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How I’m Managing My Eating Disorder During Coronavirus

Registered dietitian, Alana Kessler, shares how managing her eating disorder, bulimia, adds an extra...

discovered 1 month ago on MSN News

Anxiety about food: Causes, disorders, and more

If a person has anxiety about food, it can lead to eating disorders or other mental health conditions. Learn about the causes and related disorders here.

discovered 1 month ago on Medical News Today

This Thyroid Disorder May Be A Marker For Covid-19 Infection

By now, many people may be familiar with loss of smell or taste or ”Covid toes” (red and sore toes)...

discovered 1 month ago on Forbes

Skinny Genes Tell Fat to Burn

A gene whose mutated form is associated with cancer in humans turns out to have a role in burning calories over a long evolutionary history.

discovered 1 month ago on Scientific American

Lily Collins Reflects on Internal Struggles in Moving Message

Lily Collins has a message for her younger self. Sharing a picture of herself from her 20s and...

discovered 1 month ago on E! Online

Low-Dose Erlotinib Effective in Frail Patients, Early Trial Suggests

Low-dose erlotinib is safe and effective in elderly or frail patients with EGFR mutation-positive non-small-cell lung cancer, a new single-arm phase-2 trial suggests.

discovered 1 month ago on Medscape

Expert on Gastrointestinal Symptoms on COVID-19 Patients

Expert and researcher available to comment on the first prospective case-control study of GI symptoms in COVID-19 patients. The study shows digestive issues might be an early symptom for people ...

discovered 1 month ago on Newswise

Teens are quitting TikTok amid rise in sickening pro-anorexia content

Teenage girls are quitting TikTok claiming they have see a rise in pro-anorexia content, it was...

discovered 1 month ago on Daily Mirror




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