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French Government

The Government of the French Republic exercises executive power in France. It is composed of the Prime Minister, who is the head of government, and both junior and senior ministers. Senior ministers are titled as Ministers, whereas junior ministers are titled as Secretaries of State. The Council of Ministers is the main executive organ of the government, and is established in the Constitution and presided over by the President of the Republic.


French Catholics Celebrate Mass in Parking Lot

CHALONS-EN-CHAMPAGNE, France — Roman Catholics in a town in eastern France were able to attend mass in their cars on Sunday, in the country's first drive-in religious service since the start ...

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Dentists carefully reopen in France after 2-month lockdown

Dental practices around the country are cautiously reopening and accepting appointments after the ...

discovered 1 week ago on Associated Press

Exempting French travellers from coronavirus quarantine rules could fall foul of EU laws, ministers...

French exempted after President Emmanual Macron demanded concessions in a phone call with Boris...

discovered 1 week ago on Daily Telegraph

Sanofi walked back a promise to give the US priority access to its coronavirus vaccine after outrage...

The French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi scrapped a plan to give the US priority access to a COVID-19...

discovered 1 week ago on Business Insider via Yahoo News

France To Create Its Own Home Booking Platform |

France is set to launch another battle in its war with giant U.S.-based homesharing businesses. This...

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French Drug Giant Sanofi Takes Heat After Suggesting U.S. May Get 1st Vaccine Access

News that if Sanofi develops a vaccine, doses would likely go to Americans first. Hudson said this...

discovered 1 week ago on NPR

Aleksander Ceferin says UEFA competitions WILL be finished by August

Paris St Germain, who were declared Ligue 1 champions, are looking to play their Champions League...

discovered 1 week ago on Daily Mail

French Carmakers Must Bring Production Back for Aid: Minister

French carmakers must bring more production back to France in exchange for government support for...

discovered 1 week ago on US News & World Report


⇲ After successfully challenging Google with its revolutionary search engine Quaero, the French government is set to take on its next rival: Airbnb

⇲ The French Government do not accept American wheat. Some African Nations would not accept American wheat, even in times of crisis. There is valid health reasons for that. Its the same reason that I don't feed the dogs with it if its in the ingredients. I killed a Rotty with it.

⇲ Fun Fact 1 - The French government has bestowed the award of 'Officier dans l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres' (Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters) & 'Knight of the Legion of Honour' on superstar, Mr Shah Rukh Khan, which is France's Highest civilian order.

⇲ Sanofi walked back a promise to give the US priority access to its coronavirus vaccine after outrage from the French government

⇲ HMS Implacable being towed out to be sunk in 1949, by Norman Wilkinson. Once the French 74 Duguay-Trouin captured at Trafalgar, she then served in the Royal Navy. She was offered to the French Government but the offer was declined. #RoyalNavy #FrenchNavy #Trafalgar

⇲ Can the Islamophobia be any more transparent? The French government mandates masks but still bans the burqua.

⇲ Whole time French government didn't know where Félicien Kabuga was? Looool would be a fool to believe that.

⇲ The arrest of Felicien Kabuga in Paris continue to show the huge role French government played in executing Rwandan genocide. Christopher Hitchens said "Rwanda was the most catholic nation after vatican" 1 million people died within 30 days. France owes humanity an apology!

⇲ They are definitely being provided boats by the French government, sink a couple, they will soon stop

⇲ French government divided up the country into regions with Paris still under lockdown. Oh that’s right, of course silly me, that’s another country we mustn’t learn from. Are we all in this together? It doesn't look like it from the regions…

⇲ French government giving them a bonus of 1500

⇲ KKK fully agrees with you as French government is KKKphobic too !!

⇲ 10/@shinani1 & @mutikeys the false genocide survivors- Will they be able to organise a YouTube session praising the French Government for the good job they’ve done? Malevolence takes a bite out of spirit...I am eager to hear what they’ll be saying!!

⇲ I can confirm that Tom made this up. Irish government and French government have both confirmed this did NOT happen. I could clarify but, feck it, why bother ? It's a scum journalist.…

⇲ The Societe Aerienne Bordelaise AB.20 originally started out as a tri-motor bomber/airliner. A new requirement for a 4 engine bomber from the French Government in 1931 led them to convert it to this...monstrosity! The air force tested it and (unsurprisingly) quickly rejected it.

⇲ The French government does not fire anyone if it is not linked to a danger to national security or a danger to the reputation of the country.

⇲ Arrested in Paris . So all this time he was hiding in France . Yet @UN Blamed Kenya Intelligence of hiding him . We need an apology from France and UN. RWANDA has been vocal on how French Government played a huge role in 1994 Genocide.

⇲ Hydroxychloroquine champion Dr Raoult operates in an administrative district for which the French government publishes hospitalization outcome data. Raoult claims a sub 1% fatality rate vs France above 10%. His impact should be clearly visible in his overall district data. It is.

⇲ #OTD 16 May 1940. German soldiers taking French soldiers of African origin prisoner in a town near Bapaum. Following the German breakthrough at Sedan, the French government was already burning its archives and preparing for an evacuation of Paris. #WW2




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