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Billy Crystal Oscars 2012


RANKED: The 18 best Oscar hosts of all time

The only thing that can top it is hosting The Academy Awards - something only a select few have accomplished. The show featured tons of bits that seemed...

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Hart steps down as Oscars host after outcry over tweets

Just two days after being named host of the Academy Awards, Kevin Hart stepped down following an...

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The Last Oscars Without a Host Was Nuts

Yesterday it became official: This year’s Oscars broadcast would go on without a host. The status of who would MC the 2019 Academy Awards had been in...

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The nine Oscars hosts who gave the most

Whoopi Goldberg delivers her opening monologue dressed as Queen Elizabeth I at the 1999 Oscars. The Oscars were first held 90 years ago this May, and in...

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From Whoopi to Ellen DeGeneres, Every Oscars Host of the Last 30 Years

ICYMI, the Oscars have been dealing with quite a bit of controversy — namely after comedian Kevin...

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Oscars 2019: Who Will Host Now? The 10 Most Likely Candidates — Including No Host At All

Arts and Sciences just announced that Kevin Hart would be hosting the 2019 Oscars this Tuesday,...

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From Crystal to Kimmel, these are the most memorable Oscars hosts of all time

Many hosted on their own, while others co-hosted with fellow actors, musicians, or other Hollywood...

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Oscars 2019: Enter the Shallowverse

The unquestioned highlight of the 2019 Oscars: Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, stealing the show with“Shallow.” It was bittersweet as the final “Shallow”...

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