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Dark Knight Rises Prologue


Untangling the Mysteries of 'Tenet'

Christopher Nolan has offered audiences a new look at Tenet, his mysterious blockbuster that debuted a new trailer Thursday. As the trailer suggests,...

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Why diversity on the big screen matters: Opinion

I grew up with campy superhero movies and TV shows. In the 1980's, however, Tim Burton added a layer of darkness with his Batman flicks, and then in the 1990's, superhero movies became even ...

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In praise of the X-Men franchise's Weirdo Renaissance, which is probably over now

The X-Men franchise is the oldest ongoing superhero film series. It ran out of gas before Marvel had...

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The charmingly madcap Gotham finale just set up a potentially mindblowing final season

The best and worst thing about Gotham is its sheer muchness. I’ve recently become a...

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‘Aquaman’ Review: James Wan Can’t Salvage a Wannabe ‘Thor’ Movie

With the exception of “Wonder Woman” and “The Dark Knight Rises,” every DC movie of the past decade...

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