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Coptic Christian


Presidential Message on Global Coptic Day, 2020 | The White House

Last year marked the first annual Global Coptic Day—an opportunity for the world to mark the...

discovered 1 month ago on The White House

How Pandemics Have Changed U.S. Cities – Often for the Better

Such efforts were a harbinger of urban planning reforms, as cities would take on the costly job of...

discovered 1 month ago on US News & World Report

Irish Museum hosts exhibition on ancient Persian prophet MANI

The Persian prophet Mani created a new religion in the 3rd century AD. The Persian Emperor, Shapur I, allowed Mani to freely promote his ideas through the empire but later, following the pressure of Zoroastrian priests, Bahram I arrested Mani.

discovered 7 months ago on Payvand Iran News

Southeast Nebraska neighbors: Obituaries published today

John D. Turner died Saturday, October 26, 2019 at his home with his loving wife, Elizabeth Sterns...

discovered 7 months ago on Lincoln Journal Star

Sudan: Extending Deadlines

November 11, 2019: Reviving Sudan after three decades of corrupt dictatorship is challenging the leaders who led the mass public revolt to topple “leader for life” Omar al Bashir. The revolution ...

discovered 7 months ago on Strategy Page

At least 235 killed in attack at mosque in Egypt

Militants set off a blast and gunned down fleeing worshippers at crowded mosque in Egypt's northern Sinai Peninsula on Friday, killing at least 235 people in what appeared to mark the deadliest ...

discovered 7 months ago on Tampa Bay Times

Discovering Jerusalem - and the oldest tattoo parlour in the world

Ancient wonder: The skyline of the Old City in Jerusalem In the Coptic and other Eastern Christian...

discovered 7 months ago on Daily Mail




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