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Fop became a pejorative term for a foolish man excessively concerned with his appearance and clothes in 17th-century England. Some of the many similar alternative terms are coxcomb, fribble, popinjay, fashion-monger, and ninny. Macaroni was another term of the 18th century more specifically concerned with fashion. The pejorative term today carries the connotation of a person, usually male, who is overly concerned with trivial matters and who affects elite social standing. The term also appears in reference to deliberately camp styles based on eighteenth-century looks.


Philadelphia FOP President, DA's Office Reignite War Of Words After Police Union Meets With...

As bullets continue to fly, two of Philadelphia’s top law enforcement leaders are attacking each...

discovered 5 months ago on CBS Philadelphia

Philly FOP boss visits President Trump at White House to criticize DA Larry Krasner

In a statement Friday afternoon, Krasner fired back: “I am honored once again to be attacked by...

discovered 5 months ago on

Local law enforcement raids the aisles of Meijer for a good cause

The Lima FOP is giving children in the community a real Christmas experience. Droves of police cars...

discovered 5 months ago on Your Hometown Lima Stations

Tired of waiting for new contract, FOP puts demand for 18% pay raise over 3 years to arbitrator

Fed up with the 2 1/2-year wait for a new contract, the Fraternal Order of Police board has voted to...

discovered 5 months ago on Chicago Sun-Times

S.D. police ask lawmakers for help dealing with kids who commit crimes

The South Dakota Fraternal Order of Police last week released a statement calling on lawmakers and...

discovered 5 months ago on The Argus Leader

Ipsen Initiates Partial Clinical Hold for Palovarotene IND120181 and IND135403 Studies

The partial clinical hold applies to the pediatric population (patients under the age of 14 years) currently participating in the Phase 2 (PVO-1A-202/204 and PVO-2A-201) and ...

discovered 5 months ago on Market Watch

FOP has new demands for next IMPD chief

The Fraternal Order of Police wants the community to start expressing their outrage with the increase of violence across Indianapolis in the hopes that...

discovered 5 months ago on WISH-TV Indianapolis

Lightfoot denies stalling police contract

“I don’t actually think that they can actually go to arbitration, given the procedural posture of matters,” the mayor said. “There’s a procedural issue...

discovered 5 months ago on Chicago Sun-Times




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