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Body Count

A body count is the total number of people killed in a particular event. In combat, a body count is often based on the number of confirmed kills, but occasionally only an estimate. Often used in reference to military combat, the term can also refer to any situation involving a number of deaths, such as those of a serial killer. The military gathers such figures for a variety of reasons, such as determining the need for continuing operations, estimating efficiency of new and old weapons systems, and planning follow-up operations.


Man accused of murdering Yellow Springs man arraigned

The man who is accused of murdering another man in January and leaving his body near John Bryant...

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‘21 Bridges’ Review: Chadwick Boseman Hunts Cop Killers In An Engrossing Action Thriller

Boasting a strong star turn from Chadwick Boseman and a few subtle surprises, 21 Bridges is a...

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Count of Homeless Students in State Increases 2%

The U.S. Department of Education requires states to use a broader definition of homelessness than the federal housing authority, which typically means that tens of thousands more children are ...

discovered 6 months ago on US News & World Report

Donald Trump's body count: He's not just a narcissist and a liar. He's a killer

There was a moment early in the testimony last Wednesday by longtime diplomat and Army veteran Bill...

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How To Face An Anxiety Provoking Situation Like A Champion

Anxiety produces a variety of physical symptoms too, like sweaty palms and a rapid heartbeat....

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Suspect Charged After Body Found Wrapped in Tarp in Trunk of Abandoned Car

A convicted sex offender was charged Wednesday with killing a man whose body was found wrapped in a...

discovered 6 months ago on NBC San Diego

Mother whose fainting was put down to her veggie diet had cancer

Found in the red blood cells, haemoglobin transports oxygen around the body. As a result of her...

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Thankfully for you, WHOOP is now also available to the masses. Where other wearables monitor the...

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