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Esther Williams

HAMMOND, IN - Evangelist Jannie Belle Brown Jones, age 79, of Hammond, passed away Tuesday, December 3, 2019 at Methodist Hospital Northlake Campus in Gary.


Evangelist Jannie Belle Brown Jones

HAMMOND, IN - Evangelist Jannie Belle Brown Jones, age 79, of Hammond, passed away Tuesday, December 3, 2019 at Methodist Hospital Northlake Campus in Gary.

discovered 6 months ago on The Times of Northwest Indiana

Mildred Lily (Matherly) Cole

Mildred was born on November 25, 1921 in Butler to the late Edward and Georgia Matherly. In addition to her husband, daughter and parents she was...

discovered 6 months ago on Johnson City Press

Chamber names winner of 2019 Women's Leadership Award

As a young girl in Worland, Stephanie Prescott desperately wanted to be Wonder Woman. Because of her...

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Despite family tragedies, Fargo woman becomes first female Native American physician in ND Guard |...

Since then, she’s become a first lieutenant, earned two bachelor’s degrees and graduated from the...

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What Did People Think About Consent When 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' Was Written?

Susan Loesser, daughter of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” composer Frank Loesser, came to the song’s...

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Discover why this stunning region is Spain’s best-kept secret

Beyond Barcelona, Asturias entices with gorgeous landscapes and world-class cuisine.

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Why 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' remains controversial and recently got a revamp from John Legend

The Academy Award-winning film starred Esther Williams, Red Skelton, Ricardo Montalbán, Betty...

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Carroll Baker On Not Being Hollywood’s ‘Baby Doll’ 63 Years Later

DECEMBER 11: Actress Carroll Baker attends the "The Adventures of TinTin" New York ... [+] premiere...

discovered 6 months ago on Forbes


⇲ Esther Williams in "Easy to Love" 1953. Esther Williams was pregnant during the filming of this movie #oldmovies #oldhollywood #movies #hollywood #vintage #vintagemovies #vintagefashion #vintageclassics #retro #retromovies #retrohollywood #1900 #fashion…

⇲ This week on MAKE ME OVER: @rachsyme tells the story of Esther Williams, a big screen swimming star whose need to project a glamorous image even while performing underwater led to the development of waterproof make-up.…

⇲ Today on MAKE ME OVER from @RememberThisPod: @rachsyme on Esther Williams, the singing mermaid of MGM who, thanks to innovations in costuming and makeup, embodied a fantasy of underwater perfection. The water/swimming puns in this one are 🔥🔥🔥…

⇲ Scarlett Johansson as DeeAnna Moran in the movie Hail,Caesar! (2016) #WCW The character of Moran could only be modeled after the original Million Dollar Mermaid: Esther Williams. She was a teenage swim champion who transitioned into a much sought-after movie star. (Invaout/IG)

⇲ Our first-ever poolside screening was the lavish Esther Williams musical NEPTUNE'S DAUGHTER ('49) with Williams herself in attendance along with Betty Garrett and synchronized swimmers. It doesn't get more MGM than that!

⇲ Esther Williams, 1947 - photo portrait by Eric Carpenter

⇲ I’ve been taking requests on my patreon for cheer-up art and videos! I just did this drawing of Esther Williams that was requested, and it’s available as a free download here:

⇲ Esther Williams, 1955 - photo by Earl Leaf

⇲ 4/4 Eileen Chase added: “There was an Esther Williams Costume Competition at the Baths. A swimming gala where whoever won the race would win a costume styled on the one which Esther Williams wore in the 1949 film ‘Neptunes Daughter’."

⇲ Best Esther Williams movie ever.…

⇲ Look fat, you lying dog faced pony soldier, I got hairy legs that turn blonde in the sun. Corn pop was a bad dude, and I called him Esther Williams, jack. Fact of the matter is, you keep the record player on so the kids hear words, and I love kids jumping on my lap My time's up

⇲ The Esther Williams of bears.…

⇲ Esther Williams

⇲ Esther Williams

⇲ Beautiful competitive swimmer and actress Esther Williams.

⇲ Esther Williams in Duchess of Idaho is a musical romantic comedy produced in 1950 by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Directed by Robert Z. Leonard

⇲ Malarkey, pomade, Esther Williams: This Biden cat is the coolest daddy-o to hit politics since Alf Landon!…

⇲ I’m all about comfort films these days, and NEPTUNE’S DAUGHTER (1949) is on early on Friday, April 17, at 5am ET. I love Esther Williams; her movies are some of my go-to feel-good movies. They showed this poolside at #TCMFF 2010 with both Esther Williams and Betty Garrett there!

⇲ Esther Williams stars in THE SONG OF CTHULHU!!!!




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