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Bid to extend U.S. surveillance tools stalls after Trump threatens veto - Reuters

The House of Representatives’ Democratic leaders said late on Wednesday a vote on renewing three...

discovered 1 month ago on Reuters

Dems scrap vote on FISA bill after Trump threatens veto

Federal law enforcement agencies say a surveillance program known as FISA is critical to their...

discovered 1 month ago on KOIN News 6 Portland

Surveillance Bill Yanked After Trump Tweets Veto Threat. Will It Be Changed for Better or Worse?

...renewed surveillance authorities that expired in March, but it also included some modest reforms:...

discovered 1 month ago on

Democrats withdraw FISA bill amid Trump veto threat

House Democrats on Thursday withdrew a bill to reauthorize controversial government surveillance powers as Republicans and far-left Democrats united to...

discovered 1 month ago on The Washington Times

SpaceX and the House of Representatives shared something in common last week

SpaceX and NASA intended to send Americans into outer space from U.S. soil for the first time in...

discovered 1 month ago on Fox News

Trump vows to veto House FISA bill

President Trump promised to veto the FISA bill currently on the House floor. On Wednesday, Trump signaled his opposition to an effort before the U.S....

discovered 1 month ago on Washington Examiner

Pelosi opts to vote on FISA reauthorization despite GOP pleas to hold off

-Ore.), who went from praising the House bill to lashing out at Schiff for the change. The Oregon...

discovered 1 month ago on New York Post

Justice says it will recommend Trump veto FISA bill

The Justice Department said on Wednesday that it opposes House-proposed changes to surveillance reform legislation and will urge President Trump to veto...

discovered 1 month ago on The Hill




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