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Bob Newhart

The Golden Age of Television has been studded with antiheroes: Frank Underwood, Walter White, the nameless character at the heart of Fleabag. In the...


This Moment Calls for Some ’80s Television

The Golden Age of Television has been studded with antiheroes: Frank Underwood, Walter White, the nameless character at the heart of Fleabag. In the...

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Fred Willard, Legendary Comedian and Star of 'A Mighty Wind', Has Died at 86

Following the passing of Jerry Stiller this past week, the world has unfortunately lost another...

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Fred Willard Dies: Comedy Icon of Christopher Guest’s ‘Best in Show’ and ‘A Mighty Wind’ Was 86

The news was first shared by Jamie Lee Curtis, wife of Christopher Guest, on Twitter. “Thanks for...

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Bob Frisk: The Daily Herald's social media before there was social media

To truly appreciate Bob Frisk and what he meant to high school sports and the Daily Herald, all you...

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Fred Willard, 'Best in Show' and 'Modern Family' Star, Dead at 86

Hope Willard posted the news of her father's passing on Saturday afternoon after other stars began...

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Emmy-Nominated Comic Actor Fred Willard Dies At Age 86 -

Comic actor Fred Willard, who appeared in more than 1,000 television episodes and more than 70 films...

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Fred Willard, From “Fernwood” to Forever, a Comic Genius Who Shied Away from the Spotlight

Fred Willard was one of the greats. It wasn’t just that he was funny– he was– but he didn’t push it....

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Fred Willard, comedy legend from 'Best in Show' and 'A Mighty Wind,' is dead at 86

Legendary actor, writer, and comedian Fred Willard died on Friday at the age of 86. Willard's career...

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⇲ Four shows from one of TV’s golden ages that, IMO, easily stand the test of time: Mary Tyler Moore, All in the Family, The Bob Newhart Show, and Rhoda.

⇲ anyway I love that he's making such a career as a voice actor using literally just his normal boy speaking voice lol next I hope his stammering becomes a thing (like bob newhart lol) when he acts he speaks fluently but when he's just a boy he sounds like this

⇲ The exquisitely creepy clown paintings in Jerry’s office in the Bob Newhart Show

⇲ Hmmm. Did not know he's was born in the same hometown as the GOAT, Paul Newman. I remember him from 'Fernwood Tonight' with fellow Cleveland fan, Martin Mull. (he's also in old episodes of 'Bob Newhart', 'Get Smart', etc)…

⇲ Watching an episode of Bob Newhart and Howard brought over a black bowling ball and you can see the reflections of all the overhead studio lights in the ball. Haha. Kind of ruins the illusion of their swanky lakeside condo😁

⇲ Going through Fred Willard's extensively long IMDb page and he's been in sooo many things: Modern Family The Boondocks Community Fifty Shades of Black Wizards of Waverly Place Just Shoot Me Grim & Evil CITY GUYS The Love Boat This Is Spinal Tap Bob Newhart Show

⇲ Thinking about that old movie listing I RT'd this morning. Trying to remember what I saw @ what theater. Think I saw the Muppet Movie @ Gulf Gate, probably saw The Rescuers, that Disney film w/ Bob Newhart & Eva(?) Gabor @ Gulf Gate too...

⇲ Let's appreciate the amazing comedians still with us. I'll start: BOB NEWHART, deadpan master.

⇲ THE BOB NEWHART SHOW: The Hartley's lived in Chicago, and that's where the apartment building is in real life. Nestled right next to a popular beach, The Thorndale is located at 5901 N. Sheridan Avenue in Chicago's Edgewater neighborhood. #popculture #television #Chicago

⇲ People on late 60s, early 70s television CONSTANTLY drink coffee at night. We first noticed it while watching The Bob Newhart Show. Now, it's 10:30 p.m. on #RetroDoctors, and Maggie just poured herself and Althea some.

⇲ RIP Fred Willard. Goodness - he's been around since the Bob Newhart Show, The Love Boat, Roseanne, Mad About You & SO many other guest starring roles.

⇲ dana gould: let me put my thoughts in you the button-down mind of bob newhart jerry seinfeld: i’m telling you for the last time patton oswalt: my weakness is strong gilbert gottfried: dirty jokes……

⇲ 2. @CBS Saturdays 1973 8pm All in the Family 8:30pm MASH 9pm The Mary Tyler Moore Show 9:30pm The Bob Newhart Show 10pm The Carol Burnett Show

⇲ Yes, the weirdest. I had one were I was making out with young Bob Newhart. I wasn’t excited at all to be kissing him, but he seemed nice, plus I bet we would have had a fun conversation afterwards if I hadn’t woken up.

⇲ Suzanne Pleashette & Bob Newhart

⇲ “You… you say… you… You say your whole family can’t stand … can’t stand the Bob Newhart Show… Uh huh… and you… you think… you think it’s the worst show ever. And when it comes on… you… you have to do something else to avoid it…”

⇲ Lol how awful of a person/family do you have to be to not like Bob Newhart…

⇲ Fred Willard’s Tv credits INCLUDE: Get Smart Bob Newhart Show Laverne & Shirley The Love Boat Fame Golden Girls Murphy Brown Friends Family Matters Step By Step Murder She Wrote Roseanne Two Guys, A Girl... The Simpsons Just Shoot Me Family Guy Community Modern Family

⇲ Trying to watch the 1995 Bob Newhart episode of SNL... 25 years missing from what they want us to see.




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