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Christie Brinkley

Later, they went dancing at Studio 54 — an action on Simon’s part that Fisher would later tell The...


Carrie Fisher Told Paul Simon She Didn’t Like Him on Their Honeymoon

Later, they went dancing at Studio 54 — an action on Simon’s part that Fisher would later tell The...

discovered 2 weeks ago on InStyle

Michelle Pfeiffer, 62, Shares Photo From When She Was 37 & Fans Think She Looks The Same

Michelle Pfeiffer’s was hailed for her ageless beauty when she posted a throwback pic from 25 years...

discovered 2 weeks ago on HollywoodLife

Parks & Rec: Why Did Gayle Really Marry Jerry

It's ok, she wasn't hypnotized.

discovered 2 weeks ago on Screen Rant

Divorced From Drama: The 10 Most Stress-Free Celebrity Divorces

Typically, celebrity divorces involve a nasty battle played out in the public eye through the...

discovered 2 weeks ago on American Media

Nina Agdal and boyfriend Jack Brinkley-Cook kiss and cuddle in the gym

Nina has been regularly sharing her workout routines with fans on Instagram, though it seems she can...

discovered 2 weeks ago on Daily Mail

Billy Joel’s House: Where Wife Alexis Roderick & Their Kids Call Home

Billy Joel is slated to perform at Rise Up New York, a remote telethon that is raising awareness and...

discovered 2 weeks ago on

Robert De Niro’s House: Where the Actor Calls Home

Where does Robert De Niro call home?

discovered 2 weeks ago on

2020 TV premiere dates: When your favorite show returns, and your next one starts

Check out our calendar below to make sure you don't miss the return of your favorite series or the...

discovered 2 weeks ago on USA TODAY Entertainment via Yahoo News


⇲ christie brinkley fancam time

⇲ Uptown Girl is the best song about Christie Brinkley fight me

⇲ Christie Brinkley Fights Back Against Fake Ads and Products… via @DrOz

⇲ Just saw this on Amazon: Christie Brinkley Recapture 360 Night Cream, 1 fl oz/30mL by Christie Brinkle. via @amazon

⇲ I was night manager at NY Plaza. On night I did a check in and didn't recognize it was Christie Brinkley nor the little guy she checked in with. I thought she was a hooker. And the little guy picked up on it. As he got on the elevator he looked over at me with a big grin. 😀

⇲ Saw Christie Brinkley at the Flying Fish restaurant in Disney World…

⇲ I too have jerked off to Christie Brinkley

⇲ In 1976, I sold Christie Brinkley a pair of jeans.

⇲ christie brinkley can get a seniors discount and looks younger than me, a person who can get the student discount.

⇲ Riven is kind of like the Christie Brinkley of games in that it's inordinately beautiful but super out of my league.

⇲ If memory serves the lyrics we’re about his I’ll fated relationship with Christie Brinkley (who ended up marrying Billy Joel) - Or is that an urban myth?

⇲ Neighbors said Christie Brinkley used to live here 💁‍♀️ #homedecor #homefashion #interiordesign #home @ Fort Lauderdale, Florida…

⇲ Bill Joel going through his Christie Brinkley phase is all I ever needed to learn about men.

⇲ Many, many years ago I showed Billy Joel how to play a video game at a movie theater while Christie Brinkley looked on. I think the game was Robotron 2084

⇲ christie brinkley saying “and he’s gay” now i need to find a video of her saying “they’re” so she can call me gay

⇲ #christiebrinkley Just saw the blender misstep video. Is it my imagination or are you starting to look more like Kelly Ripa than your old self

⇲ "Life is to short not to have oysters and champagne sometimes" Christie Brinkley

⇲ Check out People Magazine Heather Locklear Christie Brinkley Hulk Hogan Jamie Lynn Spears via @eBay

⇲ Christian Bale felt defenseless upon seeing Christie Brinkley milking the puma in the water closet




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