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Fantasy Island

More recently on film, she had a starring role in supernatural horror film Fantasy Island, which was...


Lucy Hale shows her radiant smile as she enjoys a picnic in the park

More recently on film, she had a starring role in supernatural horror film Fantasy Island, which was...

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Upstate NY water parks, amusement parks: When do they hope to open?

While US Disney parks remain closed, Shanghai Disneyland was scheduled to reopen on May 11. The May...

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As social distancing becomes the norm, drive-in businesses experience a boom

The COVID-19 pandemic is crushing businesses across the country, but for drive-ins it could mean a...

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The New Beauty Skill Lucy Hale Is Learning In Quarantine

For Lucy Hale, having the privilege of staying at home to maintain social distancing has meant...

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Ouija: Origin Of Evil's Ending & Post-Credit Scene Explained

Here's Origin Of Evil's finale explained.

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Fantasy Island (Unrated Edition) - Jeff Wadlow

Fantasy Island (Unrated Edition)Genre: ThrillerRelease Date: 2020-02-14© © 2020 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. and Blumhouse Productions, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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Now streaming: Catherine ‘The Great’; Michelle Obama in ‘Becoming’; ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’

Here are this week's highlights on Video on Demand, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and other services.

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From ‘Trolls’ to ‘SCOOB!’ Here Are the Best New Releases to Stream Online Right Now

Movie theaters across the country may still be closed due to coronavirus concerns, but there are a...

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⇲ fantasy tropes are so funny cause they’re literally always like: North = some unspeakable evil South = pirate jungle islands West = unexplored continent/forbidden seas East = asia. no like, it’s just asia. from real life.

⇲ We made a TikTok about the A U D A C I T Y of Blumhouse to release Fantasy Island (2020)

⇲ Who else is ”we watched The Love Boat and fantasy island back to back every Saturday night” years old?

⇲ ⛱️🌴🌊 PELOSI'S FANTASY ISLAND: 🌴 Get-out-of-jail free cards 🌴 Money for sanctuary cities 🌴 Keeping economy closed 🌴 Permanent election law changes 🌴 Tax breaks for coastal elites CLICK HERE to see what else is in Democrats' $3 trillion liberal wish list ↓↓↓↓

⇲ Happy 25th Birthday to one of the most interesting parks in the country in Fantasy Island! Where else can you buy some random market items, and then ride some of the best old school Vekomas? Its definitely a must visit if you havent been before and live in the UK! 🎉🎂

⇲ Who else needs to shave? ‘Fantasy Island’ 🌴 with Billy Breed is live 👇🏻 Apple: Spotify:

⇲ It's our 25th anniversary today! 🎈🎉 Sadly we can't spend the day together, but we look forward to welcoming you all back as soon as it's safe to do so. Thank you to everyone for sharing your amazing memories with us, they have certainly brightened our day. 😊 #fantasyisland

⇲ Fantasy island 1978 Loved it 💘

⇲ Maybe they should rename Curse of Oak Island -Fantasy Island #OakIslandCursers

⇲ “Mr. Namath, we’ve been expecting you. Welcome to Fantasy Island!” “Cool, I like your dwarf. You ever hear of Suzy Kolber?”

⇲ I need some like.... real real animal crossing friends. Send stuff to, show off what I did on my island, get excited bc they're so excited that their fave villager moved in and they got a new item...... I know its a fantasy, I'd have to find someone who has AC on the brain 24/7.

⇲ #FakeSkywalkerFacts Tatooine is a fake planet created on Fantasy Island by Tattoo

⇲ Herve Villechaize and Ricardo Montalban on the set of the TV series "Fantasy Island" (1977-84) 📺

⇲ New Review: Fantasy Island had so much potential, but it was beaten into extinction by a truly terrible ending and unlikeable characters... I had such high hopes. Read it online now >…

⇲ good thing i didn’t end up buying fantasy island (yet). that would have been one hell of a shitty first season

⇲ FANTASY ISLAND Lockdown #5… #fantasyisland #movie #film #GWALLSTARS #Moviepodsquad #PodernFamily #PocastHQ

⇲ Did you miss Birds of Prey and Fantasy Island in theatres? Now's your chance to catch up! 🍿

⇲ A big happy 25th anniversary to one of our favourite East Coast amusement parks, Fantasy Island! 🥳 #FantasyIsland @fantasyislanduk

⇲ Greg Hawkes was always so good in #TheCars videos. I love this little snippet because it has that Fantasy Island vibe going for it. “BOSS! DE PLANE! DE PLANE!” (Look it up youngsters.)




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