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Fathers Day Cards


‘Mr. Robot’ Season 4, Episode 7: Acts of Malice

Two rooms, six actors, one hour: This week, “Mr. Robot” served us a bottle episode. For most of its duration, this commercial-free installment, written...

discovered 6 months ago on New York Times

Give to the Max Day events and more

Give to the Max Day (GTMD), hosted by GiveMN, is so popular it has become a kind of holiday in its own right, launching a holiday spirit that continues...

discovered 6 months ago on Southwest Journal

Kingoff's celebrates rare gem of a milestone at 100 years

From robbery heists to civil rights, Kingoff’s Jewelers has seen it all in Wilmington. Over a...

discovered 6 months ago on The Wilmington Star-News

Egyptian woman fights unequal Islamic inheritance laws

One Egyptian woman is taking on the country’s inheritance laws that mean female heirs inherit half...

discovered 6 months ago on St. Louis Post-Dispatch

100 Guns Turned in at St. Sabina Buyback Program in Chicago

A gun buyback program at St. Sabina Church in Chicago produced at least 100 firearms. The Chicago Sun-Times reports that police on Saturday traded gift cards for guns — $100 ...

discovered 6 months ago on US News & World Report

East Windsor Man Stabbed Father at Least 70 Times: Court Documents

An East Windsor man is accused of murdering his 73-year-old father in October, and court documents...

discovered 6 months ago on NBC Connecticut

5 holiday movies that are really kind of depressing (including 'Last Christmas')

Christmas cheer is a staple of holiday movies, be they good, bad or just plain ugly, but so is a bit...

discovered 6 months ago on Louisville Courier-Journal

Tara McClary Reeves: Thank you, veterans, and the loved ones who are there for you

“Thank you for your service.” That’s how my husband and I trained our three children to greet a man or woman in U.S. military uniform, regardless of whether it was Veterans Day. Both are warriors worthy of honor.

discovered 6 months ago on Fox News




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