Alayah Emerges as the New Villain on ‘The Bachelor’

Last week on The Bachelor, Kelsey threw a fit after Hannah Ann “stole” a bottle of Champagne she was saving for Peter Weber. Here’s what went down on...

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The Bachelor Is In A “Genuine & Real” Crisis

“Cheers to being real as fuck,” Alayah Benavidez announces at the midpoint of her Bachelor “Week 3” rollercoaster. Victoria claims Alayah

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Alayah and Sydney Drama Dominates The Third “Bachelor” Episode

Bachelor.” With “Champagne-gate” drama in the past, the show’s attention turns to new rivals. In a...

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From The Bachelor Ashes Rises Alayah and All Her Drama

Just when The Bachelor contestants thought they'd seen the last of Alayah…she's back! It's safe to...

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Alayah Benavidez From 'The Bachelor' Actually Does Have Three Jobs

In one camp, there’s Alayah, who claims that she is, in fact, being "real" and that her feelings for...

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Who is ‘The Bachelor’ contestant Alayah Benavidez? 9 things to know

“The Bachelor” contestant Alayah Benavidez was the focus of last night’s episode, starting a...

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The Bachelor's Jasmine Praises Alayah as 'Nothing but Kind' After She Was Accused of Being Fake

The Bachelor‘s Jasmine Nguyen is praising fellow contestant Alayah Benavidez as “nothing but kind”...

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Peter Doubts Alayah’s Intentions After Lots of Red Flags on ‘The Bachelor’

Peter Weber battled doubts over whether Alayah had the right intentions during the Monday, January...

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'The Bachelor' recap: Sydney calls out Alayah in front of Peter, leading to a shocking elimination

On Monday's episode of ABC's "The Bachelor," Hannah Ann and Kelsey attempted to smooth things out...

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‘Bachelor’ 2020 power rankings: Sydney and Alayah monopolize Week 3

“The Bachelor” returned for Week 3 on Monday and, let’s be honest, it was a pretty boring episode....

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