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Over the past three years, Lutheran Westland girls basketball players Maddie Andrews, Hannah Brown...


Lutheran Westland girls basketball senior trio sets 26 school records

Over the past three years, Lutheran Westland girls basketball players Maddie Andrews, Hannah Brown...

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Applied Underwriters' Centauri Files $30M 'Poaching' Suit Against Wellington Insurance

Centauri Specialty Insurance Holdings (CSIH) and Centauri Specialty Managers (CSM) allege in a suit...

discovered 2 weeks ago on Insurance Journal

Scholastic Superstars 2020: Hannah Waleski

A. Being able to balance my school work and social life and enjoying high school with my friends even with so many extracurricular activities and...

discovered 2 weeks ago on The Citizens' Voice

Comp sector well-positioned for COVID-19 fallout: NCCI - Business Insurance

“The two themes you will hear are unprecedented financial strength and consistent performance,” said...

discovered 2 weeks ago on Business Insurance

Incoming! Insurance Defense Lawyers Talk 'Nuclear Verdicts' |

There’s no doubt that recent years have seen a rise of jury awards across the tort claim spectrum,...

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Social Security Changes for 2020: Raises, COLA, Taxes, Benefits

Each year, those saving for and living in retirement should check up on their Social Security accounts and be aware of what changes are coming in the new year. For Social Security, "the year ...

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The sky is not falling: Chapter 9 can help rescue and secure state and local pensions

If political leaders can set aside the heated rhetoric, there’s an opportunity to put troubled...

discovered 2 weeks ago on The Hill

Mother’s Day: Here is how a single mother can manage her finances efficiently

A single mother should make sure that her earnings are divided into spending, emergency funds, and...

discovered 2 weeks ago on MSN News


⇲ Congrats to Captain Chase Sebby on being selected to the Division 1 Cosida All-District Academic Team. Chase earned a 4.0 this semester and already has earned a Actuary Science Degree and is working on a Master’s in Statistics. Way to go Chase!

⇲ Social media has been great for human interaction and freedom of expression. But is has also brought us challenges where everyone is an epidemiologist, philosopher, actuary, media mogul, political scientist and fitness expert. No lanes to stick to.

⇲ Quite a fascinating article from The Actuary. It answers the question of 'were people who died from covid-19 expected to die soon anyway due to their pre-existing conditions.' Looking forward to more updates.…

⇲ 2/. And. Just to help you along @theJeremyVine here is an actuary with more detailed data. Wonderful effort at misdirection from the Government, though. There’s always some biddable journalist that will swallow it.……

⇲ I don't get this argument. If you have a bachelor's degree in chemistry but work as an actuary you're not a chemist. If you have a law degree but do economics research you have experience as an economics researcher.

⇲ On the talk about co-morbidities and whether the older people were supposed to die this year or soon anyway. The Actuary penned quite an interesting piece in response to that. They call that claim false and very dangerous.

⇲ My inner actuary is comparing $35k for an ICU stay without intubation vs $10 for a shot

⇲ Table 1 shows demographic characteristics, compared to pneumonia caused by other viruses. More admissions in 10 weeks that 2017-19 combined! Groups at higher risk of needing ICU care include: - males - non-whites - more deprived groups (bottom 40%) - overweight/obese. /4

⇲ Multiemployer plan update: the House Dems have included a bailout program in their HEROES Act legislation.…. Ugh.

⇲ One for the hardcore #pensions Twitterati. Happy Barber Day! 🥳 🎈 🎉 It was 30 years ago today when the #pensions industry finally sorted out all those pesky equalisation issues... 🤔

⇲ Latest @ICNARC report was released last night. Here’s a summary on behalf of @ICS_updates and @COVID19actuary, with thanks to @NicolaMedical for holding virtual pen last week. Update includes 449 new patients (8,699 total); 717 new outcomes (6,860 total). Full report 👇. /1…

⇲ Beautiful.…

⇲ Climate scientist, mathematician and @CambridgeZero director @emilyshuckburgh talks about modelling the future impacts of climate change in our latest issue. Read the interview here:

⇲ I’m a fucking Atlantan, and I’m going to be a fucking actuary. My life is going to be so good, I can’t aksjdjjdje wait.

⇲ Dear people wearing their face masks below their noses: do you THINK that’s the right way, or do you not care?

⇲ 🤣🤣🤣🤣saw something similar on Reddit one time

⇲ My awesome team who were all out walking yesterday to raise money for @PancreaticCanUK @vach92 @jackielibdem @RMurphy_actuary @AlexWaite4 @cllrjanerutter @eleanorbell2015 @hantschronicle

⇲ Modeling for Public Policy: Forum: General Actuarial Posted By: campbell Post Time: 05-17-2020 at 10:44 AM

⇲ This cannot be #Covid19 death.




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