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TI...................................? ~Miss independent~

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What is the difference between a Ti 92 and a Ti 92 plus calculator? normanqt

Also does anyone know where to download a user manual for the basic Ti 92?

Flash memory + more RAM + an easier-to read screen. Nothing crucial unless you really enjoy having lots of calculator games or something :p As far as I know, the 89, 92, and 92+ all have the same manual (called a "guidebook" apparently). You can find a copy at: Hope this is what you needed.

How to save your TI graphing calculator programs to your computer/ other mass storage drives? buster shot 11

I have a TI-84 Texas Instruments Calculator and I dont want my programs to go away. My teacher does a program check before every test. How do you save it to something else?

The only thing you can really (practically) save it to is your computer, and you would need to use linking software (such as TI-Connect or TiLP), as well as the computer-to-calculator USB cable you should have gotten in the packaging when you first bought the TI-84 Plus.

What's the difference between the Ti Nspire and the Ti Nspire CAS? Tristan M

I am a freshman and I need a graphing calculator for Algebra II. I ordered the Ti Nspire off the Best Buy website for $130, not knowing about the Nspire CAS. Will I want the CAS for Algebra II and future maths, or is the old Nspire fine?

A Ti Nspire is definitely fine for Algebra II, but if you are planning to go on to more advanced math(i.e. Trigonometry, Calculus, AP Calculus, AP Stats) or Science (i.e. Chemistry, AP Chemistry), it would be better if you get a TiNspire CAS. TiNspire CAS has more functions. I am a sophomore in West Virginia and our school highly recommends CAS for people who haven't bought a calculator yet. It would eventually be the generally preferred one. If you can get a refund, I would suggest go ahead and buy the CAS. But again, the regular one is perfectly fine, but the CAS is better.

How can you program a ti-84 graphing calculator to do extra features? REMINGTON 270 BOLT ACTION

Can you go on the internet with a usb cord to program your ti-84 calculator to do extra features, more than what it already does? What website, or what exactly do you need to do? Thank you very much.

What 'extra features' do you mean exactly? The TI-84 series can do a lot of operations, but if you mean complicated things that aren't built in (like finding the factors of a number etc), they can usually be found in programs. One of the best file archives for the TI calculators is Go here: and just download any file that looks interesting (can be a math program, game, etc). Use your USB cable and transferring software (probably TI-Connect) to copy the program to your calculator. If it's a file that can be run from the Prgm menu, just go there and execute it. Voila.

What's the difference between TI-84 plus silver edition and TI-Nspire calculators? Cell

for school i need a TI-Nspire calculator. My dad got a free TI-84 calculator, so i dont know if theres a big difference and i need to buy the Nspire one, or if i can just use the TI-84 instead. Anyone know?

It depends on what your school needs it for. If it needs TI-Nspire functions (and there are quite a few of them as compared to the TI-84 Plus), then you're going to have to get the Nspire. But if they're just going to tell you to put in the TI-84 Plus SE snap-in emulator, it's probably not worth it. You should probably ask (or email) your teachers for confirmation.

How do you program a TI-84 Plus Calculator to Output something to the screen when the user presses a button?

I want the calculator to output Happy Birthday when a button is pressed. How would i program this on to a TI-84 Plus calculator.

Depending on what button was pressed, you'd use the getKey function to wait for a key, then Display it. For instance: Disp "PRESS A BUTTON" 0->K While K=0 getKey->K If K!=0 Disp "HAPPY BIRTHDAY! End NOTE: -> is Store, not "minus, greater than" != is equivalent to not equal to This program first displays the text "Press a Button", and then when any button is pressed, it displays "Happy Birthday". You can also change the position by using Output( instead of Disp. One more thing, if you want the user to press a specific button, such as the Prgm button instead, you would just change the the line "If K!=0" to "If K=43". The code for each button is different, but you can find that out by using a search engine.

TI 89 Calculator: How do I transfer a single program from the calculator to the computer? Anonymous

TI 89 Calculator: How do I transfer a single program from the calculator to the computer? I am not trying to make a backup. I want to be able to copy a program I already manually typed into the calculator to edit on a computer, and then transfer back the edited version to the calculator.

You need to check if it needs a cable or if it has an infrared sensor and your computer would need to have one as well. I suggest that you take a read at its instructions because you may need to buy a cable if it is possible to do what you want to.

What's the difference between the TI-83 and the TI-83 PLUS? LW

I need a calculator for college algebra and am considering the TI-83 line. Could some one explain what the difference is between the TI-83 and the TI-83 PLUS?

the plus comes with extra programs.

How to insert graphs from my TI 83 calculator to my computer? WishingUhappiness

I have already downloaded the software, but every time I use screen capture it says it can't find the device although it is already plugged. My computer says that the calculator is not not installed, but i have the TI connect software already downloaded. I need to a snapshot of the graphs on my calculator.

Every time you install TI-Connect, you have to make sure it's able to detect your calculator. This can usually be done by opening up TI-DeviceExplorer, and seeing if it can detect your calculator. If not, then try uninstalling and reinstalling. If that doesn't work, it probably means you installed the wrong driver (i.e. plugged in the USB cable before installing TI-Connect). You then have to open up Device Manager in Windows, delete the appropriate driver, then reinstall everything. It's a pretty cumbersome process, so good luck.

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