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Deacon Jones

Deacon Jones, Dick Butkus and Lawrence Taylor are among six unanimous choices at defensive line and linebacker for the NFL’s All-Time Team.


Deacon Jones, Butkus and LT unanimous All-Team picks

Deacon Jones, Dick Butkus and Lawrence Taylor are among six unanimous choices at defensive line and linebacker for the NFL’s All-Time Team.

discovered 7 months ago on The Southern Illinoisan

Deacon, Butkus, LT highlight All-Time 'D' picks

Deacon Jones, Dick Butkus and Lawrence Taylor are among six unanimous choices at the defensive lineman and linebacker slots for the NFL's All-Time Team....

discovered 7 months ago on ESPN

Cowboys’ failures, NFL power rankings, playoff picture and more

The Dallas Cowboys played the New England Patriots close, but coaching errors in multiple areas cost...

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School Notes 11/24/2019

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Collier Chapel Missionary Baptist to host 100th anniversary Sunday

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discovered 7 months ago on Pharos-Tribune


⇲ *Since 2006 Deacon Jones did it in 1967. Joe Klecko and Mark Gastineau. Jack Youngblood in 1981. Others--have to cheack.…

⇲ I thought they were going back to the classic Deacon Jones unis. But then this happened.

⇲ Deacon Jones would head slap someone.

⇲ How in the world did Deacon Jones not become a Rattler?

⇲ GOAT of every position QB: Tom Brady RB: Walter/Barry WR: Rice TE: Tony G T: Anthony Munoz G: John Hannah, Gene Upshaw C: Jim Otto DE: Reggie White, Deacon Jones DT: Alan Page LB: LT, Ray Lewis CB: Deion S: Lott, Reed K: Justin Tucker, Nick Lowery P: Ray Guy This a W or L?

⇲ Ripped all 5 packs and the highest I pulled was 93 deacon jones lmao games a joke

⇲ My personal fave is the Roman Gabriel/Deacon Jones white and Blue. That is all…

⇲ What jersey combinations would you like to see in 2021 and 2022? I break them all down here. My top 3: 1. Yellow Color Rush w/yellow shell/blue horn 2. "Deacon Jones Era" Throwback w/navy shell/white horn 3. All Blacks - normal helmet.…

⇲ My favorite was always the old school Deacon Jones/Roman Gabriel blue uniforms, but these are pretty cool. Love the off white roadies…

⇲ He isn't wrong in that assessment. Could you see Dick Butkis, Deacon Jones, Jack Youngblood, Jim Brown, Mike Singletary wearing these sad excuses for football uniforms? They should come with a pair of skinny jeans and faux man-buns. 🤣

⇲ For OLB it's Lawrence Taylor For ILB gotta say Mike Singletary For CB Deion followed by Darrell Green Ronnie Lott the best Safety Mean Joe Greene is the best interior DL Reggie White or Deacon Jones for best Defensive End As a whole I will give it to LT

⇲ If Deacon Jones was alive, he'd give a head slap to whoever okayed these.

⇲ All Time Defensive team DE: Reggie White, Deacon Jones, Bruce Smith DT: Bob Lilly, Mean Joe Greene, John Randle LB: Lawrence Taylor, Ray Lewis, Singletary, Seau CB: Deion, Charles Woodson, Dick Lane, Rod Woodson, Mel Blount S: Krause, Reed, Lott, BD, Ken Houston W or L?

⇲ Watching NFL Greatest characters on @nflnetwork Deacon Jones was jut on. man, those @RamsNFL unis back then, the white on blue, need to be a regular thing again. I am still bitter about the last Chiefs/Rams game, but DAMN those UNIS were PERFECT!!!

⇲ Also I think of the NFL and NBA comparisons. Different eras, rules, and challenges. The dudes of the Dick Butkus and Joe Montana era were hardcore compared to the players of today mainly because of rules and regulations (see Mean Joe Greene and Deacon Jones) 3/?

⇲ They had two ways to go- Deacon Jones in white & blue or @theblood85 in blue and mustard... either would have been a winner... they went another. Not absolutely awful but so not good @Rams. Really not good.…

⇲ It was in the 1960s — that blue on white — that foretold that “the Rams mean business.” Bring those uniforms back ... and put Deacon Jones in no. 75 again. Although I think these new ones will grow on everybody.…

⇲ I like to tell my children & my Tiger sons about Jack Youngblood, Wilbur Marshall, Yancey Sutton, & Wes Chandler, Deacon Jones & Mike Singletary, Walter Payton & Emmitt Smith, Bart Starr, Johnny Unitas, & so many others. Tell the stories! 2/2

⇲ Should've kept the Dickerson look and made the Deacon Jones era ones the main throwbacks. These look like uniforms you'd see in the Pro Bowl.




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