Evil Dead

Evil Dead is an American supernatural horror comedy film franchise created by Sam Raimi consisting of four feature films and a television series. The series revolves around the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, an ancient Sumerian text which wreaks havoc upon a group of cabin inhabitants in a wooded area in Tennessee. The protagonist, Ashley Joanna "Ash" Williams is the only character to appear in every installment of the original trilogy, with the exception of his main love interest Linda, who appears in Army of Darkness during only the prologue. The original trilogy includes The Evil Dead, Evil Dead II, and Army of Darkness, all written and directed by Raimi, produced by Robert G. Tapert, and starring Campbell. The franchise has since expanded into other formats, including video games, comic books, a musical, and a television series.


These are the evil mums who killed their own children

This week evil mum Sarah Barrass was jailed for 35 years for murdering her own two sons and plotting...

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The Mandalorian Recap: This Is the Way

Amid a tense stealth mission and a thrilling battle, we start to get a clearer picture of what sort of man the Mandalorian really is.

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Emilia Clarke's awful Game of Thrones experience is proof that nude scenes need to change

Worse were the frequent scenes of sexual violence, which served little to no purpose in furthering...

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Don't Breathe's Fede Álvarez making horror film he describes as "The Shining set in the White House"

In September, we reported on a Texas Chain Saw Massacre reboot in the works from Evil Dead helmer...

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Teacher stopped eating as she thought it was 'feeding evil inside her'

Rebecca Hursey was convinced that if she ate she was 'nourishing the evil which dwelt inside her'....

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Evil Has Officially Lost Its Ancestor Ghost-Loving Mind | TV Guide

Kristen and David go to The Gully with the blessing of the Monsignor (Boris McGiver), who has now...

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Poachers butcher third South African lion pride this month

A third lion pride has been brutally butchered in a month in South Africa by evil poachers who hacked off their heads and paws and stole them to be used to make black magic ...

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Bruce Campbell defends Marvel movies

Bruce Campbell has blasted Martin Scorsese for his criticism of Marvel films. The 'Evil Dead' star accused Scorsese of hypocrisy for comparing the Marvel...

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‘Don’t Breathe’ Director Fede Alvarez Developing White House Horror Movie With Legendary

Hombre Films. Legendary announced the horror movie Tuesday as part of closing an overall deal with...

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White House Meets The Shining Horror Movie Coming From Don't Breathe Director

The White House meets The Shining in an upcoming horror movie coming from Don’t Breathe director,...

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Evil Dead 2 Easter Egg Hints at Nightmare on Elm Street Connection

A clever Easter egg in Sam Raimi's horror/comedy classic Evil Dead 2 hints at a possible in-universe...

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Top 10 Evil Dead Moments, Ranked

Sam Raimi's Evil Dead walked the line between horror and comedy, producing many fantastic and groovy moments along the way.

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Sarah Barrass' chilling Facebook post months before she murdered her children

Tristan and Blake Barrass were just 13 and 14 when they were strangled and had bin bags pulled over...

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People's Choice Awards 2019 full list of winners

...: King of the Monsters Dark Phoenix Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw Drama Movie of 2019: Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood Rocketman Five Feet...

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A Teen's Lungs Were So Badly Damaged from Vaping, He Needed A Double Lung Transplant

The 17-year-old patient had been sustained on an ECMO machine, which helps support heart and lung...

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50 Best Movie Sequels of All Time

A successful film franchise can ensure box office earnings like few other movie offerings can.

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Murderer mother told sons: 'I gave you life, I can take it away'

When the children survived the night Barrass called Machin at his home nearby and they carried out...

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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 10, Episode 6: When Negan Met Alpha

Sunday night’s episode of The Walking Dead was yet another very solid, engaging hour of television....

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Nik Powell Dies: Influential UK Producer Of ‘The Crying Game’ Was 69

Powell was the co-founder of UK video label and production outfit Palace Pictures in 1982 with...

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Dead Cells Gets The Corrupted Update

Motion Twin and Evil Empire have announced a new huge update for Dead Cells, The Corrupted Update. Another new addition is Scroll Fragments. The next...

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Child says 'they're scared of baths' after mum Sarah Barrass tried to drown them

A child victim of evil and incestuous killers Sarah Barrass and Brandon Machin has said they are now...

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‘Evil Dead: The Musical’ is a bloody good time in the dark with demons

There’s all of that, along with songs and laughter, in Some Theatre Company’s production of “Evil ...

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