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Asteroids are minor planets, especially of the inner Solar System. Larger asteroids have also been called planetoids. These terms have historically been applied to any astronomical object orbiting the Sun that did not resolve into a disc in a telescope and was not observed to have characteristics of an active comet such as a tail. As minor planets in the outer Solar System were discovered that were found to have volatile-rich surfaces similar to comets, these came to be distinguished from the objects found in the main asteroid belt. In this article, the term "asteroid" refers to the minor planets of the inner Solar System, including those co-orbital with Jupiter. Millions of asteroids exist, many the shattered remnants of planetesimals, bodies within the young Sun's solar nebula that never grew large enough to become planets. The vast majority of known asteroids orbit within the main asteroid belt located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, or are co-orbital with Jupiter.


OSIRIS-REx team sets Oct. 20 date to swipe samples from asteroid Bennu

The university-led OSIRIS-REx mission has set an Oct. 20 date for the spacecraft to reach down and...

discovered 2 days ago on Arizona Daily Star

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Will Touchdown On Asteroid Bennu A Bit Later Than Planned

Since then, the spacecraft has been performing various objectives of its mission and has discovered...

discovered 2 days ago on Mashable

NASA finally sets date for tricky Osiris-Rex touchdown on asteroid Bennu

On Oct. 20, NASA's Osiris-Rex spacecraft will touch asteroid Bennu in an attempt to snag a sample of...

discovered 2 days ago on CNET

NASA Asteroid Tracker: 6 NEOs To Approach, Zip Past Earth This Weekend

NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) is currently monitoring six asteroids that are expected to visit Earth’s neighborhood this weekend. The largest

discovered 2 days ago on International Business Times

NASA Tracker: 4 Asteroids To Fly Past Planet On Friday

NASA’s automated asteroid tracking system has detected four near-Earth objects that are currently approaching the planet. NASA’S Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS ...

discovered 2 days ago on International Business Times

NASA says a huge asteroid the size of Big Ben will skim past Earth tomorrow

A huge asteroid is set to zip past our planet tomorrow, NASA has revealed. The asteroid, dubbed 2020 JX is estimated to measure between 46 and 100 metres ...

discovered 2 days ago on Daily Mirror

A New Kind Of Asteroid Has Been Found With A Comet-Like Tail In Jupiter’s Orbital Path

What do you get if you cross an asteroid with a comet? Not the funniest of punchlines, but...

discovered 2 days ago on IFLScience

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Will Grab Its Asteroid Sample, But A Little Later Than Planned

NASA’s first asteroid sample return mission, called OSIRIS-REx, is approaching a crucial phase of...

discovered 2 days ago on IFLScience




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