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Blue Ivy Carter Photos


Gender reveal stunt gone wrong led to small plane crash in Texas

Texas occurred when the pilot’s crop-duster stalled out after dumping hundreds of gallons of pink...

discovered 6 months ago on The Shreveport Times


⇲ that WHAT?

⇲ the way I just woke up my toddler screaming... I have no choice but to sue you.

⇲ I took this yesterday and I just really like it. Hair flourishing. I love this dress. Just cute.

⇲ Absolutely! Recently I purchased a book I saw in the library at my job (a school) regarding a woman that escaped and told her story, the only 18th century enslaved person to do so. It’s so good already.

⇲ Where is the correlation

⇲ Legends

⇲ like...

⇲ Just posted a photo…

⇲ not you coming for a dead woman’s eyebrows

⇲ girl

⇲ Blue Ivy Carter


⇲ Well fellas?

⇲ ma’am. pls.

⇲ Not surprised as I’m a Scorpio sun, moon, mercury and Pluto and a Leo rising.

⇲ Blue Ivy Carter, 8 aninhos. 07/01

⇲ the only person that could ever go against beyoncé in one of them lil' versus is blue ivy carter and that'll be twenty years from now. 🗣️

⇲ I have informations that could lead to the arrest of Blue Ivy Carter.




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