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Biggest Loser Winner


Winners and losers from the transfer portal

The college football offseason is far from complete. Given that it’s transfer portal week at 247Sports, we figured this would be a good time to examine...

discovered 2 weeks ago on 247Sports

WWE Money in the Bank: The Otis and Asuka possibilities after fun PPV

New Day remains one of the few tag teams that gets extended championship runs. Big E hit the Big...

discovered 2 weeks ago on New York Post

'The Last Dance': Michael Jordan, Isiah Thomas rank as biggest winners; Jerry Krause among losers

If you were already well versed in Bulls and Jordan history, and came into this looking for new...

discovered 2 weeks ago on CBS Sports

The World’s Largest Retailers 2020: Walmart, Amazon Increase Lead Ahead Of The Pack

Walmart jumped 10 spots to No. 19 on Forbes' Global 2000 list of the world’s biggest public...

discovered 2 weeks ago on Forbes

Stocks Slide About 2%, Ending NASDAQ's Six-Day Run

Tune in to this “must-see” event when Kevin Matras, David Bartosiak, Dr. John Blank and Sheraz Mian discuss the investment landscape from several angles....

discovered 2 weeks ago on

'The Last Dance' winners, losers: Scottie Pippen takes biggest loss after refusing to enter 1994...

"The Last Dance" -- ESPN's 10-part documentary chronicling the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls -- hit a high...

discovered 2 weeks ago on CBS Sports

Bryce Harper proposes plan to save MLB season: Breaking down five key points

Bryce Harper has had a lot of time to think while quarantining during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the...

discovered 2 weeks ago on Sporting News

Barnwell: Picking 20 NFL offseason winners and losers, from Lock to Dak

Let's start with a trio of young quarterbacks from the 2019 draft, all of whom are leaving the...

discovered 2 weeks ago on ESPN


⇲ Tonight’s debate. 1) Biggest winner 2) Biggest loser

⇲ Which country has the sloppiest ineffective social distancing and least lockdowns? USA 🇺🇸 is the winner again, and biggest loser in public health mitigation & containment efforts. But UK 🇬🇧 is not far 2nd. Meanwhile, Italy 🇮🇹 France 🇫🇷 @ Spain 🇪🇸 are much more adherent. #COVID19

⇲ The biggest loser is a loser who thinks he’s a winner. #TrumpIsALoser

⇲ I'm sure my read on the #DemDebate will be wildly unpopular but I'm #UnbossedUnfiltered so I'm saying it anyway. Big winners: Trump, Sanders, Buttigieg. Biggest loser: Klobuchar. It was a slugfest but even a shitty Bloomberg performance won't be a KO. 🎥

⇲ Awards Time..Winners Top Stalker-PVO for 24hr surveillance of the PM Best Lie-Waleed “We had an issue with the audio” Biggest Loser-Shorten Worst calls-Fitz..0 right Most deluded-Greens Fakest News-Guardian,ABC Top elitist-Caro Most boring-Albo Worst Losers-Lefties 👏🏻 #auspol

⇲ John Paxson might be the biggest winner of #TheLastDance so far, and we haven’t even gotten to the 93 Finals yet Biggest loser...Krause, Thomas, and Carlisle? #TheLastDance

⇲ Just wanted to remind you that The Biggest Loser is still a competition where the winner is determined based on the scale so STFU about it being some holistic lifestyle change. It’s 2020 and there’s still an entire show humiliating fat people. Cool. So much progress. 🙄

⇲ Results are final! No surprise. The "winner" of the coveted Biggest Loser trophy is @joe_black1509. Thank you for providing never-ending delusion, irrelevancies, and other low-IQisms that have given us much laughter during COVID-19. Please don't get suspended (again).

⇲ Let's have some fun with 2020 Predictions: BTC Low: BTC High: Top 5 by marketcap EOY 2020: Biggest winner: Biggest loser: Biggest surprise:

⇲ OPINION: In Feb 2019, I wrote that the political mess and the very public divisions within ABC had resulted in a fertile ground for DC to manipulate the situation in its favour. Today, ABC collapsed its own govt, the biggest winner will be DC. Technically, biggest loser is ABC.

⇲ Hey #RevokedGang Biggest Loser @PixelbyPixelStu MARBLE GIVEAWAY! Starts at 530ET Winner (Biggest Loser) gets a 50/50 Stake @ACR_POKER $60K GTD Dec 29👀🍀 Come check it out👇

⇲ Biggest Winner of MLB Quarantine: Houston Astros Biggest Loser: Blake Snell

⇲ " have to find your identity back in Christ" - Biggest Loser winner Michelle Aguilar Whitehead: How she finds purpose/worth beyond weight loss: New short film from I Am Second releases prior to premier of the newly revamped hit TV show…

⇲ Who is the biggest culprit in this crisis? Who is the biggest loser in this crisis? Who is the biggest winner in this crisis? Why do we even need this crisis?

⇲ This game is all about self control which laadla Sidharth has failed in, from day 1 He did everything which a winner isn't supposed to do - in fact, he has zero winner qualities THE BIGGEST LOSER GOT TO BE THE WINNER #BB13Finale #BiggBoss13 #BB13 #AsimRiaz #MyWinnerAsim

⇲ Christian 'Biggest Loser' winner on finding worth beyond the scale, purpose in motherhood…

⇲ The biggest loser is the one who can't stay put with current partner and keep changing. The singles who has been supporting a living as an independent person is the winner afterall. Same victory to those who can STAY through thick and thin with their spouse.…

⇲ Top 10 Cryptocurrencies prices during the past hour The biggest winner of the hour was Ethereum $ETH, reaching a price of $201.56; an increase of 0.41% Tether $USDT was the biggest loser, it has dropped to $0.999816708, representing a loss of -0.03%

⇲ Top 10 Cryptocurrencies prices during the past 24 hours The biggest winner of the day was EOS $EOS, reaching a price of $2.64; an increase of 1.47% Bitcoin $BTC was the biggest loser, it has dropped to $9,393.42, representing a loss of -2.25%




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