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Bill Nye Debate


State of the union: Dreamers, Trump critics and #MeToo will be in audience

In keeping with tradition, the White House and congressional lawmakers have invited guests to help...

discovered 6 months ago on The Guardian via Yahoo News UK

'The Big Bang Theory's Most Epic Guest Stars

Over the course of The Big Bang Theory's 12-season run, plenty of famous faces have ventured to Pasadena, Caltech, the Cheesecake Factory and the...

discovered 8 months ago on ET Online

Planetary Society hails ‘mission success’ after LightSail 2 solar sail raises its orbit

This image was taken during the LightSail 2 sail deployment sequence on July 23. It may be “mission...

discovered 8 months ago on GeekWire via Yahoo Finance

The 25 Most-Read Inverse Science Stories of 2017 Are Wild, Wonderful & Strange

To celebrate a strange and sensational year in science, here are the 25 science stories that Inverse...

discovered 8 months ago on Inverse via Yahoo News

Neil deGrasse Tyson Backlash Is Proof He Should Not Be the Only Famous Scientist on TV

As a popularizer of science, Tyson introduced audiences to the wonders of the universe with an...

discovered 8 months ago on Indiewire via Yahoo News

Republican Candidates Ignore the Biggest Climate-Change Warning Yet

Senate this cycle, barely a handful are on record as believing in climate change, much less in...

discovered 8 months ago on The Daily Beast

Of Course Justin Bieber Is Into Crocs Now

Justin Bieber is a master of baggy, oversize fits. He's the undisputed king of slouchy shorts. But, perhaps most delightfully, he's also an aficionado of...

discovered 8 months ago on GQ via Yahoo News

German police union chief slams NYE 'safe zone' for women

Year's Eve party for designating a special "safety area" for women, saying it suggests they aren't safe from assault elsewhere. The comments by Rainer Wendt, who heads the right-leaning DpolG ...

discovered 8 months ago on Business Insider UK


⇲ And the writers are ready to debate them if asked.

⇲ I don't want a high-school style "debate" at all. I want to actually figure something out. You claim that the video shows large accelerations. I claim it does not. Is this a "debate" topic? No, it's something that can be mutually investigated and resolved.

⇲ True, but neither of you can resolve anything. You can debate why you have different views given your independent investigations, but neither you nor Robert are experts on these systems. SCU based their findings on expert opinion. Because... #ExpertiseMatter

⇲ If it were a conspiracy, we would. The debate regarding earths climate sensitivity is still unsettled.…

⇲ @briancoxlive could you weigh in on this debate?

⇲ @SithOtaku @MindfulDamage @Elishabenabuya @amateurexegete @paulogia0 @BillNye @CosmicSkeptic Debate forum. Friendly invite.

⇲ Yeah, but they were obviously not consulted correctly. The camera loses lock due to to lens changes. This is blatant and inarguable. You see the reticle expand because it's lost the lock. This isn't something you need to debate, or rely on bad questions you asked experts. Fix it

⇲ Why should one historically rare flood influence climate debate?

⇲ Reminds me of that Bill Nye vs Creationist debate years ago. When asked "What would get you to change your stance?" Bill Nye: "Evidence & Data" Creationist: "Nothing" That about sums up how most "debates" end.

⇲ Robert Powell with @ExploreSCU did offer to debate @MickWest, btw. However Mick only wanted to debate the one video and not the case as a whole. I think it is important to note that the SCU report includes interviews with experts who know those systems.

⇲ IS WATER WET 💦👀 @BillNye THE 2020 DEBATE #2020debate starts now

⇲ I got it, a rhetorical. I live near the "Creation Museum" so unfortunately it's actually more of a debate around here.

⇲ We need open & rational debate about the FACTS & the REAL cause of the bushfires - ARSONISTS. We need to jail/lock up Arsonists & we need policy reforms so we can clear debris from our forests/private land without restraints from unworkable Green/UN red tape adopted by councils.

⇲ They don't have to. It's not a debate. On the one hand you have science. On the other hand we have you lot. What's to debate? You want a debate? Join a fucking debating club. Meanwhile, the scientists will get on with the science while you continue to be an idiot.

⇲ It would not be a high-school style "debate" at all Mick. Collegiate style. It allows for an exchange of view points without personal issues being involved. Those watching can see the issues evolve and can judge for themselves whether this incident proves high accelerations.

⇲ Please don't get this stupid fucking debate started again. No one cares.

⇲ @BillNye please settle this debate…

⇲ Intriguing - but I'd be more persuaded to hear a debate; is there a good one to look at?

⇲ Oh, so you grew up evangelical? Name every moment of the televised Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham debate.




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