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Asian Markets


Asian wet markets still ‘filthy’ despite coronavirus pandemic, PETA video shows

A shocking graphic video posted on Twitter this week shows conditions in Asian “wet markets” haven’t changed despite a coronavirus pandemic that has killed ...

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GLOBAL MARKETS-Asian stocks set to rise on optimism of post-lockdown recovery, stimulus

GLOBAL MARKETS-Asian stocks set to rise on optimism of post-lockdown recovery, stimulus

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Asian markets inch higher as pandemic worries continue to weigh on investors

Asian shares rose Friday as markets meandered on news about economies reopening, mixed with worries...

discovered 1 week ago on MarketWatch

Stocks Rally As Restrictions Ease And Death Rates Drop

Asian equity markets rallied Monday as traders looked past a staggering jump in US job losses to...

discovered 1 week ago on International Business Times

Asian Markets Mostly Lower

Asian stock markets are mostly lower on Wednesday following the negative cues overnight from Wall Street amid fears the easing of lockdown restrictions...

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Southeast Asian Drug Markets Are Booming Amidst The Coronavirus Pandemic

The United Nations’ drug crimes agency released a report on Friday that detailed the alarming growth...

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GLOBAL MARKETS-Asian shares inch higher, new wave of infections a worry - ZA

Asian shares followed Wall Street higher on Monday as investors looked ahead to more countries...

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REFILE-GLOBAL MARKETS-Asian stocks drop as virus recovery begins to look distant

REFILE-GLOBAL MARKETS-Asian stocks drop as virus recovery begins to look distant

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⇲ Needed to make a trip to the Asian market & ended up buying my parents some goodies since there’s no Asian markets in Cape Cod, along w some reusable masks that were long overdue to be sent. Ultimate care package.❤️💌

⇲ Oh look despite the screams of 'racism' of the liberal/left pc correct crowd, Bryan Adams was right!! Asian wet markets still ‘filthy’ despite coronavirus pandemic, PETA video shows #FoxNews

⇲ U.S. job losses keep mounting, and many of the unemployed can’t get benefits. Roughly 1 in 4 people who had jobs in February were unemployed by the end of April, 2 economists said in a report.

⇲ okay this is the last time ill post myself i just feel good today but the asian market was sold out of boba ice cream bars😠

⇲ Packed up my dorm fast as hell and went to the Asian and Latin markets; bye Cville

⇲ Asian markets really holding up.

⇲ Before grocery shopping vs after going to Walmart and the Asian market ☺️

⇲ VEGETARIANS. There's lots of good frozen fake meats in your Asian shop. Diff veggies like lotus roots, yams, to make your food more exciting. I'll even let the yts get take this tip but just don't stand in my way in the Asian markets k?!

⇲ COVID won’t stop us from supporting our local Asian ran Grocery Markets. ✌🏾

⇲ Opportunistic Chinese buyers rush to exploit plunging Australian house prices during the coronavirus pandemic ..Melbourne is regarded as the most popular city in Australia for Asian buyers, followed by Sydney and Brisbane…

⇲ I may have got carried away at the Asian market 😬😬😬

⇲ Tell me this why tf are you going to attack my old man in an asian market, and he be one of the guys helping out with this shit with his scrubs on. He’s a fucking pinoy nurse pushing 60 and you finna do him dirty? Fucking racist ass.

⇲ i don’t know how to act whenever i go to the asian market 😭🤩

⇲ I won’t ever get over my love for vegan instant noodles from the Asian market

⇲ Meet our VIce Chair, Aneesha! Aneesha’s hope for The Punjabi Market is to regenerate a space that brings together community, fosterings feelings of care and belonging, as well as for South Asian folks to have a space in Vancouver that allows them to connect to their cultures.

⇲ At an Asian market in Dallas. EVERYONE is wearing a mask. Customers, workers, everyone. Go to my neighborhood non Asian market, I’d say less than half are wearing mask. 🤷🏼‍♀️

⇲ Yeah. The Asian Coalition leader called him Racist "standard Liberal number 1 argument" and said she felt threatened enough when outside. Wtf. He didn't name Chinese Canadians or the People in general. He nailed the Bat Eaters and the disgusting Wet Markets. Truth hurts.

⇲ instagram liked it, here's yesterday's #ootd a girl at the asian market told me my outfit made her happy 🥺💕

⇲ Everyone over here posting the Trader Joe’s ube ice cream acting like it’s a rare flavor... if y’all don’t take your ass to the asian market and get some damn Magnolia 😤




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