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D.C Curfew


Juneteenth: How the fight for a national holiday has gained momentum

Opal Lee has trekked across the US from Fort Worth, Texas to Washington DC, twice, to pressure...

discovered 1 week ago on The Independent via Yahoo News

Outsider Candidates and Oddballs Shine In Tuesday Primaries

Plus: Protest updates, qualified immunity, and more...

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Tulsa Braces for Trump Rally; More Statues Topple: Protest Wrap

Mayor G.T. Bynum lifted a curfew he had set for the area around the 19,000-seat arena -- meant to...

discovered 1 week ago on Bloomberg

'I lost my eye': The price of protesting US police brutality

Anthony Evans says his hands were in the air: "You know, to show that I wasn't a threat." The young...

discovered 1 week ago on Al Jazeera

Trump threatens protesters ahead of Tulsa rally

(CNN)President Donald Trump warned those protesting his planned rally in Oklahoma they could be treated roughly, an opening threat a day ahead of what he...

discovered 1 week ago on

Trump Warns Protesters—And ‘Looters Or Lowlifes’— Ahead Of Tulsa Rally

President Trump warned of a crackdown on “any protesters, anarchists, agitators, looters or...

discovered 1 week ago on Forbes

Thomas Massie slams 'unconstitutional' DC statehood bill destined for failure in Senate

Tweeting on Saturday morning, Massie said the bill, which is expected to be defeated easily by the...

discovered 1 week ago on Washington Examiner

Drop the Charges!

As Arjun watched them write on the wall, a police officer quickly approached, presumably to make an arrest. After a tense back and forth, the police...

discovered 1 week ago on The Nation




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