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Amendment 1

(NYSE: AL) (the "Company") announced the pricing on November 26, 2019 of its offering of C$400...


Air Lease Corporation Announces Pricing of Offering of C$400 Million of Senior Unsecured Medium-Term...

(NYSE: AL) (the "Company") announced the pricing on November 26, 2019 of its offering of C$400...

discovered 7 months ago on TEST Business Wire Releases via Yahoo Finance

Donald Trump's Boast About Celebrating Women's Rights Gets The Treatment Online

The act instructs the Treasury Department to issue $1 coins commemorating the 1920 ratification of...

discovered 7 months ago on HuffPost via Yahoo News

McKelvey: A framework for true 2nd Amendment Sanctuary

1. Interposition — Interposition can be defined as “interference or intervention.” In government, it...

discovered 7 months ago on Roanoke Times

Hutchinson makes clear: Road-fix tax tops '20 list

Gov. Asa Hutchinson said Tuesday that his top 2020 campaign priority is winning voter approval for a proposed constitutional amendment to make permanent...

discovered 7 months ago on Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Feeney, other area lawmakers back $1.5B compromise education reform bill

Massachusetts lawmakers are closer to the landmark education bill that would add $1.5 billion to...

discovered 7 months ago on The Sun Chronicle

Clay County votes in favor of resolution to make area Second Amendment sanctuary

Commissioners in Clay County voted on Tuesday night in favor of a resolution to make the area a...

discovered 7 months ago on WJXT Jacksonville

Most Recent Amendment to the Groundfish Fishery Management Plan a Rare Source of Agreement

The Pacific Groundfish fishery is one of the most diverse fisheries that NMFS regulates and also one of the most litigated. This amendment closes a large amount of new areas ...

discovered 7 months ago on The National Law Review

Vaping in Las Vegas parks may soon be illegal

While city parks are at the crux of the discussion, the existing ban and amendment includes public plazas and recreational facilities as well. If passed,...

discovered 7 months ago on Las Vegas Review-Journal




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