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Cinco De Mayo History


Can American nationalism be saved?

Donald Trump uttered these words during his inaugural address to the nation on January 20, 2017. It was a clear distillation of his nationalist politics,...

discovered 6 months ago on Vox

PUEBLO'S QUIET STARS: Martinez family keeps the 'Fiesta' alive

Ray and Mary Lou Martinez were retired from the Colorado State Fair’s Fiesta Day Committee for 18...

discovered 6 months ago on The Pueblo Chieftain

For 2020 candidates, eating tacos is the kissing babies of stumping for Latino votes

There he was, another candidate with White House dreams, shaking hands and exchanging hugs in a...

discovered 6 months ago on Los Angeles Times

Boxing Isn't Dead...But Canelo May Need To Repair His Image |

Canelo Alvarez brought down over a million pay per view buys when he battled Gennady Golovkin...

discovered 6 months ago on Boxing Insider

Nuestras Madres, Lufkin ISD host Evento en Español

Lufkin ISD and the Nuestras Madres hosted Evento en Español to engage Spanish speakers in the community. The theme of the event was FIESTA — Familias que Inspiran Estudiantes a Ser Talentosos ...

discovered 6 months ago on The Lufkin Daily News

Great white sharks traveling south off Florida and into the Gulf of Mexico — for winter

A team of scientists roving the planet in search of large marine life has reported several "pings"...

discovered 6 months ago on Florida Today

A Preposterous Review

A Georgetown University professor named Charles King has reviewed my new book The Case for Nationalism for Foreign Affairs, and his review is a train...

discovered 6 months ago on National Review via Yahoo News


⇲ Brooo please. Both can be used interchangeably. Latino is geographic Hispanic is linguistic.…

⇲ Drunk Wrestling History is back and with our first WCW episode; Starrcade ‘89. Two round robins, the top stars in the company, dream matches, and a total disaster. You might need a few drinks for this one. Cheers! #drunkmarks #WCW #ricflair #SmackDown

⇲ You’re history is off. Do you know why we celebrate Cinco De Mayo?....Like do you? It has nothing to do with tacos btw🙄.

⇲ Just wanted to remind people Cinco De Mayo isn't Mexico's Independence Day that's on Sept 16th . Cinco de Mayo what is yesterday that's a peasant's rose up and fought against the army that was controlling the nation at the time sorry just wanted to give a history lesson

⇲ This art is from last week's 5/4-5/8 activities about the History & Origins of Cinco de Mayo. HMS's Michael Castro's work pays homage to the celebrations using typography & symbols associated with this event. @DrKels50 @AggieAdmin92 @HoffmanMS_AISD

⇲ Cinco de Mayo menu, history, food, party and celebration news…

⇲ @ArmchairExpPod @daxshepard #monicapadman…

⇲ If you know the history, you would know Blacks were a part of Cinco de Mayo. Also, Jennifer Lopez’s music career was greatly helped by Diddy.

⇲ CINCO DE MAYO will go down in history as the day when the LOPEZES was brought down to their knees by an 'unsubservient' President. @sotto_tito

⇲ lmaooo i remember someone asked me why I wanted to become a US citizen if I didn’t give a shit about US history 😂 lmao i almost laughed lol why u celebrating cinco de Mayo If u don’t even know the history behind it?!…

⇲ There is it @Tariq, like you said. @DillardVicki @DNCWarRoom @DrBiden #CincoDeMayo true #history…

⇲ @PS54BX My Spanish class was really engaged learning about the history of Cinco de Mayo as their final project. They researched, explored, discovered and creatively presented their findings about this Mexican-American celebration!

⇲ What black history month in February, cinco de Mayo, and national recognition of Ramadan aren’t enough??? Some people will never be satisfied man I swear smdh

⇲ And the fact Cinco de Mayo is celebrated as the battle Of Pueblo thanks to the Maroons from africa defeating the French and Spanish (Gasper Yanga) its very clearly that Nican Tlaca (ppl of Mexico) in the states don’t know their history very well.

⇲ I still cant believe Cinco de Mayo was about the French. Mexican history is a shrouded mystery. Im convinced Romneys extended family runs the show from some neo-spanish palace high in the chiapas mtns

⇲ If you haven’t checked them out yet Drunk Wrestling History’s most recent episodes we covered the Emmalina disaster and Eddie Guerrero’s and Rey Mysterio’s 2005 feud on a special Cinco De Mayo Episode. We’ve got a new episode this Friday. #WWE #MITB #RAW #drunkmarks

⇲ IT ONLY TAKES 2 SECONDS TO SHARE: Police say that Ali “Oliver” Raheem Muhammed, 25, has a history of mental illness and has been missing since Cinco de Mayo.…

⇲ @BenMank77 On Cinco de Mayo how about including some films from the rich history of Mexican cinema. TCM does honor world cinema, and their creators, and I think viewers would love to see authentic Mexican cinema and the subtitles that come with them. Respect to you and TCM.

⇲ This is super late for Cinco de Mayo but do you ever notice how awesome the Mexican Coat of Arms are? I also adore how it connects to pre-Conquistador history as well




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