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Flight Attendant

A flight attendant is a member of an aircrew employed by airlines aboard commercial flights, primarily to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers. Collectively called the cabin crew, flight attendants are deployed in the cabins of all commercial flights and additionally may also be present on some private or business jets and government or military aircraft.


I Cringe Every Time I See These Shoes at the Airport

I wanted to know how flip-flops rank on the airport practicality spectrum from the experts themselves, so I reached out to TSA spokesperson Lisa...

discovered 6 months ago on Who What Wear via Yahoo News

Nation's largest flight-attendant's union makes another run at Delta

The nation’s largest flight-attendant union is launching a formal campaign to unionize Delta Air...

discovered 6 months ago on Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune

T.R. Knight to reunite with Kaley Cuco for the series 'The Flight Attendant'

O'Malley in "Grey's Anatomy" will play "The Big Bang Theory" actress's older brother, according to...

discovered 6 months ago on AFP Relax News via Yahoo News

Flight Attendants Have a Secret Language You Didn't Know About

Here are some phrases only flight attendant use — and what they actually mean.

discovered 6 months ago on MSN News

TV News Roundup: T.R. Knight Joins HBO Max’s ‘The Flight Attendant’

In today’s TV news roundup, “Grey’s Anatomy” star T.R. Knight joins HBO Max’s “The Flight Attendant”...

discovered 6 months ago on Variety

‘The Flight Attendant’: T.R. Knight Joins Cast Of HBO Max Series

Grey's Anatomy alum T.R. Knight has been cast as a series regular in HBO Max's thriller drama series...

discovered 6 months ago on Deadline via Yahoo News

Finnair tells Apprentice contestants with life-threatening nut allergies: ‘If you have an issue, get...

Two contestants on the BBC’s The Apprentice were left “shocked” and “appalled” after crew on a...

discovered 6 months ago on The Independent via Yahoo News

Flight attendant: This is the first thing we notice about you

While it may seem flight attendants are there to greet you as you board the plane and offer...

discovered 6 months ago on AOL




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