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Elf On The Shelf

World of Warcraft’s most recent expansion, Battle for Azeroth, has been controversial from the...


World of Warcraft’s story now varies from person to person, for better or worse

World of Warcraft’s most recent expansion, Battle for Azeroth, has been controversial from the...

discovered 5 months ago on Polygon Games

Stormi Webster, 1, Kisses Cousin Psalm West, 7 Mos. In Sweet Pic: She ‘Loves’ Him ‘So Much’

“Stormi loves my Psalmy so much!” she captioned the snap that has already received thousands of...

discovered 5 months ago on HollywoodLife

Kourtney Kardashian Spends New Year’s Day Cuddling With Son Reign Disick, 5 & The Pics Are Too Cute

Reign Disick, 5, is the best cuddle buddy for his mom, and proved that in two adorable photos...

discovered 5 months ago on HollywoodLife

Wait, is ‘Toss a Coin to Your Witcher’ actually any good?

The song is one heck of an earworm, but now that The Witcher has been out for over a month, it’s...

discovered 5 months ago on Polygon Games

We asked a poet laureate to judge Jaskier's poetry from 'The Witcher'

Jaskier may be the equivalent of a mediocre pop star on the Continent, but in terms of...

discovered 5 months ago on Inverse

My child hood gave me a false perception of mum life.

My mum was relaxed, she cooked food, we gave out sweet bags at the end and it was fun. Easter, we...

discovered 5 months ago on Today

A Month Late, ‘Toss A Coin To Your Witcher’ And The OST Are Finally Here (Legally)

It took a month to put this together for some reason, as Netflix seems to have been caught off guard...

discovered 5 months ago on Forbes

These 17 Elf On The Shelf Return Ideas Are Super Cute & Stress-Free

For young children, seeing their own Elf on the Shelf is the official start to the< ...

discovered 7 months ago on Romper


⇲ Elf on the shelf with an Annabelle doll

⇲ Hear me out: All the parents struggling on quarantine WHAT IF your Elf on the shelf came back to help monitor your child’s at home schooling as an Emergency Learning Friend or E.L.F. If you will. No need to get creative as this is their off season just here to watch 👀 THOUGHTS?

⇲ Sits like an elf on the shelf

⇲ so this is what i wrote to my elf on the shelf when we first got it i- 🥺🥺🥺

⇲ Some people have an elf on the shelf. We have Leeloo the llama. I always find her in a new spot when I come home from work at night. I know of 1 person out there that will definitely know where her name comes from

⇲ you've heard of elf on the shelf, now get ready for

⇲ the ghost is like the elf on the shelf

⇲ Bloody el we've been in lockdown a long time elf on the shelf is out playing tricks 😂

⇲ I'm guessing they're all DEEP in conference.. Dozens of them.. argueing amongst themselves..Trump, being restrained by secret service, screaming " I WANT MY PHONE NOW!.. WHERE'S MY PHONE!" Pence will be doing his usual elf-on-the-shelf thing.

⇲ My ‘Elf on the Shelf’ just said “fuck it!” He’s convinced no one is going to make it to Xmas, so he is currently on a bender.

⇲ who is stumpy the one legged elf on the shelf?

⇲ These are the moms that get way too into Elf on the Shelf.

⇲ i want noodle akechi but as like, an elf on the shelf.

⇲ Can talk about his knows and cheeks lookin an elf on the shelf😂😭…

⇲ You elf on the shelf.

⇲ #ElfontheShelf #ChildrensPajamas Set White Red Green Cotton Boys Girls Size 4 via @eBay

⇲ it’s my elf on the shelf

⇲ elf on the shelf? have they even HEARD of female representation?

⇲ They don’t need a plan. If @realDonaldTrump gets sick, tweet while coughing, Maybe say stupid things, he always does. If @VP (the elf on the shelf) gets sick, how will we know unless he dies. If they both die, the @gop will cover it up as long as they can Then it’s Nancy time…




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