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Exxon Mobil Corp. won a closely watched securities-fraud trial that delved into its internal...


Exxon Prevails Over New York in Climate Accounting Case

Exxon Mobil Corp. won a closely watched securities-fraud trial that delved into its internal...

discovered 6 months ago on Bloomberg

Exxon Mobil Gets Trial Win In Case Over Records On Cost Of Climate Change

Exxon Mobil Corporation (NYSE: XOM) got a win Tuesday in an important securities fraud lawsuit when...

discovered 6 months ago on Benzinga via Yahoo Finance

Exxon Mobil Scores Win in New York Climate Change Lawsuit

Exxon Mobil Corp won a major victory in a closely-watched lawsuit on Tuesday when a judge ruled that...

discovered 6 months ago on US News & World Report

Exxon Mobil Got a Win in Its Climate Change Case. How Shareholders Act in the Future Remains a...

Exxon Mobil won a closely-watched climate change case on Tuesday. The question now is whether its...

discovered 6 months ago on Barron s Online

Exxon wins New York climate change fight

Exxon Mobil has won a court battle in New York in which it was accused of misleading investors about the costs of addressing climate change. The state...

discovered 6 months ago on BBC News

Exxon found not guilty in climate-change securities fraud trial

New York’s Attorney General failed to prove that Exxon mislead shareholders over the true cost of...

discovered 6 months ago on NBC NEWS

Exxon Is Cleared in Climate-Change Accounting Case

“The Office of the Attorney General failed to prove, by a preponderance of the evidence, that Exxon Mobil made any material misstatements or omissions...

discovered 6 months ago on The Wall Street Journal

Exxon's Nightmare Finally Over: Not Guilty

Dec 11, 2019 ( via COMTEX) -- Exxon XOM, -0.86% has emerged victorious from its climate change fraud case, according to Bloomberg--a case that the New York Office ...

discovered 6 months ago on Market Watch


⇲ Exxon Mobil paid its CEO over $35 million CDN last year. Four VP's made at least $14 million. Not sure how much these projects will pay in royalties this year, but it might not be much more than what the company pays its executives and directors. Just thinking out loud here....…

⇲ Dallas Police detain 4 people in a double fatality shooting at this Exxon gas station at Prairie Creek and Bruton. Dallas Pd investigating.

⇲ Thank you Exxon for donating the most hand sanitizer I've ever seen in my entire life to my department 😳 Safe to say that we're good for AWHILE

⇲ As Rep. Joe Kennedy III owns between $500,000-$1 million in ExxonMobil stock, he sits on the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Exxon has lobbied on at least nine energy bills now in Congress. See if your rep holds stock in the fossil fuel industry:…

⇲ If this country wasn’t built on hand outs , then quit giving Israel billions a year so they can turn around and buy fighter jets from Lockheed. Quit giving all my money to Halliburton , Exxon , big Agro. Quit giving it to Wall Street - this country IS a handout

⇲ *Test drove some cars today* Salesman: Where do you work? Me: At Exxon Salesman: an operator? Me: No a chemical engineer... Salesman: oh... Lord give me the strength not to dog walk this white man

⇲ Hindsight is 2020 😂 or 2020 is hindsight... Ford - same price as 1980 Wells Fargo bank - 1991 General Electric - 1991 Gap - 1991 Americian Airlines - 1984 Boeing - 2013 MGM Grand - 1992 Exxon - 2000 Hilton - 2015 Trip Advisor - -50% IPO Royal Caribbean Cruise 1998

⇲ Press Release: ExxonMobil Donates Ambulances, Other Vehicles and Medical Supplies to Support Nigerian COVID-19 Response

⇲ GOP bailed out small businesses like Exxon Mobil & Carnival Cruise Lines with ships registered in Panama

⇲ Alright so I bought one of those Puff Plus bars from Exxon in Jennings. Tell me why it stopped working in a night so I went online to verify it and the site says it’s counterfeit 🥴🥴🥴

⇲ Our first nurse has been blessed this morning - we are here at the Exxon on Elmwood

⇲ The WINNER of RuPaul’s drag race gets a years supply on Anastasia Beverly Hills and 100 stocks of Exxon-Mobil !

⇲ Went to Wawa instead of Exxon to save 2 cents/gal on gas - yeah exactly get your money up, not your funny up 😤😤

⇲ Being a prison guard is a job. Being a cop is a job. Foreclosing on widows is a job. Torturing cab drives in a CIA blacksite is a job - what precisely does your employment status have to do with the fact that MERCING FUCKING BROWN KIDS FOR EXXON IS A BAD THING TO DO?

⇲ 75% ABV. Pick it up at your local Kroger or Exxon…

⇲ It is more blessed to give than to receive. But for a company like EXXON MOBIL that have been flaring at qua iboe terminal for over twenty years now to donate used vehicle to the akwa AKWA IBOM STATE GOVERNMENT, then it is a big pity. An embarrassment to akwa ibomites infact.

⇲ debating whether Exxon, Palantir or Raytheon sounds most onomatopoeically evil

⇲ After Exxon Mobil heavily depleted the mines of this cherished rock, its power of perfect hand-eye coordination only has a spiritual connection with incorporeal janitors.

⇲ Capitalism is anti-science Exxon buries '77 study linking anthropogenic climate change to C02 emissions, for profit Cig companies funded studies to show smoking doesn't cause cancer, for profit COVID19 is fine, go to work, go shop, for profit Your risk & cost, not your profit




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