wedding dress from the movie Princess Diaries 2? sweetbrat2001 In that link they talk about who created the dress (Gary Jones), and possible patters to help make your own.

How do I download Your Crowning Glory, from Princess Diaries 2? Chisom

It's a song and I can't find it

go to this link: then copy this link then go to: then take the youtube link and then paste it in the conversion box and then volia you have crowning glories!

Princess Diaries!? 2smiley4

Do you know any sites where I can watch Princess Diaries 1 and 2 for free? Help would be greatly appreciated and the first one to give me a site would get 10 points. I promise! has them.

what is the name of the song in the princess diaries 2 during the slumber party scene? rearender999

it's fast paced and sung by a woman

is it trouble by pink

¿What's the name of the song during the parade in the Princess Diaries 2?? Yakarin

You know? Where she stops to see the orphans.

I think its Break Away by Kelly Clarkston

i want free movie download of princess diaries 2.does any1 know a site or link that has this movie ? jaya08aug

princess diaries 2

Try Hope it can help you.

Is that the actual Prince William in the movie "Princess Diaries 2" ?

When they are going through the pictures of the people Mia could marry, they stop on a Prince William when she says, "oh oh oh YES! I accept. HIM!" I realized that it looked like the actual Prince William, but with hair. Was it him?

Just a photograph? Yes. Prince William used to have a lot of hair. You didn't know? See below. An actual Prince William, appearing as himself? No. He has not appeared in any films.

does anyine have a pic of the engagement ring in princess diaries 2?

Here is a publicity still ..

What Kind of ice cream was princess Mia eatining in the princess Diaries 2?? tanziejury

I don't know what flavor it was, but it was some sort of Haagen-Daz flavor. In part of the scene it appears to be a pale green (pistachio or mint?). Other times, it looks white, like vanilla. Maybe you could call the company and ask them. Dessa

where was princess diaries 2 filmed? roger

where was the princess diaries 2 filmed? they showed the castle at the end of the 1st movie and the place was beautiful. What country was that filmed in and do u have a website to show me about the movie production place and info?

The Princess Diaries 2 - Royal Engagement 11th August 2,004 Genre: Family/ Romantic Comedy Where the smash hit "The Princess Diaries" ended, the fun begins as Mia (ANNE HATHAWAY) is ready to assume her role as princess of Genovia. But no sooner has she moved into the Royal Palace with her beautiful, wise grandmother Queen Clarisse (JULIE ANDREWS) than she learns her days as a princess are numbered - Mia's got to lose the tiara and immediately take the crown herself. As if getting ready to rule wasn't enough, the stakes for Mia have never been higher - with Genovian law stating that princesses must be married before being crowned, Mia's in for a parade of suitors who'd all like to be her king. In the quest for a groom, comedy and complications rule the day as the cast and filmmakers behind the first film, including director Garry Marshall ("Pretty Woman," "Runaway Bride"), return for this hilarious romantic comedy. Casts: Julie Andrews, Anne Hathaway, Hector Elizondo, Heather Matarazzo, Callum Blue, Caroline Goodall, Sean O'Bryan, Joel McCrary, Hohn Rhys Davies Producer: Debra Martin Chase, Whitney Houston, Mario Iscovich Director: Garry Marshall Screenwriter: Gina Wendkos and Shonda Rhimes Production Designer: Albert Brenner Distributor: Walt Disney Pictures Production Company: Brown House Production Start: Monday, Nov 17, 2003 Studio: Disney Location: Los Angeles, Prague The Los Angeles filming took place on the Julie Andrews sound stage where Julie Andrews also filmed Mary Poppins (and the first Princess Diaries movie).

Does anyone know who designed the wedding gown in the Princess Diaries 2 and where i can find a picture of it? amv455

Gary Jones designed Mia's wedding gown

In Princess Diaries 2 does Amelia marys Nicholas in the End?

I shall have a lucky guess dear girl. While she does seem to have a romance with Nicholas in the end, I believe she does not actually marry him. I'll wager that may happen in the next "episode". Stay tuned for another happy ending, or perhaps an unhappy twist.

Princess Diaries 1 and 2? talk2me923

where can you watch the Princess Diaries 1 and 2 online for free?

i'm not sure u can watch it online but u can watch it on disney or abc on tv.

the boy in princess diaries 2? Poetic Symphony

in the princess diaries 2, who is the guy that plays nicholas name? and what other movies has he been in?

His Name is Chris Pine. You can look him up here on IMDb... Then click on his name...and it takes you here and it lists the movies he wuz in..such as 1. Bottle Shock 2.Carriers 3. Smokin' Aces 4. Blind Dating Hope I helped!

princess diaries 2?? Jonas lover <3

was the princess diaries 2 filmed in epcot or was part of it?? if not where was it filmed because part of it definatly looks like epcot

Here are there credited filming locations Los Angeles, California, USA Santa Clarita, California, USA Universal Studios - 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, California, USA

Princess Diaries 2... ? Paolo? <3 aili-marie <3

its been a while since i have seen that movie and i was wondering who Paolo was? was he that one guy that wanted to marry Mia's Grandmother (the queen)? its bugging me because i saw the same actor on 8 simple rules (Larry Miller) and i didnt know where i saw him from, so i did some research and found out he was in the princess diaries 2. i saw that movie once and i was wondering who paolo was, the character. anyone? in the first movie he was the hairdresser. i think. is that right? who wanted to marry mia's grandmother??? was it joe?

in the princess diaries.. the role paulo is played by larry miller. he was the hairdresser in both movies. but joe, the security guard wanted to marry mia's grandmother. hopefully this helps =)

Do you know when the next time Princess Diaries 2 will be on TV? Sophie

please and thanks :)

I'm not sure but you could check the disneychannel guide it's usually on disneychannel.

How can I watch The Princess Diaries 2 on the internet for free? egizzlefoshizzle


How many movies are there of the princess diaries? ifra1997

i know there is the princess diaries and the princess diaries 2 but does the princess diaries 3 exist or will there be one in the future? Thanks in advance?

There is only princess diaries and princess diaries 2: royal engagement. There may be a third one coming out in 2013

Which movie is Princess Diaries 2 based on? Jordinna

Is Nicholas in any of the books? If so, which ones? I really like him and he's my fav. male character. :)

The books are great but the movies are nothing but puke inducing! I know you wouldn't appreciate this answer if you're some die hard pre-teen Princess Diaries' fan but seriously: "Ugh" describes it! And I guess you mean which book is PD2 based on (the movies take the books as a base, not vice versa) The film is actually an amalgam of Book 2 & 3 (As far as I remember. I used to read them WAY back when I was a kid) but not a single book because it is difficult to churn out a storyline outta the babbling in one book alone. Although I'd highly recommend that you should watch a film that won't threaten an IQ drop :|

Who is the guy that princess mia from princess diaries 2.... Cutiy ♥

kisses at the end of the movie thank you

Chris Pine... ooo aint he lush x

Where can I find a wedding dress like in Princess Diaries, online? Snow

I love Anne Hathaway's wedding dress in Princess Diaries 2. Anyone know where there's a dress online that style?

this question has been asked before the link is so you can see the previous answers! hope this helps

where can i read the book princess diaries 2 online fr free? mysterious

It's still protected by copyright, so it won't be available for free. Watch for it 70 years after the author's death, though!

Where could I watch Princess Diaries 2 online? Hello!

I have try youtube and dailymotion but didn't find anything! I really want to watch it!

uhhh. U can probably just go to and if not just search in google. It's much easier

the princess diaries books 2-6? lexie

well somebody just bought me a copy of the princess diaries number 7, and i've only read the first! can anybody just summarize what happens between the books for me!? thanks, but i don't have the time to read them all! i would get them from the library, but i'm going on vacation this weekend, and taking the book with me!

I can't summarize all of them but I put a link to wikipedia and you can click on each book. They have plot summaries that you can read to know what happened.

The Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement Part 1 The Princess Diaries 2 Trailer The Princess Diaries 2 - The fountain scene The Princess Diaries 2 The Royal Engagement Pt 10 Your Crowning Glory - Princess Diaries 2 (Raven & Julie Andr The Princess Diaries 2 - Mia's second archery lesson The Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement Part 2 Mia's Bedroom Scene from The Princess Diaries 2 THE PRINCESS DIARIES 2: Royal Engagement (Sub) Part 11 End Princess Diaries 2 - 14 - Miracles Happen - Jonny Blu ~Gakuen Alice Princess Diaries 2 Trailer~ I decide- Princess Diaries 2 soundtrack- with lyrics Princess Diaries 2 - Deleted Scene HD (Chris Pine and Anne Hathaway) The Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement Part 3 princess diaries 2 - a love that will last by renee olstead The Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement Part 8 The Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement Part 7 Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway (Princess Diaries 2 : The Royal Engagement) THE PRINCESS DIARIES 2: Royal Engagement (Sub) Part 2 The Princess Diaries 2 The Royal Engagement Pt 1 THE PRINCESS DIARIES 2: Royal Engagement (Sub) Part 8 Princess Diaries 2(Anastasia & Disney Style) Princess Diaries 2-It's Gonna Be Love Princess Diaries 2 - Anastasia Parody Trailer MADtv - Alien vs. Princess Diaries 2 The Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement Part 4 Princess Diaries 2 - Love Story Julie Andrews - Princess Diaries 2 Interview The Princess Diaries 2 - Second meet Mattress Surfing - Princess Diaries 2 THE PRINCESS DIARIES 2: Royal Engagement (Sub) Part 3 Crowning Queen of Genovia - Princess Diaries 2 The Princess Diaries 2 The Royal Engagement Pt 11 The Princess Diaries 2 The Royal Engagement Pt 8 Julie Andrews singing in Princess Diaries 2 The Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement Part 6 This I Promise You - The Princess Diaries 2 Princess Diaries 2 Crowning Glory The Princess Diaries 2 & Anne Hathawa THE PRINCESS DIARIES 2:Royal Engagement (Sub) Part 5 The Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement Part 5 THE PRINCESS DIARIES 2: Royal Engagement (Sub) Part 10 THE PRINCESS DIARIES 2: Royal Engagement (Sub) Part 4 THE PRINCESS DIARIES 2: Royal Engagement (Sub) Part 7 THE PRINCESS DIARIES 2: Royal Engagement (Sub) Part 9 princess diaries 2 - just so you know THE PRINCESS DIARIES 2: Royal Engagement (Sub) Part 6 Princess diaries 2: royal engagement (2004) The Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement Part 9 The Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement Part 10

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