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Bills Vs Browns


What happens in an NFL season without quarterbacks? We broke 'Madden' to find out

The quarterback is undoubtedly the most important position in football. How would teams react if...

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Steelers Coach Paid James Harrison for Violent Hit

Former Steelers linebacker James Harrison has had his share of fines in the NFL for vicious hits. Harrison admitted that coach Mike Tomlin handed him “an...

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2020 NFL schedule takeaways, power rankings and more

The 2020 NFL schedule is out, and there are significant takeaways for every division. Here's our top 10 heading into the summer. 10. Chicago catches an...

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Looking at the best revenge games for 2020 - ProFootballTalk

With the “when” now attached to the “who” and the “where” of the 2020 regular season (and setting...

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Running Back Battles to Monitor (2020 Fantasy Football)

Whether you’re new to fantasy football or a seasoned pro, our Fantasy Football 101: Strategy Tips & Advice page is for you. You can get started with 10 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Fantasy Football ...

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Week 1 NFL bets: 7 picks our staff made right after the 2020 schedule release

Our staff has already made picks for seven Week 1 games. Let’s dive in.

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Can the Dallas Cowboys run an unprecedented 5-team Bird Gauntlet?

The Dallas Cowboys will face all five NFL teams with bird nicknames this year. Can “America’s Team”...

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2020 NFL schedule: Top 5 Thursday night games to watch

Football is back and fans can expect to see some of the best NFL rivalries and interesting matchups during Thursday Night Football. Fans will get to experience a Thanksgiving grudge match between ...

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⇲ Browns are 5-5 vs Bills since 2000. Both have been horrendous. Bills better of late

⇲ In 1988, I moved to WNY from Mass. I was only 8. In Jan, 89, at a family get together, everyone was watching the Bills vs Browns. My uncle, Paul, told me that the Bills are, “our” team. First football game I remember watching. Bills are one of the most important things in my life

⇲ QB Ravens RB Ravens WR1 Diggs vs M brown Bills WR2 J Brown vs Snead Bills WR3 Beasley vs Boykin Bills TE Ravens OT Ravens OG Bills OC Bills Bills have best WRs and IOL but ravens have better QB, better RB ( for now could change), Better TE and OT

⇲ I present my compilation titled “Toronto vs The 90s.” The project was inspired off concept mixtapes from the past such as @addypapa’s “Bridging The Gap” series, @djcharlieb “Brown Bills” series and @djchristylz……

⇲ @JonathanTurley… How is this not a Bill of Attainder? See U.S. vs Brown 381 U.S. 437 (1965) @Snowden @ACLU

⇲ Lessons: James needs a hat, internet is wonderful thing. And a friendly wager was made between Joe Brown and James...Patriots vs bills loser has to wear a jersey of the winning team and throw out first pitch. Potential jersey day next year maybe rivalry day…

⇲ Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (Madden NFL 20) live at

⇲ #MAYhem Day 2 starting Lineups Jets vs Lions Texans vs Bears Bills vs Dolphins Steelers vs Titans Broncos vs Eagles Bucs vs Colts Chargers vs Browns Chiefs vs Rams Stream Live Here 📺 Odds @bookmaker_eu / ▶️

⇲ Biden wrote the patriot act and the 1994 crime bill which started the mass incarceration of the black and brown communities. Biden is in the pocket of big pharma fossil fuel just to name a few. Biden vS Trump is a mockery to our election.

⇲ 1 o’clock slate: -Falcons (+1) vs Seahawks -Bills (-6.5) vs Jets -Lions (+1) vs Bears -Vikings (-3.5) vs Packers -Pats (-7.5) vs Dolphins -Redskins (+5) vs Eagles -Panthers (+1) vs Raiders -Jags (+6.5) vs Colts -Ravens (-7.5) vs Browns

⇲ 3rd & 4: The Browns bring 7 vs the 6 Bills blockers. Allen opts to go deep to Brown but misses that Beasley is wide open at the 30 yard line. With one timeout left going to Beasley would've made it a more manageable FG to tie the game

⇲ If any old timers want some nostalgia, or any youngsters want to learn about the Bernie days, watch this replay of the Browns-Bills 1989 playoff game. If you're too busy, then just watch the incredible @EricMetcalf21 at 1:50. The man was a god.…


⇲ Hello, this is Lance Russell with Dave Brown and boy do we have a match for you today. Superstar Bill Dundee vs Elvis 'Jailhouse Rockin' Presley. Today, Jimmy Hart is in Dundee's corner and Col Tom Parker is in Elvis' corner. We'll be right back after these messages.

⇲ #NFL division dogs week 1 since 2014 21-5-1 ATS 4-1 ATS last season Week 1 Division Dogs Browns +8.5 @ Ravens Dolphins +6.5 @ Pats Jets +6.0 @ Bills Redskins +6.5 vs Eagles Bears +1.5 @ Lions Jags +7.0 vs Colts Packers +3.5 @ Vikes Cards +8.0 @ 49ers Bucs +4.0 @ Saints


⇲ 6.browns vs 3. Bills 5. Titans vs 4 colts, 1. Ravens vs 5. Titans, 2. Chiefs vs 3. Bills, 1. Ravens vs 2. Chiefs RAVENS. 6. Seattle vs 3. Dallas 5. Bucs vs 4. Pack 1. Niners vs 5. Bucs 2. Saints vs 3. Dallas 1. Niners vs 2. Saints SAINTS. SAINTS vs RAVENS. SAINTS - SB champs

⇲ lake erie loser bowl: buffalo bills vs cleveland browns. vs. may the best team lose. #draftpositioning

⇲ Watching nfl network bills vs patriots playback from last year.. didn’t realize John brown was as fast and as good of a route runner as he is.. if josh Allen takes a step and the offense can get more consistent that team could really be something for years to come.. #joshallen




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