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Discontent moderator | On You Will Never Be Forgotten by Mary South

Good satire is hard to find. The absurdity of modern life accelerates and mutates so rapidly that...

discovered 1 week ago on Washington Examiner

Captain Kirk: 10 Bizarre Facts Star Trek Fans Missed

The original Star Trek captain has been around for a long time, so there are many things about James T. Kirk that even long-time fans don't know. It's an...

discovered 1 week ago on Screen Rant

Pegasus Books at 40

If there’s anyone in Bend who knows superheroes, it’s Duncan McGeary, the longtime owner of Pegasus Books, a comic book shop in downtown Bend. “When I started thinking about it, what sort of ...

discovered 1 week ago on The Bulletin

Reflecting on Two Years in the Sony Alpha Ecosystem

The third of this month marked two years since I took my first foray into the Sony Alpha Ecosystem. I thought it would be a good idea to look back to see

discovered 1 week ago on PetaPixel

HBO Max launches with ‘Friends’ reunion, ‘Justice League: Snyder Cut’ on horizon | WTOP

Streaming content has exploded in 2020 with the likes of Disney+, Apple TV+ and Quibi. The premium...

discovered 1 week ago on WTOP Washington

Hogwarts Houses of Kristen Bell's Most Iconic Characters

Which Hogwarts House would Kristen Bell's most iconic roles be sorted into? She often plays strong,...

discovered 1 week ago on Screen Rant

Jaime King and Estranged Husband Kyle Newman Detail Claims Against Each Other in New Docs

Jaime King and Kyle Newman's divorce is not going to be an easy one. After filing for divorce from...

discovered 1 week ago on ET Online

Batman & Captain America Once Swapped Sidekicks (Seriously)

During Marvel and DC Comics' crossover era, Batman and Captain America switched sidekicks to bring...

discovered 1 week ago on Screen Rant




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