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Flesh Eating Disease


Killer disease warning for dog owners as lethal parvovirus infects family pets

Dog owners have been issued an urgent warning by vets after dozens of dogs across Australia were...

discovered 1 week ago on Daily Mirror

Global Necrotizing Fasciitis Market 2020 Market Trends, CAGR Status, Size, Industry Share, Growth,...

Necrotizing fasciitis (NF), commonly known as flesh-eating disease, is an infection that results in the death of the body's soft tissue ...

discovered 1 week ago on Market Watch

As Diabetes Costs Soar, Many Turn to Black Market for Help

Skyrocketing prices and insurance limits are driving many people with diabetes to seek medications and supplies from an underground supply chain, a new study found. "The cost of insulin, which ...

discovered 5 months ago on

DoD inspector general is looking into recruit deaths at military training

Recent deaths during initial training across the services is the subject of a new Defense Department...

discovered 5 months ago on Navy Times

'Diabetes Burnout' Is Real, Here's How to Cope

Diabetes burnout can last hours or days, and sometimes weeks, months or even years, the researchers said. "Diabetes is unique as a disease because the self-management requires ...

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LA Health Officials Warn Local Heroin Users About A Flesh-Eating Bacterial Infection

In San Diego County, the use of black tar heroin has been linked to flesh-eating bacterial...

discovered 5 months ago on LAist

7 people in California have died from flesh-eating bacteria linked to injecting black tar heroin

Seven San Diegans died in the last two months from the bacterial infection myonecrosis, which is...

discovered 5 months ago on ABC 10 Sacramento

Henderson woman battling ‘flesh-eating bacteria’ after surgery

Ashleigh, who is on life support in a Las Vegas hospital, became ill the Tuesday...compassion of the...

discovered 5 months ago on Las Vegas Review-Journal




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