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Care Bears

The Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions are both in need of a boost to their season as the two NFC North...


How to watch Chicago Bears vs. Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving: Live stream, TV channel, time

The Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions are both in need of a boost to their season as the two NFC North...

discovered 6 months ago on USA Today

Everything you need to know for NFL's Thanksgiving games: Breaking down 3 matchups

Thanksgiving signifies the return of a host of traditions — including a healthy serving of football....

discovered 6 months ago on USA Today

Trubisky’s 3rd TD pass lifts Bears to 24-20 win over Lions

DETROIT (AP) — Mitchell Trubisky threw a go-ahead, 3-yard touchdown pass to David Montgomery with...

discovered 6 months ago on MSN News

Bears Reserves Called Upon as Trubisky Targets

Tight end Jesper Horsted and wide receiver Riley Ridley could be through toiling in obscurity. The Bears simply have to hope both are toiling in the end...

discovered 6 months ago on Sports Illustrated

Bears have hope for the future amidst an underwhelming season

After the Bears’ 17-7 loss against the Rams, we can start to accept certain truths about this team....

discovered 6 months ago on 247Sports

Injuries deplete Chicago Bears receiving group

It's been difficult for Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky to get the offense moving this season, even under normal circumstances. This week's...

discovered 6 months ago on Centre Daily Times

Paul Edinger’s Christmas Eve 2000 kick helped change course of Lions history

It resonates again this week as another holiday meeting with the Chicago Bears beckons on Thursday....

discovered 6 months ago on Detroit News

New state report details health issues facing rural Missourians

MISSOURI, (Missourinet).– The Department of Health and Senior Services says accessing basic health ...

discovered 6 months ago on KOLR - KSFX Ozarks


⇲ misamo/j-line as we care bears; a (mini) thread

⇲ sebastian stan as care bears thread 🧸🧺

⇲ Kate Walsh as care bears; a thread

⇲ Moving compost today I expected to deal with lots of shit....but not having to pick through shit to take out garbage. Why did these people use everything as a damn dump!! Why are there Care Bears in the compost pile!! *screams*

⇲ taejin as care bears 🥺

⇲ "Welcome to Care-A-Lot, it'll be nice to have another cool cat like you around here!" "Gosh, thanks Proud Heart! I hope I don't get lost..." I had so much fun trying to make my art look like an old animation cel! The background I used is from the Care Bears Movie :'D

⇲ are you up to date on the latest update on care bears? wondering what care bears even is? check out this tweet and acc for more on that and follow to receive updates anytime something new comes out!🤍🤍…

⇲ vmin as the pink and blue care bears !!!! : a thread ✩ 💌

⇲ thinking about the time when i was a kid and i said "who cares" and got immediately owned by some girl who said "the care bears care" bc damn she was right

⇲ EVERYONE HAD THESE RIGHT? SURELY??? Care Bears were superior!!!!

⇲ i want more friends from different teams, like scream team, care bears, supremes! All teams like hit a bitch up i don’t bite..unless you’re into it ;)

⇲ keanu reeves as care bears ✨

⇲ MAMA BEAR WEEK! Some CB captains & me wanted to do something special for Annie! We are so excited for this week! :) Artbook on Blairxoxo<3 @AnnieMspxo @Team_CareBears

⇲ I loved watching care bears so much, but one thing that has always bothered me, is that this doesn't look like a horse?? at least to me.

⇲ Remember the Care-Bears? This is them now - feel old yet?

⇲ Alright once this is all over, Care Bears marathon at my house

⇲ Knowing what to care about, and the means to express it, is what it is to care. #carebears

⇲ A message from the Care Bears

⇲ •Nick Austin VERSION care bears;




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