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Chinese New Year

So when the Sri Lankan government decided in 2002 to build a new port in Hambantota, China offered...


In Sri Lanka, China's Building Spree Is Raising Questions About Sovereignty

So when the Sri Lankan government decided in 2002 to build a new port in Hambantota, China offered...

discovered 6 months ago on NPR

Chinese 'slapping therapy' practitioner jailed for manslaughter

Chinese 'slapping therapist' Hong Chi Xiao, 56, (pictured) has been jailed...s mother via a group...

discovered 6 months ago on Daily Mail

Chinese officials lash out at US over new legislation

Chinese officials lashed out at the U.S. on Wednesday over recent legislation passed by Congress...

discovered 6 months ago on Miami Herald

Chinese Stocks and Currency Rally, so the Trade Truce Is For Real

The other interminable story that has dominated international news this year, the U.S.-China trade...

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2020 Chinese New Year Celebration to be held

Year of the Pig from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. on Feb. 1 at the Westbrook Performing Arts Center. This always popular and exciting event is in its 30th year and is ...

discovered 6 months ago on The Lewiston Sun Journal

Indian gold sold at discount as wedding demand disappoints

Dealers in India offered a discount of up to $2 an ounce on official domestic prices, compared to a...

discovered 6 months ago on Reuters via Yahoo Finance

Adidas Celebrates Chinese New Year With Tiger + Floral Embroidery

With the 2020 Chinese New Year still a few weeks away, it looks like Adidas’ yearly celebrations of...

discovered 6 months ago on Footwear News via Yahoo News

Wearable band shipments grew globally, driven by Xiaomi

Apple may dominate the wearable conversation here in the States, but things look a fair bit...

discovered 6 months ago on TechCrunch


⇲ + chenle said he misses home, but it’s okay because if he misses home too much he’d go back. 👤: have you not came back after chinese new year passed? 😸: even if i‘m free too, i can’t because of the pandemic, flight tickets are limited. 👤: what car do you want to buy? +

⇲ Gejia People has a long history and reveres traditional culture. Among their festivals, there's a special one as romantic as Valentine's Day in the west. From the first day to the fifth day of the Chinese New Year, Gejia People dance in a round of dozens of single men and women.

⇲ But China 🇨🇳 did try to hide the outbreak to preserve Chinese New Year celebrations. Dr.Li, founder of the virus prior to rampant outbreak was imprisoned by Communist China, who later was released, forced to make bogus confession then died from Covid.Truth hurt?

⇲ Want to go where kung fu movies were filmed in Baguio? Best time to go is Chinese New Year but they also have mini cultural festivals/shows on weekends.

⇲ 20.01.26 Sky Wongravee - Oriental Chinese New Year 2020 @ CentralPlaza Bangna #TheOrientalChineseMarket #skywongravee #mycloudy #สกายวงศ์รวี #ก้อนเมฆของสกาย #skyybeloved

⇲ The Nan Hua Buddhist Temple, in Bronkorspruit is the largest Bhuddist temple in Africa. It welcomes all religions/cultures to medidate and relax, or to join in the celebrations of the Chinese New Year, Festival of Lights and Peace and Dharma functions. #xploretshwane #NanHua

⇲ #lastnormalphoto with my mate at Chinese New Year celebrations. 😭😭

⇲ #lastnormalphoto Chinese New Year celebrations at my school. The last ‘normal’ event before restrictions started in Singapore in late January.

⇲ Posted most photos already, finding the #LastNormalPhoto is difficult. So, here's one from the Chinese New Year celebrations in Birmingham #SaturdayThoughts

⇲ If someone was confused,they are celebrating Chinese New Year and yes it is exactly January 25 2020 and not January 1,2020 #TheKingEternalMonarch

⇲ Some more wax. Donruss $56. Contenders $77 and 19-20 revolution Chinese New Year $115. Pull that Zion playas.

⇲ Seven lucky foods eaten in celebration of the Chinese New Year…

⇲ [eng trans] #陈宥维 风度mensuno q: what's your recently changed wallpaper? a: i never change it, but i recently changed my phone q: how much weight did you gain from staying at home during the chinese new year season? a: 3kg

⇲ United States / 1994 | Year of the Dog - Chinese New Year (29¢) | Postage Stamp…¢-Postage-Stamp-p200528276

⇲ about to crack some chinese new year to see who gets to put this nasty lil guy in their PC... maybe it grades out?! woooo

⇲ I got blob at chinese new year last year 😭😭😭 im really proud of him, he's currently my strongest soul (i know a lot of people say he's useless but i don't care, i love my blob) #foodfantasy

⇲ What’'s not to like about LARA Distributor ⁉️ 🔴Plastic Dragon Lantern Chinese New Year Decoration • 🔴 starting @ 🔵 Grab it here ▶️ 🔵

⇲ I Took this on Chinese New Year in London #lastnormalphoto

⇲ My last couple of work pics: a terrible photo of a tech rehearsal for a gorgeous Chinese New Year concert & a view of the house from the follow spot booth. #lastnormalphoto




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