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Eric Lawson

They may have money, but that doesn't mean their children will. We take a look at 24 famous names whose kids won't be sharing their wealth and the...


The super-rich people who refuse to spoil their kids

They may have money, but that doesn't mean their children will. We take a look at 24 famous names whose kids won't be sharing their wealth and the...

discovered 5 months ago on MSN News

Local teen falls into cancer diagnosis

A fall at school Monday, Dec. 2 just may have saved Makenzie “Kenzie” Lawson’s life. This Fenton AGS Middle School eighth grader fell and hurt her knee...

discovered 5 months ago on Tri-County Times

Locals in the NFL: Eric Weddle honors #HayesTough on cleats, honors Rams with win over Seahawks

Eric Weddle’s game Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks was always going to be special for the former...

discovered 5 months ago on KSL Salt Lake City

Tuesday's preps: Orchard Lake St. Mary’s rolls past Detroit Denby

OLSM (1-0) got 19 points from senior point guard Lorne Bowman (Wisconsin) and 16 from junior...

discovered 5 months ago on Detroit News

Winston Lawson, Secret Service agent with JFK in Dallas, dies at 91

Winston Lawson, the Secret Service agent who planned President John F. Kennedy's motorcade route in...

discovered 5 months ago on KMOV St. Louis

Martinsville City Council votes uanimously to begin reversion process

Martinsville City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to begin the process of reversion. After a...

discovered 5 months ago on Martinsville Bulletin

Wisconsin Badgers lost but still impressed a lot of AP voters

How Associated Press voters cast their ballots for the Wisconsin Badgers in Week 16 of the top 25...

discovered 5 months ago on Fox Sports

Martinsville joins the Second Amendment 'sanctuary' movement

Mayor Kath Lawson brought this concept to the council following a whirlwind meeting last month in...

discovered 5 months ago on Martinsville Bulletin


⇲ Bro, who takes this much time out of their day on social media to find out who unfollows them. It’s 2020, do something with yourself 😂…

⇲ Like if you’re not ready to settle, build, have a connection. There is no fucking way, and I mean no way. That I want anything to do with just a “sex” offering. 🤷🏻‍♂️ end rant. Fuck all y’all

⇲ 1. Hi I’m Eric, neurology resident and future Neurocritical care fellow. I tweet about all things neuro! 2. The airing of the grievances! The false information gets tough to deal with ☹️ 3. @docJanock @VJeanneretl @maness_caroline @jennyjo47688923 @SitaraKoneru @SharashidzeVera

⇲ Starting my Neuro-ophthalmology rotation next month. Feel like I should probably read the book written by the attendings I’ll be working with first 👀😳 🧠@EmoryEyeCenter #NeuroOp

⇲ Excited to welcome another @EmoryNeurology provider to #Medtwitter glad we finally have some #ChildNeurology representation @JennyLinMD is one of our Emory Child Neurology rising chiefs!

⇲ Now Playing Eric Lawson - Anniversary Tune into iLive UK

⇲ But offering sex to me anymore is the absolute most nauseating shit to do to me. Maybe when I was 18-22, ok. I’m fucking 26, don’t waste my time with that shit. Have some morals and value yourself a little more, people like me aren’t interested in that shit no more

⇲ Can I rant about how annoying some of you females are and being surprised when a dude turns you down because you offer sex? Like that’s some valid shit to offer? Idk if it’s cause I’ve matured so much or I’ve grown to hate people and don’t want to be bothered

⇲ Great #Tweetorial on Catalonia. Important for #NeurologyResidents to recognize as well @EmoryNeurology…

⇲ You know what. I’m gonna start drinking, right now 👋🏻

⇲ Hi all! I’m a rising chief resident at Emory Neurology. 1️⃣ @EmoryBrain 2️⃣ Our PD is our greatest advocate and my coresidents are like family! 3️⃣ Atlanta is the soccer capital of the world! 4️⃣ @VJeanneretl @maness_caroline @SitaraKoneru @VizcarraJA 5️⃣ Reach out if you have ?

⇲ @messick_parker is going to light y’all up in that new stadium. And you know it.

⇲ Excited to see another Emory neurology resident join our #meded #medtwitter #neurotwitter family. Welcome to the esteemed @docJanock !! Our group of @emoryhealthcare @GradyHealth neurologists is getting so big I had to make a list!…

⇲ Great summary by @EWijdicks of what goes through our heads on many of the #ICU consults we receive! I also share this paper with my medicine resident colleagues to demonstrate the wide differential for “seizure” in the medical ICU…

⇲ Completely agree and this still holds true today. If severe with respiratory involvement requiring intubation likely would pursue PLEX, otherwise IVIG less invasive and easier admin. IVIG vs PLEX trial publication:…

⇲ Great historical view of neurology and pandemics by @EWijdicks a great read as we try to understand and frame the massive amounts of data coming from #COVID19 @neurocritical @NeurocritCareJ #NeuroCritCare #meded #historyofmedicine…

⇲ Like I’m driving and I’m about 30min from my house, and just thinking about how happy that little fucker is gonna be when I walk in. Straight happiness

⇲ This year is going to be different for all of us, and tough to navigate! Completely agree with @Anirudh_MD tell us your story! There is no template for this, we want to hear about what makes you unique and what exciting experiences you will bring to the program!

⇲ This is great and an important observation in sensory ataxia. Not all giveaway weakness is functional! Great pearl for #neuroresidents @VizcarraJA @SitaraKoneru @sallywilliamsmd @Oga_DoctorBlue @ShaerQasem @VJeanneretl @docJanock…




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