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Which marsupials established a colony in the Peak District? The Weekend quiz

Staircase, Milan; Phoenix, Venice; St Charles, Naples? Matilda; Valentine; Crusader; Cromwell;...

discovered 18 hours ago on The Guardian via Yahoo News

Kanye West as president and Kim Kardashian as First Lady – just what the world needs right now

Admit. Celebs are the truly anointed and they really do hold all the answers. This week, we bow...

discovered 2 days ago on MSN News

18 Things You Won't Remember Happened In 2020

Remember the collective joy we all felt when, against all odds, Parasite took its rightful place as crowned King of Hollywood? Protect Bong Joon-ho at...

discovered 2 days ago on Mashable

Usain Bolt has given his baby daughter a truly fitting name, complete with epic middle moniker

Usain Bolt has given his baby a truly fitting name for the daughter of the fastest man in recorded...

discovered 2 days ago on Yahoo Style UK

Elon Musk’s die-hard fans believe the wacky billionaire can do no wrong

In a typically head-scratching — and apparently illegal — move, Musk recently named his seventh...

discovered 2 days ago on New York Post

Baby Name Expert Breaks Down 'Karen' and Its New Association with 'Entitled White Privilege'

Anyone who has been privy to social media as of late may have seen the rise of "Karen" memes —...

discovered 5 days ago on People via Yahoo News

20 Times Elon Musk Said 'Sure' To Random Ideas On Twitter In 2020

Mashable is a global, multi-platform media and entertainment company.

discovered 6 days ago on Mashable

18 things you won't remember happened in 2020

In all likelihood, you'll probably experience the memory of these events now like they're from a bygone era, a time when humanity was more innocent and...

discovered 1 week ago on Mashable via AOL




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