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It’s easy to forget just how consistently, bracingly nasty The War of the Roses is, thanks in great...


The War of the Roses at 30: still one of the nastiest comedies of all time

It’s easy to forget just how consistently, bracingly nasty The War of the Roses is, thanks in great...

discovered 5 months ago on The Guardian via Yahoo News

Water woes and wonders at Design Miami

There was water, water everywhere … and lots of champagne to drink at the opening of the 15th annual Design Miami on Tuesday. Miami artist Emmett Moore’s...

discovered 5 months ago on Miami Herald via Yahoo News

From 1920 to 2020: This untouched house shows life 100 years ago

Deep in the heart of the Catskill Mountains in New York state lies a house virtually untouched by...

discovered 5 months ago on MSN News

Luxury developer hangs $4.8M chandelier above former homeless encampment

There’s a $4.8-million piece of public art hanging underneath a Vancouver, Canada, bridge, and...

discovered 5 months ago on FOX 5 San Diego

Late-night hosts mock Trump's response to NATO open mic moment - CNN Video

Trevor Noah, James Codren, Jimmy Fallon, and Jimmy Kimmel took turns poking fun at President Donald...

discovered 5 months ago on

$4.8 million spinning chandelier hangs under bridge in Vancouver, Canada - CNN Video

A $4.8 million dollar art instillation titled 'spinning chandelier' hangs under a bridge in...

discovered 5 months ago on

Canadians cringe at $4.8M chandelier over homeless encampment

It’s not even real crystal, but it’s apparently worth $4.8 million. And the item in question — a...

discovered 5 months ago on New York Post

What weighs 3,400 kilos, cost $4.8 million and hangs from a bridge? Vancouver's 'spectacular' or...

If you google “why public art matters,” you’ll find countless articles that wax poetic about how it...

discovered 5 months ago on MSN News


⇲ if u don't go back to swinging from that chandelier…

⇲ Chandelier - Sia 🎶 Singing while playing the piano at the same time🥺, her husky voice really gave this cover a whole other color

⇲ vintage lt305 lotus glass table lamp and a murano opalescent glass chandelier designed by carlo nason (1960s).

⇲ finally got over my fear of making a chandelier not too bad, 58 parts, (made of super low poly cylinders, thank you bee) kind of heavy on the particle emitters (35) but all are on rate 1 or 2.. and 10 billboard guis a big statement piece gotta splurge just a little 👷‍♀️

⇲ Issa rich girl world 💰 Newest addition to the website 🔥 S&M Chandelier

⇲ Things I’ve called timothee chalamet instead of timothee chalamet and my sister still knew who I was talking about -sippy cup charizard -fig tree hashbrown -teletubby landmine -troll time chandelier -tall teeth shooplanoop -cricket bee towel tray

⇲ i convinced my mom to buy this chandelier bc it looks like the one in Cinderella movie

⇲ they bet not hold this shjt in the practice room either i want jungkook doing the my time choreo under the crystal chandelier in their foyer

⇲ it’s been too quiet around this because i tried to drop a chandelier on @BanhcesOfOats that one time? 👻🥺

⇲ There are two seats in front of her and Taehyung slowly pulls the cape from over his shoulders, draping it over the back. The diamonds around his neck shine in the light of the high-hanging chandelier. He’s posturing, and he knows he’s right by the small smile on Taehyung’s lips.


⇲ I'm gonna swing from chandelier, from the chandelier 🎶 JourneysOfHope WithMAYMAY #MayWard @maymayentrata07 @Barber_Edward_…

⇲ this is how im watching #EuropeShineALight right now💙 you can see my birds on the chandelier #Eurovision #ShineALight @Eurovision

⇲ Me in the JYPE office pretending to be a chandelier to find out which member’s teaser releases tonight

⇲ 5 Facts 5 Tags 1. I'm gay 😉😚👉❤️💕 2. I'm addicted to singing 🎙️🎸🎶 3. low-key dance k-pop songs (Itzy's Wannabe tho...) 4. I'm good teasing ppl LMAOOOO 5. I'm interested on someone (hope she gay, too) @_noyasenpai @real_chandelier @lubAgucci @heykeiji @hpurglassx…

⇲ nice of boris to sit with a backdrop of a chandelier and a marble fireplace as he says let the working class work again and see if they die

⇲ “A ‘Chandelier’ can play a central, pivotal role in a room, or in a space. It anchors the space and allows the eye to expand around it.” –#Chihuly “Canyon Red Chandelier” (2007). © Chihuly Studio

⇲ Chandelier 🌙

⇲ just had a vision................ jongdae covering sia's chandelier on chentube




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