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April Fools Jokes

ET has reached out to Hailey and Justin's reps for comment. "They want to be in the right place...'_Day


Is Hailey Bieber Really Pregnant? Justin Shares Photo From Doctor's Office on April Fools' Day

ET has reached out to Hailey and Justin's reps for comment. "They want to be in the right place...

discovered 7 months ago on Entertainment Tonight via Yahoo News

5 teens arrested for trespassing at Ikea day before April Fools’; the jokes naturally come rolling...

Last night, news got out about a bunch of teenagers trespassing at Ikea Tampines. Perhaps the youths...

discovered 7 months ago on Coconuts Singapore via Yahoo News Singapore

3 Cringe-Worthy April Fools’ Day Jokes in the Cryptosphere

It’s April 1st, and the crypto space is again rife with April Fool’s jokes that could impact some...

discovered 7 months ago on CCN via Yahoo Finance

April Fools: The best jokes from the car industry

In the land down under, they’re big fans of the Toyota HiAce — a commercial vehicle that has just been revealed in its ninth-generation. Land Rover...

discovered 7 months ago on PA Motoring via Yahoo News UK

#PappuDiwas: BJP Hits Back After Congress Celebrates April Fools' Day With #HappyJumlaDivas

Shot and posted in a Breaking News format, the video took several shots at the ruling party and...

discovered 7 months ago on News18 via Yahoo News India

Justin Bieber Says He Didn't Mean to Offend Those Who Can't Have Children With April Fools' Prank

"[Justin's] parents were young when they had him," the source said of Pattie Mallette and Jeremy...

discovered 7 months ago on ET Online

Justin Bieber Apologized for Pretending Hailey Baldwin Was Pregnant on April Fools' Day

After riling up the Internet with a photo of a sonogram, and then again later by revealing it was...

discovered 7 months ago on W via Yahoo News

All of the Celebrity April Fools' Jokes, From Justin Bieber to Jennifer Garner

Garner started the day off by announcing the release of an upcoming book titled Bless Your Heart,...

discovered 7 months ago on W via Yahoo News


⇲ Is this an out of season april fools joke? OF ALL THE THINGS TO FIGHT AGAINST AND ITS VOICE CHAT???????? It's not like I wanted to talk to my squad in a FPS game when its 1v4 with 30 seconds on the clock

⇲ i could possibly see him do a joke episode 1 of a Sticker Star playthrough for April Fools like the Mega Man lp, except instead of breaking character by swearing,poor quality etc. he breaks character by praising everything as if he’s held at gunpoint

⇲ Remember that April fools day when Jimin exposed namjin and Nj "confirmed" on fancafe?😂 idk if the other was a joke by armys or Namjoon really joined in the joke, fancafe armys pls tell me🥺

⇲ maybe it’s a late april fools joke.... yk....

⇲ pls i miss sope so much,, open the hwagae market again!!! years ago they used the hwagae disbandment as their april fools joke,, i guess it wasn’t a joke after all 😭😭 nO

⇲ so uh @gracey_skyler jokes on you for telling @little_sabs and i not to be friends on april fools day🥰

⇲ is this supposed to be an out of seson april fools joke?

⇲ So, umm, my April Fools joke came true. Carlos Sainz has been confirmed at Ferrari today for 2021...

⇲ This better just be an out of season April Fools joke or be made out to sound a bajillion times worse than it really is lol

⇲ Ever since @CoinMarketCap did the toilet paper coin April fools joke, I just can't unsee the "butt graph" everywhere. 😂

⇲ the best part about this is that it proves that thing about the new paper mario game and 3d mario ports wasn't actually fake or an early april fools joke which is very very good

⇲ late april fools joke?

⇲ i’m still not convinced these last four years aren’t an april fools joke

⇲ Y’all it was a joke‼️ April Fools‼️…

⇲ I hope that Unreal demo on PS5 and Ubisoft Valhalla are April fools jokes a bit late and actually there will be no 30 fps games on Series X.

⇲ 🤦‍♀️"Meghan Markle poised to become the most positive influence in the world"? WHAT?? Probably 1 of the most ludicrous statements I've read! Is this article for real? Were they drinking HEAVILY when they wrote this? An April fools May? WTAF🙄…

⇲ Fucking unreal. This guys really is the epitome of stupidity. It still feels like some sort of April fools joke with no punchline. Like I'm still waiting for someone to pop up and tell me it was all a bad dream.


⇲ as she gave me a lopsidedly prepared luggage. it was my favourite, the old leather one that my grandpa left me, with bunch of stickers on it. i checked the date, thinking this was an april fools joke even though i knew it was the middle of march. my mom was still




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