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It has been seven weeks since implementation of the CARES Act, which provided grants of $28 billion...


Holdup In CARES Act Grants Puts 30,000 Airport Workers And Caterers Out Of Work

It has been seven weeks since implementation of the CARES Act, which provided grants of $28 billion...

discovered 2 weeks ago on Forbes

Hidden in the HEROES Act, A New Multiemployer Pension Plan Bailout

The HEROES Act, it turns out, is more than another round of “stimulus” checks, or the extension of...

discovered 2 weeks ago on Forbes

Pelosi's HEROES Act would protect immigrant essential workers from deportation amid pandemic

Under the HEROES Act, which was introduced by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, one of the measures...

discovered 2 weeks ago on Newsweek

Hasan Minhaj’s Patriot Act Is Going Remote, Too

Cue the theme song: Hasan Minhaj’s Patriot Act is ready to get in on the at-home comedy scene. The Netflix show returns on Sunday, May 17, with its first...

discovered 2 weeks ago on Vulture

Student Loan Forgiveness and Another Round Of Stimulus Checks - Here’s What You Need to Know About...

If passed by the Senate, the HEROES Act can significantly appease the burden of student loans until...

discovered 2 weeks ago on Forbes

CARES Act: Impact of revised net operating loss rules in M&A transactions

The recently enacted Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) revised the...

discovered 2 weeks ago on The National Law Review

HEROES Act would cancel $10,000 in student debt for ‘economically distressed’ borrowers

The $3 trillion stimulus package, which is expected to be ignored by the Republican-controlled...

discovered 2 weeks ago on Yahoo Finance

COVID-19 HEROES ACT: Does It Include Student Loan Forgiveness?

The HEROES ACT, a comprehensive stimulus package that aims to provide financial relief for Americans...

discovered 2 weeks ago on


⇲ Just because you treat someone like shit for so long then decide you wanna change up your act, doesn’t mean it erases the damage that already has been done

⇲ There was a time they were taking files to Buhari in London, even d Deep Offshore (and Inland Basin Production Sharing Contract) Act was signed in London. He will travel to UK, then Ministers, Tinubu, Govs will be trooping to London to greet him. Wasteful & irresponsible govt.

⇲ act 2 or act 3 from swt?? i’m tryna see somethin

⇲ Usagi’s look of determination ("Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal" series) (S1/Act 9) (S2/Act 25) (S3/Act 31) (S4/"Eternal" -Part 1-) #SailorMoonCrystal #SailorMoonEternal

⇲ It’s a deep story behind the way I act & think 🤐

⇲ Trump presses McConnell to act against those who promoted Russia collusion allegations | Just The News…

⇲ 18/05/2020 7am 🇦🇺 Total 7,045 🔬Tests-1m 💚Recovered-6,367 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Community-598 🔴Deaths-98 🟠ICU-16 🟢Active-580 NSW-3,075 VIC-1,558 QLD-1,055 WA-554 SA-439 TAS-228 ACT-107 NT-29

⇲ Big Oil taking $1.9 billion in CARES Act tax breaks aimed at helping small businesses in ‘Stealth bailout’: report -…

⇲ I act like I’m fine but deep down I wanted to see the blesser 🙉💰 #Uyajola99

⇲ not @ him completely ignoring michi’s video and him replying to people that are calling him out that it’s not serious, it’s just tiktok. the “crazy latina gf” stereotype along with others like the way we talk, act etc is harmful and frustrating because that’s how we’re viewed irl

⇲ People act like they don't expect you to be Hurt. 🤡

⇲ #FinnsLawPart2 is asking for sentencing to be increased for the Animal Welfare Act 🐾 #FinnsLaw falls under this act as well 🐾 But #FinnsLawPart2 is for all animals 🐾 We need this in place, please retweet if you support 👍🐾💙 #FabulousFinn #FinnHour @kayenightingale

⇲ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ All these cuties makin her act up . ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀

⇲ I strongly support this act in #BELGIUM by nurses and doctors and should be given this treatment to our Government and those who are governing or Government #PPEshortage

⇲ Listen, if you're a kid, please do not spend your youth trying to act "mature". Like please just act your age bc then when you grow up you're gonna realize how much time you wasted trying to act grown.

⇲ Dear Fellow Aussies, Please help save my sons life Contact your MP! (See below) 👉 Oppose US persecution/prosecution of Aussie journo Julian Assange 👉Demand UK act to save his life from #Covid19 by releasing him to home detention now! Many tnx…

⇲ I may act normal but inside I’m

⇲ if you're interested in me act interested, and if you lose interest, tell me. I'm forgiving and I won't be upset, it's upsetting that someone would act like getting me to think of mating them isn't a big deal, it's an insanely big deal and takes a lot for me to fall. Be SURE.

⇲ The COVID-19 outbreak isn’t only a public health & economic crisis – it also threatens our elections. The Senate must act now to help states protect their elections, shore up the @USPS, expand early voting & vote by mail, & make in-person Election Day voting safe. #ProtectOurVote




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