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American Idol' Top 10


Sex Education: Every Episode In Season 2, Ranked (According To IMDb)

The popularity of Netflix's Sex Education only grew once season 2 came around. Here are all the...

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The Walking Dead: Did Thor's Hammer Mjolnir Make A Secret Cameo?

Did Mjolnir make a cameo in The Walking Dead?

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Summer TV 2020: ‘Perry Mason,’ ‘Hamilton,’ and 16 more shows worth staying indoors for

The production shutdown that began in March has already re-shaped how established shows look and...

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10 Things About The High School Musical Trilogy That Make No Sense

The High School Musical movies weren't particularly plot heavy, but we still can't help but feel...

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All of Rascal Flatts' Singles, Ranked

Over the course of a massively successful, two decade-long career, Rascal Flatts have become an essential part of the soundtrack to country music fans'...

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Game Of Thrones: Every Valyrian Steel Weapon From Least To Most Important, Ranked

Game of Thrones only features a handful of Valyrian Steel weapons, but the ones that appear are as...

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10 Most Impressive Box Office Records Broken By The Star Wars Saga

As one of the most profitable Hollywood franchises of all time, the Star Wars saga have been...

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Ryan Seacrest's Best Hosting Gigs, Ranked

One of the best-known faces in TV, Ryan Seacrest has been hosting for decades - but which were his best shows? This was one of three kids' game shows...

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